I Stood Outside the Gate ~ Hymn

hereford 076

I Stood Outside the Gate

I stood outside the gate,
A poor, wayfaring child;
Within my heart there beat
A tempest loud and wild;
A fear oppressed my soul,
That I might be too late;
And oh, I trembled sore,
And prayed outside the gate,
And prayed outside the gate.

Oh, Mercy! loud I cried,
Now give me rest from sin!
I will, a voice replied;
And Mercy let me in;
She bound my bleeding wounds,
And soothed my heart oppressed;
She washed away my guilt
And gave me peace and rest,
And gave me peace and rest.

In Mercy’s guise I knew
The Savior long abused,
Who often sought my heart,
And wept when I refused;
Oh! what a blest return
For all my years of sin!
I stood outside the gate,
And Jesus let me in,
And Jesus let me in.

hereford 077Words: Josephine Pollard, 1870.

Newborn Joy!

Just a few hours old.

Addy with Uncle Josh.

Addy with Gramps.

Auntie Laura

Auntie Laura with daddy looking on.

Diaper change by daddy.

Nighty night sweet girl.

We will be on the road today heading home. Addy’s maternal Granny will be able to spend some extended time with her first grandchild today. She was in the labor and delivery room with Jamie and Dan until Addyson was born. Dear and I will be coming back over the mountains in a couple weeks to help out again and get some projects done.

She’s Our First…

…so there might be an overload of photos for awhile.

Her mommy and daddy both did great during labor and delivery.

Her daddy impressed the nursing staff with his attentiveness and care.

She came in at a healthy weight and length.

She was born on the first day of Spring 2017.

We knew her first name and now we know her middle name, May.

She makes the cutest little noises while she sleeps.

We are enjoying all the cuddle time we can get.

Mommy and Daddy are adjusting to her schedule. Sleep comes in about 2 hour intervals.

Rayna the dog is adjusting well to her and feels the need to alert Jamie when Addy cries in distress. When Rayna comes in from outside her first stop is at the baby cradle to see if she’s still there.

We prayed to God during her time in the womb, for her development and safe delivery and we are thanking God for those answers to our prayers. Now we pray for other things as well.

She will have lots of historical photos to look at when she is older as she was born during the Steven’s County floods of March 2017!

I will have many posts to document these days for Addy to enjoy later in her life. Thank you to all of you who prayed and shared good things about being a grandparent. I appreciate all your kind wishes and thoughts.

In the Meantime…

…here are a few photos showing what this part of Washington is experiencing because of their heavy snow that is melting and has no where to go since the ground is saturated or frozen. The folk around here are saying this is worse than the flooding in 1996.

The photos I’m showing you are areas that are usually fields not lakes.

This wasn’t a waterfront property before.

Highway 395 had to post detours north of here because of water on the roadway. Hopefully heavy rains will not be in the forecast and the ground will be able to absorb all this excess water. We are glad our kids and their extended family here live on higher ground.

We enjoyed the homecoming of our kids with their little one. While we were waiting for them to be discharged we saw these visitors just outside our granddaughter’s nursery.

Here’s a little sneak peak of our little granddaughter. One wee foot!

Soon I’ll be able to share more. We are getting lots of good cuddle time before we head back home.

So grateful to God for keeping our daughter-in-law and granddaughter safe during pregnancy and delivery.

The Waiting…

We arrived to the hospital at 12:45 after leaving home at 4 a.m. and picking Josh and Laura at the Spokane Airport at 10:50 a.m. and driving the last miles to Northeastern Washington. Now we could relax and wait knowing we would not miss hearing the news fresh from the delivery room that Addy had arrived.

Jamie’s granny was in the waiting room already and had been there for a few hours very kindly texting us any progress while we were on the road.

We settled in and got excited everytime we heard that things were progressing.

This is what the day looked like from the hospital waiting room on the day Addy was born.

As the waiting went long we decided if we started a jigsaw puzzle her arrival would speed up.

It worked because Jamie’s mom came into the waiting room crying and said, “we have a baby girl”. We then heard the lullaby over the loud speakers that announced a baby, our Addy, was born. When we heard the lullaby we all cried again. Soon enough we got to see her daddy’s elation as he came into the waiting room to announce her arrival and that all was well! PTL!

We found out after Addy was born that her daddy had worked on a jigsaw puzzle during the times mommy could sleep while in labor. I need to share this with our pop who works on jigsaw puzzles everyday.

Everything is ready for Addy’s arrival home. Since the last time we saw Addy’s room the elephant and bubbles have been added.

We are thankful and have had some great times holding our new granddaughter and listening to her sweet sounds. Later when we get the okay to post photos of her and her parents holding her I’ll share more.

Thank you all for you prayers and kind thoughts and comments for us during this exciting and blessed event in the life of our family.

Sounders 8 Years Ago and Today!

These first two photos are from a post that I wrote 8 years ago!

What fun for Seattle last night and my sons, nephew David and friend Beau! They attended the Inaugural game for the Seattle Sounders and they got to see them win with a sell-out crowd who were very loud. Seattle fans are known for cheering loudly.

I really enjoy seeing my sons together having a good time!

Now this afternoon, eight years later who would have guessed that we would win again with the same score 3-1 and against the same team, the New York Red Bulls! A great season home opener! The sun was shining and I think I got a sunburn. Glorious views on the way to the stadium and on the way home, too. Laura took these next photos with her phone.

On the way to the stadium you could see Mt. Rainier in the background with the two stadiums and the wheel in the foreground.

Before the game started they unveiled our latest banner, MLS Cup Champs 2016!

Laura captured the sun rays shining down on the field. After several days of rain with a very few sunny days in between this was a real treat for all of us.

Here we are happy season ticket holders for the 9th year! Thank you Sounders for making our day in the sun a whole lot of fun!

Things about Spring that I enjoy…

Easter, Renewal, Strawberries, Flowers, Bird Nests, and Soccer!

Happy Spring Everyone. May this be the year of fresh revival in your Spirit, Soul, Heart and Mind!

When Spring Unlocks the Flower ~ Hymn

When Spring Unlocks the Flowers

When spring unlocks the flowers
To paint the laughing soil;
When summer’s balmy showers
Refresh the mower’s toil;
When winter binds in frosty chains
The fallow and the flood;
In God the earth rejoiceth still
And owns his maker good.

The birds that wake the morning
And those that love the shade;
The winds that sweep the mountain
Or lull the drowsy glade;
The sun that from his amber bower
Rejoiceth on his way,
The moon and stars their master’s name
In silent pomp display.

Shall man, the lord of nature,
Expectant of the sky,
Shall man alone, unthankful,
His little praise deny?
No; let the year forsake his course,
The seasons cease to be,
Thee, Master, must we always love,
And Savior, honor Thee.

The flowers of spring may wither,
The hope of summer fade,
The autumn droop in winter,
The birds forsake the shade;
The winds be lulled, the sun and moon
Forget their old decree;
But we, in nature’s latest hour,
O Lord, will cling to Thee!

Words: Reginald Heber, (1783-1826)