From the Cross to the Crown ~ Hymn

From the Cross to the Crown

Be strong and courageous whate’er may befall,
We know our Redeemer will answer our call;
Tho’ sorrow and trials are weighing us down,
Yet hope looks away from the cross to the crown.


From the cross to the crown let us follow our Lord,
From the cross to the crown let us cling to His Word;
Tho’ sorrow and trials are weighing us down,
Yet faith leads us on from the cross to the crown!

His cup of affliction was filled to the brim,
And are we not willing to suffer for Him?
The robe of His glory for us He laid down,
To show us the path from the cross to the crown.


This life is a conflict, a battle with sin,
Yet trusting in Jesus thro’ grace we shall win;
The world may oppose us, the tempter may frown,
Yet faith leadeth on from the cross to the crown.


Tho’ friends that are dearest have gone from our sight,
’Tis only to enter the mansions of light;
Their warfare is over, their burdens laid down,
How short was their path from the cross to the crown!


Words: Fanny Crosby

ht: Cyberhymnal ’96

My Brain is Full…

Lots of good things weighing on my brain and buzzing in my ears.

I’ll be back next week to fill you in on all the excitement around our Country Bungalow!

Here’s a quote I’ve been contemplating from Spurgeon:

If we believe God’s Word, we are orthodox; if we practice, we are holy.”

The Bible is the great umpire as to conduct, and not the changing moral sentiment of passing generations.

Pray God to order your life according to His Word. To this Word we must be conformed. This is our copy to write by; this is the image to which we must be modeled. 

Sprugeon has a way of speaking the truth that gets under my skin in a good way.

See you all next week…I’m seeing real well by the way! Not one floater interfering with my vision. I’m thankful!

So Far So Good

We are heading to another follow-up appointment for my eye this morning. Just had to show you the new improved shades they gave me to wear to protect my dilated eye. Laura took this glamour shot before she flew back to Seattle on Saturday. My sister and her hubby arrived on Saturday evening and have been here for a couple days. Aunt Lana was a big hit with Addy but she is a bit undecided on Steve. She made great lengths to give him a wide berth. She and Lana bowled in our hallway, played the piano, played with blue sand and had a fabulous time.

Before we all head out the door today for Spokane and beyond we have to take a sister photo. I’ll share that later.

Happy Monday y’all.

UPDATE: My checkup was all good news. No more restrictions. I can dust if I want to. No more of the dilating drops, the other drops will continue but at fewer intervals. 

Thank you for all your encouraging comments and prayers for my healing. 

Still Undecided?

Still Undecided?

Still undecided?
Look to thy heart;
Grieve not the Spirit,
Lest He depart;
Why wilt thou longer wait?
Come ere it be too late;
Jesus at mercy’s gate
Grace will impart.

Still undecided?
Slight not the voice
Breathing so kindly;
Make Me thy choice;
Look at My hands and see:
I bore the nails for thee,
I died to make thee free;
Come, and rejoice.

Still undecided?
Time flies apace;
Jesus entreats thee;
Spurn not His grace;
What if the word were passed,
This night should be thy last?
Where would thy soul be cast?
Where hide thy face?

Still undecided?
What shall we say?
Still undecided?
Yet we will pray:
Oh, may the Spirit move!
Oh, may our God above
Melt thy poor heart to love—
Melt thee today!

Words: Fanny Crosby

ht: Cyberhymnal ’96

In the Garden…

I love it when Auntie Lolo comes to visit because she keeps us supplied with up to the minute photos of the happenings in our little corner of the world. Thank you, Laura, for your eye on the happenings and your skill on selfies!


Jamie is our family gardener and you can see why our greenhouse should live in her garden. It’s not put up yet but all the pieces are on site and ready to be constructed.

This little guy has discovered his feet!

Our skies last evening on the way into town for Addy’s Granny’s birthday dinner.

New fire and more smoke in our neighborhood. I’m staying inside resting my eyes and avoiding the bad air quality.

Happy Friday to you!


We had some very sweet visitors and they brought dinner and flowers. They are so considerate. Addy got used to the idea that I could not lift her up in my arms but she could climb up and crawl into my lap. We got lots of great hugs from Addy. Thanking God for all the kindness I receive and have received with good wishes and prayers.

We’ve had other visitors the last couple of days, too.

Eye drops are being instilled well at our Country Bungalow. It is hard to sit around and notice things that need to be done like dusting.  I won’t be dusting for now, though, because I’m suppose to avoid getting dust in my eyes. I’m making a list of things to do when I get the go ahead from the doctor. I have those super dark eye shades to put over my regular glasses if I go out in the sunshine. We are going to have another 99 degree day today and then we are suppose to cool down to the 80’s tomorrow.

The Williams Flats Fire on the Colville Reservation is now at over 34,000 acres and only 25% contained. Our views and air are affected.


I Can See Clearly Now…

…the floaters are gone.

Well not as clearly as I will be seeing once my eye isn’t dialated anymore. Things are slightly blurry but no black feathery objects are floating across my eye.

My particular issue was Asteroid Hyalosis: Asteroid hyalosis (AH) is a degenerative eye condition marked by a buildup of calcium and lipids, or fats, in the fluid between your eye’s retina and lens, called the vitreous humor.

The surgery went well and my follow-up was good. I go back next Monday to get another follow-up. This week I’m suppose to rest and not do anything strenuous. I shouldn’t bend over, pick up heavy objects and do anything that will jostle me like riding my lawnmower. I need to wear my eye patch at night so I don’t do anything to my eye in my sleep. Dr. G. told Dear to wash the dishes this week. Dear will also be on eye drop duty.

When my grands come to visit tomorrow I’ve been forewarned that Addy will be saying, “but why”, a lot. I’ll let her climb into my lap instead of lifting her.

My eyes will be in rest mode for the rest of the week, so I won’t be coming around to read blogs.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for anyone who prayed for me. I was pretty calm for the whole time even before they gave me some happy sedation. I was conscious through out the whole procedure and declared afterward that it was way better then having dental work done. Our stay in a nearby hotel with valet parking and full service within the hotel worked out well for meals and being close to the eye clinic for my followup this morning.

We are back at home now and heating up to 99 for today and tomorrow before we have a little cooling off. We have smoke filled skies because of the brush fire that has grown to over 10,500 acres on the Colville Reservation that is west and south of us. The smoke from this fire is impacting air quality over a large area of eastern Washington.

Staying inside and relaxing sounds like very good medicine.