Celebrating Katie!

Today is Katie’s birthday and we have a full day of festivities planned. Our day is starting with breakfast at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle.

From the the Queen Mary Tea Room we plan on heading to Seattle Center to see the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit. Sounds like we are getting a lot of rain for Katie’s birthday so time will tell if we will walk through the garden. We might just be able to take in the indoor exhibits. I hope to have photos to share next week. Christmas Eve 013After the Chihuly Glass Museum we have a booking for massages and a sugar foot scrub. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Massage Envy happens to be in the same little center that Padria Mediterranean Cafe is in and we’ll pick up take away for dinner.  Dear, Katie and I will be joined by Josh, Laura, my sister Lana and her husband Steve, our nephew Caleb with his new bride, Marie. I haven’t thought about a cake…too bad there isn’t a bakery in the same center. Maybe the Queen Mary will have something nice to take away that can stand in as a cake…thank you for listening while I think out loud!

Since we’ll be gone most of the day there really is no time to prepare for company. My house is still kind of messy from the Christmas festivities so it’s nice to be having family in who probably don’t care about the state of things. At least I’ve convinced myself no one will care…

This next photo was from Katie’s birthday just one year ago…

Birthday 27 003Happy Birthday Dear Katie!

Hope all is well these last few days of 2013 in your world. Hard to believe we’ll have to be training our fingers to grip that pen and write 2014 instead of 2013 so soon!

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Katie!

  1. I want to be Katie!!! The birthday plans are awesome. Hope you take loads of photos of the Chihuly Museum. A visit there has been on my bucket list for years! Happy Birthday Katie!

  2. I’m envious! So great you could plan a fun day like this right after Christmas! My house is not in the state I like it to be either. I’ll write out the quote I remember form a long time ago.. my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

  3. It looks and sounds like you gave Katie a wonderful birthday, Ellen! I’m glad she was able to spend both Christmas and her birthday with you and your family. There is a massage Envy near me –I will ahve to check them out for that foot rub–sounds delightful!

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