Sunday Snaphots

Our “Coast Kids” sent this photo on Sunday prompting the rest of us to share our photos.

Dear and I obliged with a selfie taken on our way home from an impromptu lunch out after church with friends.

Dan and Jamie sent this photo of Addy and Jaymison. Cracking up at Jaymison’s new obsession with his tongue as witnessed in this next photo of him we received this week, too.

It was nice to go out to lunch with new friends after church today. When you re-locate later in life and leave long time friends behind it’s a comfort to know you can establish new friendships. There were 7 of us at lunch today.

Our meal at the Chinese restaurant yesterday was decent but not noteworthy. The owners and staff were very pleasant. Thankfully the Thai to Go in town is really good to our palates!

Quote for the week from Spurgeon:

“A house without prayer is a house without a roof.”

Father of Earth and Heaven ~ Hymn

Father of Earth and Heaven

Father of earth and Heaven,
Whose arm upholds creation,
To Thee we raise the voice of praise,
And bend in adoration.
We praise the power that made us,
We praise the love that blesses;
While every day that rolls away
Thy gracious care confesses.

Life is from Thee, blest Father,
From Thee our breathing spirits;
And Thou dost give to all that live
The bliss that each inherits.
Day, night, and rolling seasons,
And all that life embraces,
With bliss are crowned, with joy abound,
And claim our thankful praises.

Though trial and affliction
May cast their dark shade o’er us,
Thy love doth throw a heav’nly glow
Of light on all before us.
That love has smiled from Heaven
To cheer our path of sadness,
And lead the way, through earth’s dull day,
To realms of endless gladness.

That light of love and glory
Has shone through Christ the Savior,
The holy Guide who lived and died
That we might live forever.
And since Thy great compassion
Thus brings Thy children near Thee,
May we to praise devote our days,
And love as well as fear Thee.

And when death’s final summons
From earth’s dear scenes shall move us,
From friends, from foes, from joys, from woes,
From all that know and love us,
O, then, let hope attend us;
Thy peace to us be given;
That we may rise above the skies,
And sing Thy praise in Heaven.

Words: Henry Ware, Jr., 1825.


I believe this is a Northern Flicker that comes to find bugs on this post in our back acres. I wish someday to get a photo of it flying in full wing spread to show it’s beautiful copper underside.

I’m looking forward to the time that our backyard is full of birds again. Soon enough.

Today is Lunar New Year and we are heading to the one Chinese Restaurant in town for Linner. This will be our first time to eat in this restaurant. As I finish up this post Dear is finishing up the painting of the walls in our master bath. Soon I’ll share more before and afters of that space.

Happy weekend everyone.

Living Vicariously Disneyland

Tuesday January 21st was Disneyland day for Josh and Laura with the three cousins who took the day off.

Some of the cousins have year long passports to Disneyland.

What a beautiful day in Anaheim!

So thankful my nieces and Laura have such a special relationship.

One of the newest attractions at Disneyland is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with the Millennium Falcon.


Such a fun photo bomb by Chewbacca!

Josh and Laura ran into our favorite defender from the Seattle Sounders Soccer team who just retired this last year, Chad Marshall. They also met up with Laura’s best friend from college who was there with her family, too.

Dinner at the Blue Bayou with the crickets chirping from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Night time at Disneyland.

Oops! Captured!

An epic day of fun and laughter at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Thanks Kristin, Michelle and Laura for letting me copy and paste your photos from your day at Disneyland!

Living Vicariously Part 1

Our son Josh and our dear DIL, Laura, flew to Southern California for a few days to celebrate Joshua’s birthday. This photo is of our nephew David and his dear wife and our kids at Huntington Beach.

Our niece Melissa and niece Debbee with our kids at Huntington Beach. Debbee and David are siblings, my sister Vera’s kids. Melissa belongs to my sister Kathy. So grateful that many photos were taken and shared.


Newport Beach/Balboa where David and Kristin live.

The guys heading to the gun range. Nephew Tim and Dave. Nephews in law Ryan and Lenny. Our grandnephew, Jackson and our son Josh.


The girls making lotions and such while the guys were shooting. Niece Debbee, Melissa and Michelle. Niece in law, Kristin and grandniece Avery. Daughter in law, Laura. Melissa and Michelle are sisters.

After shooting and lotion making a dinner celebration with cake for Josh.

Breakfast at Juliene, a family favorite in San Marino, California.

And a rare treat to be able to get together with two of our nieces on Dear’s side of the family. Kacie was in Southern California visiting from North Carolina and our niece Annie is now living in Long Beach moving from North Carolina recently. Their sister Jenna lives in New York.

Our kids filled up their days in California enjoying their cousins. Their Dzeda, our pop, told them all before he died to “stay together, love each other.” It fills me with joy to see them doing just that.  I’m thankful for social media so I can see things like this and (steal) share the photos to memorialize them on my blog.

My next post will be all about cousin time at Disneyland with other encounters, too.

Quail and Chewbacca…

We always get a big kick out of watching the quail around here year round.

I’m taking these photos from our family room slider zooming in.

There always seems to be a leader that everyone else follows.

They are on the move…

Away they go.

Couldn’t resist sharing this fun photo of our son Josh getting a surprise embrace from Chewbacca at Disneyland today. Our kids enjoyed the day there with a few of their cousins. It was fun seeing what they enjoyed and the people they bumped into. Looked like an absolutely magical day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Frosty With the Hope of Spring

We had a good time celebrating Dan and Jamie’s birthdays on Friday night with dinner and cake.

Applesauce Spice Cake was the cake of choice for both our birthday celebrants. Addy helped blow out the candles. Smile. On hindsight we lit the candles a little early and they almost melted away before we sang Happy Birthday.

Jaymison was pretty mellow the whole evening and Addy was quite animated.

Today we sent out Happy Birthday wishes to our firstborn Josh. He’s celebrating with his dear Laura and some of our extended family in Southern California.

Happy Birthday dear Josh!