We had some very sweet visitors and they brought dinner and flowers. They are so considerate. Addy got used to the idea that I could not lift her up in my arms but she could climb up and crawl into my lap. We got lots of great hugs from Addy. Thanking God for all the kindness I receive and have received with good wishes and prayers.

We’ve had other visitors the last couple of days, too.

Eye drops are being instilled well at our Country Bungalow. It is hard to sit around and notice things that need to be done like dusting.  I won’t be dusting for now, though, because I’m suppose to avoid getting dust in my eyes. I’m making a list of things to do when I get the go ahead from the doctor. I have those super dark eye shades to put over my regular glasses if I go out in the sunshine. We are going to have another 99 degree day today and then we are suppose to cool down to the 80’s tomorrow.

The Williams Flats Fire on the Colville Reservation is now at over 34,000 acres and only 25% contained. Our views and air are affected.


August First

This little guy is 3-1/2 months and he continues to charm us with his smile and baby conversations.

He loves to interact face to face.

His whole body gets moving when he makes eye contact with you.

Brother and Sister taken on August 1, 2019. Addy’s vocabulary and sentences are increasing so rapidly. Her commands make me chuckle. “Stay here”, “Don’t move”. Then there are the expressions, “No way hwozay” instead of “no way Jose”.

It’s summer and a few weeks ago I captured these photos at swimming lessons of Addy with her daddy.

She has one more week of swimming lessons next week.

What are you doing to keep cool this summer?


A field of sunshine! On the way back from picking up Laura at the airport in Spokane we pulled off the highway to take some photos of the acres of sunflowers on this farm.

Addy was so excited that Laura came to visit. Addy loves her auntie Lolo.

And…she loves to hop!

Jaymison is charming us more and more with his smiles and verbalizing.

We have been summer busy at our country bungalow and my computer isn’t getting much action. My creative brain is being zapped by the sunshine and yardwork. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

A Good Day to be Born…

Our grandson was born today. Mommy and baby are doing well. As soon as mommy and daddy give me the go ahead I will share all the details and some photos, too. We are all so thrilled and tired, too. It’s exhausting waiting all day. I bought this puzzle to put together while we waited. Katie and I were able to complete it about an hour before BBB was born. So thankful to God for his watch care over us all.

On the “Coast”

We are having a productive and relational time on the “Coast”, with our Coast kids. In our new part of the state, the home town folk call anything on the west side of the Cascades, the Coast. We are embracing that since it’s easier to say we are going to the Coast instead of going to the West side of the Cascades!

Our Coast kids planned a belated birthday celebration for me at Earls in Bellevue and they asked my sister and her husband to join us. It was a wonderful time together with perfect weather.

We walked to a park before we all headed home for a group selfie. Who’s missing in this photo? Dear is missing, but why?

On Friday we stopped by a great local pharmacy so Dear could get updated on his TDAP vaccine. In order for any of us to be welcome around our new grandson we have to be up to date on this vaccine. There have been Whooping Cough outbreaks in Washington state and our newborn’s doctor insists that anyone who will be around him needs to be vaccinated. The shot was painless but the side effects for Dear have not been painless. He was fine on Friday night but Saturday was a brutal day of side effects for him. We had to leave him home alone, so sad, while the rest of us enjoyed our meal out. He is doing better this Sunday afternoon but wasn’t able to attend church with all of us Sunday morning. It was my first time at our Coast Kids church and I’m so thankful to God for leading them to this great church where the Bible is the source of preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While on the Coast, we have been shopping for special items needed for our eastside kids. Laura found a used Bob double stroller on Offer Up that Dear and I were happy to buy for Addy and BBB. What a monster it is. It will work great on country trails and uneven surfaces. It came with an added accessory that an infant car seat will click into. The Coast affords many more options and availability to find used good equipment. We’ve also shopped for new items for Katie and Andrew’s home. More relational times are planned before we head home on Wednesday.

Hope y’all don’t get fooled tomorrow! Watch out and stay clear of all the fools out there!

The Weekend Roundup “J”

It’s time for the Weekend Roundup and we are on the letter J with the following prompts.

1. Starts with “J.”
2. A Favorite.
3. “J”ump.

Starts with “J”. We named our firstborn Joshua. We call him Josh. His sister called him Foffie when she was little. Others who love him call him Joshie. He is strong and courageous.

He lights up a room whenever he enters and you don’t have to take a mother’s word for it. Friends and associates will tell you the same thing.

A Favorite:

Josh with his niece who loves him and always recognizes him and she even recognizes his favorite jersey, The Sounders jersey. When I wear my Sounders coat she looks at it and says Josh!

Jump: Young and Old jumping, our niece Hope with her grandfather or Dzeda, our Pop in his late 80’s jumping on Hope’s trampoline.

We’ve added a J to our family in 2015, our DIL Jamie. She’s another favorite of ours and is a wonderful mom to our grandchildren and wife to our second born son, Daniel.

Joining up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Weekend Roundup.

How is your weekend rounding up?


Christmas in the 60’s

Christmases at 305 Los Angeles Avenue in Montebello, California.

The eight surviving Bagdanov kids. I’m the one in yellow, youngest of the first 5 (our oldest sister died in Iran when she was 2). My parents had four more children after me. The two youngest amongst us are twins.

Me with my two older sisters.

Our brother Fred is missing from this photo. Can’t remember why. Oops…just realized this one is probably Easter, not Christmas.

Christmas morning at our little babushka’s apartment a few doors down from the Russian Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Nadia and Moisi, our dear parents. This will be our first Christmas without both our parents.

Hope all is merry and bright in your corner of the world.