Falling Leaves plus…

We gathered for our 2nd Annual Family Hunting trip. The guys spent a couple days hunting and then we filled in the days with Fallish things to enjoy. They are able to hunt a few miles from where we live. We now have a cold room which is a good place to hang the deer while they are prepped for the phase two job of butchering and packing the meat. This year Josh and Dan each got a buck their first day out. Josh opted to take his deer to a local meat processing company. Dan and Jamie packaged their deer on their own.

Before the Western Washington kids headed home we all enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal together. The family shots from our Thanksgiving are coming soon.

Early Thanksgiving…

…but it’s never too early or too late for Thanksgiving.

My first Thanksgiving tablescape at our Country Bungalow. I’ve settled on that name for our new abode. Basking in the time we’ve had these past four days with all of our kids and our little grand. Thankful to God for his provision and protection over each one while driving, hunting, working and playing! Since we were all together and won’t be together on traditional U.S. Thanksgiving day we decided to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal early. I’ll share people photos soon!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 6

Not too long after this, the father-in-law of my brother John showed up on our doorstep.  His name was Sofely Sisoyev. He told us to be ready by the end of October because he would be our guide in our escape to Iran.  He then left for Azerbaijan to collect his family and bring them back to Iran. Again by God’s grace, my brothers were given another roofing job and so we were able to buy provisions for the journey.  Then Mr. Sisoyev returned with his family as promised. We all left the evening of November 6, 1933. We walked all night, reached the Iranian border and crossed it. We hid during the day. On the second night we were unfortunately accosted by a gang of Kurdish thugs.  They robbed us of all we had and raped my brother John’s wife. (She was impregnated as a result, but died months later in giving birth.) And so we were left with nothing but the clothes on our backs – no food and no water. During the following day, we hid. Even though we were not walking or active during the day we were still hungry.  On the third night of our journey we became very tired and very hungry. We approached a Kurdish village, knocked on doors and begged for food. One family had mercy and gave us bread and raisins. We were able to pay them for it because we had some money hidden in a belt underneath my nephew Alex’s diaper. It had escaped the attention of the Kurdish gang that had robbed us.  By this time we were quite a distance from the border. Uncle Sofely told us to take a certain road that would take us to where we needed to go. He then separated from our family and his. The reason for this was self protection. He did not carry any ID – either Russian or Iranian. If we were for some reason apprehended, he would be identified as the guide and would be arrested.  He reconnected with his family later.

So our group continued on – all fifteen of us.  There were seven adults and eight children. Around twelve noon on the 9th of November, a man on horseback overtook us, looked us over and rode on.  We walked on for another hour or so. All of a sudden, there he was to our right, about 250 feet away, underneath a tree. He motioned us to come to him.  As we drew closer we could see a rug on the ground loaded with bread, grapes, raisins and lady fingers. We all started to cry and literally knelt before him in gratitude.  He motioned us to sit down and eat. Before we began eating we prayed. After we ate we rested for a short while. When we were ready to resume our journey, we were given specific directions as to how we were to reach our destination.  We again knelt before him in gratitude and started on our way.

If you missed any of the story you can find parts 1-5 in older posts.


The welcome sign is something I purchased that found it’s place on our detached garage/shop. The rest of these photos are scenes we see driving into Colville or Kettle Falls. Welcome to my country life. We are slowly but surely settling in and soon I’ll be able to share indoor photos since we are finally finding the time to hang our art work. On Sunday evening we were together with our family and our DIL’s family for the grandbaby gender reveal. As soon as our kids announce the gender of our new grandbaby on social media, I’ll share that news on my blog.

We have some good family times planned for this week so I’ll be scarce again.

Weekend Roundup “O”

1. Starts with “O.”
2. A Favorite.
3. “O”pen.

1. Starts with “O.”

The first weekend in October my husband and I traveled down to my home town of Montebello for my 50th high school reunion. Montebello High School is the proud home of the Oilers. “Long ago she rose and stood, Montebello Dear Old High”

2. A Favorite.

Here are our mascots, Ollie the Oiler and Olive the Oiler.

3. “O”pen.

On Saturday last, the gates were opened up to the alumni to take a tour of the grounds. Things have changed including this gate. The whole school is now fenced in so that if need be they can have a total lock down of the school. Fifty years ago there were no fences around the school.

It was good to travel back in time and to enjoy the present, too, with many of my fellow Oilers in October who are now 50 years older.

Make new friends, but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold. ~ Joseph Parry

The Weekend Roundup is hosted by Tom The Backroads Traveler.


Addy received some princess dress up items from her Auntie Laura and I was with her when the items were opened for the first time. She chose this crown for me to put on my head and since that first wearing of the crown she’s deemed it Baba’s crown. We put our crowns on and then I am directed by her to take her to the bathroom mirror to have a look. She has two others that she will wear. Soon her throne will be disturbed with the addition of a brother or sister. We will find out on Sunday evening if we are adding another granddaughter or a grandson to our family. The whole family will be together since Josh, Laura, Katie and Andrew are driving over the mountains for our 2nd annual family hunting time and Jamie’s family are invited over for the reveal, also.

I’m still considering a name for our new space…maybe our country bungalow although we don’t have a broad porch but some of the other requirements are met to call it a bungalow.

17 more cardboard boxes left to empty and 2 large bins with photo albums. We finally caved and ordered the parts to put together our three bookcases since we still have not found the original hardware that we put in a logical spot that has turned out to be not so very logical at all. In the future when we finally come across those parts we will have a good laugh.

Here I am with another crown with those bookcases in the background. This time around those bookcases will be in the office here at the bungalow so they will be filled from top to bottom with books and no tchotchkes.

Happy Friday y’all.