A Tea Break…

We chose Attic Secrets in Marysville for our tea on the Saturday after Thanksgiving since we planned to shop at the Navy Exchange Complex afterwards.


My sister Lana, Sister-in-law Letty, Me, DIL Laura and daughter Katie.



We each chose our teacups and brought them to our table and selected our tea.


We were so pleased to see a gluten free tea choice for Letty on the menu, too.

After our lovely leisurely tea we headed to the Navy Exchange to do a little tax free shopping. We made a couple more stops to Cost Plus, Hobby Lobby, and a grocery store before heading back to Josh and Laura’s to see what the guys accomplished. Besides their construction project Josh managed to make a great pot of chili and a pan of gluten free cornbread for us all to enjoy. Here are the construction project collages!


A useless door in Josh and Laura’s family room that was a drafty nuisance! Out with the door.


In with new framing, plywood, and insulation.


New tar paper on the exterior and matching siding.


New drywall and mud on the inside waiting for a few more coats and then sanding before a paint job and added baseboard. These workers are done with their job for the day!

We enjoyed the great chili and cornbread and pomegranate margaritas. Some of us headed home while another group stayed and played some rip roaring table games.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage on their site. All my photos that I stored and uploaded from that site are now big ugly black and grey boxes with a message to pay big bucks to get them restored to my blog. It will take me a long time to restore thousands of posts.

All Aboard!

Judy and I decided to pull together a trip to the Seattle area for the Mennonite Girls Can Cook who live in British Columbia. Judy came up with a plan for the 7 B.C. girls to drive to Bellingham, Washington and hop on Amtrak south. It’s hard to corral that many girls and come up with a good date for everyone but we finally did and Wednesday June 25th would be the day. When the day was finally here one of the 7 had to stay home. Life happens…

DSC07990bI made a sign so they couldn’t miss their tour guide and limousine driver for the day. The car the rental agency gave me seemed as big as a limousine. This photo that Bev took catches the big white limousine SUV in the background. Thanks Bev for the photos I’m stealing from you for this post.


The Girls 009Our first stop was the Queen Mary Tea Room near the University of Washington.

2014-06-25 The GirlsWe each had a different china pattern on our tea cups.

The Girls 021The food was delicious and presented nicely. We finished up at the tea room and after checking out the Tea Emporium we drove to our 2nd stop of the day, University Village.

The Girls 022

Girls Seattle-001“University Village is an open-air lifestyle shopping center which offers a unique formula of locally-owned boutiques and signature national retailers. U Village is a regional destination for home furnishings, popular fashions and unique gift items with a distinct collection of restaurants and eateries.”

DSC08009We all enjoyed the beautiful flowers that were blooming in hanging planters and large planters throughout the center. We gave ourselves a time limit and we managed not to lose anyone while we were here.

Next stop before our dinner reservations would be my humble home. A couple of the girls had been to my house before but it was new to the rest.

girls train 2It was fun to have everyone in my home for a quick refreshment and tour.



The Girls 030We stole Dear away from his bathroom renovation work to take a photo of all of us together on our deck steps.

The Girls 027We made dinner reservations at the Beach Cafe on the Edmonds waterfront which was  just a hop skip and jump away from the railway station. The girls wouldn’t want to miss the train.

The Girls 033

The Girls 034Several of us chose the different fish tacos for our meal while others had shrimp and scampi dishes. We shared a couple desserts just to top everything off with. By this time in our day we were rather beat and forgot to take some photos of our dishes and desserts.

On to the station and our goodbye hugs.

The Girls 035A lovely day from beginning to end.

I’m already making plans for an Island getaway for the next MGCC girls day out.

Here’s our day through Anneliese’s lens.

Tonight Dear and I are meeting up with Josh and Laura to celebrate a late Mother’s Day/Father’s Day meal together. We will also celebrate the U.S.A. advancing to the round of 16 with our 2nd place finish in group G.


Celebrating Katie!

Today is Katie’s birthday and we have a full day of festivities planned. Our day is starting with breakfast at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle.

From the the Queen Mary Tea Room we plan on heading to Seattle Center to see the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit. Sounds like we are getting a lot of rain for Katie’s birthday so time will tell if we will walk through the garden. We might just be able to take in the indoor exhibits. I hope to have photos to share next week. Christmas Eve 013After the Chihuly Glass Museum we have a booking for massages and a sugar foot scrub. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Massage Envy happens to be in the same little center that Padria Mediterranean Cafe is in and we’ll pick up take away for dinner.  Dear, Katie and I will be joined by Josh, Laura, my sister Lana and her husband Steve, our nephew Caleb with his new bride, Marie. I haven’t thought about a cake…too bad there isn’t a bakery in the same center. Maybe the Queen Mary will have something nice to take away that can stand in as a cake…thank you for listening while I think out loud!

Since we’ll be gone most of the day there really is no time to prepare for company. My house is still kind of messy from the Christmas festivities so it’s nice to be having family in who probably don’t care about the state of things. At least I’ve convinced myself no one will care…

This next photo was from Katie’s birthday just one year ago…

Birthday 27 003Happy Birthday Dear Katie!

Hope all is well these last few days of 2013 in your world. Hard to believe we’ll have to be training our fingers to grip that pen and write 2014 instead of 2013 so soon!

Escaping the Chaos…

…viewing images of destinations we are headed to during our trip to England in September.

Pictures11Lacock Village, Old Trafford Stadium, The Cotswolds, Lacock Abbey, Wells Cathedral, Porthowan Cornwall, St. Michael’s Mount Cornwall, London.

Of course we will see more along the way to these great destinations.

All is good at this old house in the midst of the chaos. Dear had a minor injury during the work over the weekend so he’s taking the next couple days off to recuperate which means happily for me he’ll be here to supervise the work as the new floors go in on Tuesday. Josh and Laura rescued us and especially Dear bringing food and helping put the new patio door in. I washed all the window inside and out in the family room and washed the mini blinds. Now I really understand people having them professionally cleaned. What a job!

On Saturday I had another escape to a fun tea sponsored by a Girl Scout friend’s troop to raise money. She and her troop did a wonderful job of serving all of us and also making conversation as we sipped our tea. The 3 girls who were on the Tea Committee earned their Social Butterfly badges. How cute is that!

Sarah's Tea

Sarah's Tea1Here’s my DIL Laura with our little friend Sarah. Sarah was on the Tea Committee so she earned her badge. Sarah’s older sister Anna is in the top right photo. This last photo is of the views from the home where the tea was held. Such a beautiful day in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

Sarah's Tea2I zoomed in on the Ferry doing the Edmonds/Kingston voyage.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

FFF ~ A Year Ago…

Thank you Susanne for hosting this weekly event! Click over to Living to Tell the Story to join in.


What a difference a year makes. The photos in my collage are from last October while we were still living in Southern California. An early morning walk at Emma Wood Beach with Dear. A walk at the Blueberry fields with Willow. Tea with Willow in Camarillo while she knits and Tea with my family in Fullerton when Avery was just a wee little baby. Good memories. If you are a knitter there’s an opportunity for you to donate some of your work for a great cause. Click over to Willow’s Cottage for the details. But hurry there’s a deadline.

Now for my favorites from this past week.

1. Monday’s Announcement about the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Cookbook coming out next Spring! We had to keep it under wraps for a long time and it was fun to finally have a press release and to be able to speak about it!

2. Tuesday night Josh, Laura and I attended an international friendly soccer game at Qwest field between Seattle Sounders F.C. and Chivas de Guadalajara a premier team from Mexico. There were so many Chivas fans there and it’s the first time I’ve been at a Sounders game where the opposing team cheered even louder then us. A very exciting game with music and announcements in Spanish. We were horrible hosts, though, because we whooped them 3 to 1.

3. Making an appointment for Katie’s first wedding dress shopping this Saturday. Katie, Laura, my sister Lana, Katie’s Maid of Honor Jamie and I are all going along for the fun. When I called to make the appointment the sweet gal said “Don’t forget to bring your camera”. Now that was music to my ears!

4. I over stressed the muscles in my right arm over the last month and have had a lot of pain and haven’t been able to do the simplest things with my right hand because of it. I asked for prayer at Bible Study and one of the gals there decided I needed to go see her muscle guy at an Athletic Institute and got on her phone right then and there and made me an appointment. This guy worked on my muscles from my back, shoulder, upper arm, etc. etc. and the results are amazing. I’ll be going back because the results are worth it. I don’t even know how much it cost because this gal took care of the fee for me. That was over the top generous of her!

5. Participating in a Bible study on the Book of Philippians has been really good. The main theme of the book is JOY in all circumstances because Christ is with us and because we can have the attitude that He had. That really is the key to everyday life and I like focusing on that every week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

We Met in Abbotsford…

The Mennonite Girls Can Cook came together for the first time at the Abbotsford Airport in British Columbia with quite a splash. These gals added a little color and extra historical meaning to our get together. Oh the fun and laughter these two generated.

It took me 2 hours to drive to Lovella’s house with an easy border crossing. Lovella, Anneliese and I drove to Abbotsford Airport together to meet the other girls and wait for Betty and Charlotte to arrive from Manitoba.

From the airport the ten of us headed to Lovella’s for High Tea.

She put on a beautiful spread for us and we had a great time getting acquainted.

On our way off to visit our farm store advertisers we received these great business cards for MGCC from Lovella.

Lovella’s High Tea set the stage for 3 wonderful days of eating, laughing and praying together.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

A St. Patrick’s Day Birthday!

Happy Birthday Willow!

Hope you have time for some tea and


Willow is the only person I know who has a birthday on St. Patrick’s Day (I think). May God bless you richly my friend.

Willow’s Cottage

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.