Queen Mary Tea Room

Our first stop for our Celebrating Katie day was at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle which is located close to the University of Washington.

Katie's Day 007The waiter popped by our table and asked if we were celebrating anything special and we said, “Why yes, today is Katie’s birthday”. He asked if she’d like to wear a crown…

Katie's Day 008We said yes!

A long time friend of ours lives in the neighborhood and was able to join us for breakfast.

Katie's Day 009Queen Katie and Bridget

Katie's Day 010Bridget’s sister Jamie was Katie’s Maid of Honor. Jamie has been gone for over a year now on a trip around the world. We talked about Jamie and wondered if she’d be back home by next Christmas. Bridget is going to meet Jamie in New Zealand for several days in February before Jamie heads to South America.

JamieHere’s Jamie at the Yellow Sand Dunes (I think in Southeast Asia?) I borrowed stole this photo without asking. I’ll apologize when she comes home.

Katie's Day 012Back to the Queen Mary…

Katie's Day 016The traditional tea sipping shot!

Katie's Day 017We said farewell to Santa and our breakfast buddy and headed to Destination #2. I’ll share that next week.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well. So is your tree still up? Are you keeping the decorations up for a few more days or are you putting it all away this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Queen Mary Tea Room

  1. I purchased a new decorations storing box for my glass ornaments yesterday. I could take the tree down, but it is so misty and dark outside that I’m still charmed by the glow of it in my so quiet living room.

  2. Having tea while wearing a crown! Perfect! Why don’t all tea room offer that special “crowning” touch?

    I usually leave everything up until Ephiphany but this year…sorta wanting my plain house back.

  3. The Queen Bee looks quite happy sipping tea. My Christmas things will stay up until the New Year, and sometimes I like to keep my outdoor juniper wreath up for the month of January with lights still on.

  4. What a fun way to begin the celebration of Queen Katie’s birthday. Love the crown idea.

    Christmas decor still up here – the tree smells so good when I come downstairs in the morning, even though it is beginning to dry. I hope to make it until New Year’s.

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