Stars and Stripes Barn

This barn was spotted off Douglas Falls Rd. in Colville, Washington on September 3rd.

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While we were in Colville over Labor Day weekend we visited a friend of our daughter in law’s family who lives alone and is getting on in age. I took these next photos at her charming older home. She has a nice grape arbor and we picked several clusters of her seedless grapes to take back to D and J’s.

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We are over half way through September already. Autumn is upon us and we are seeing the seasonal changes around this old house. Soon we’ll be raking leaves. Do you see changes in your neck of the woods?

Early September

Sunday September 3rd. I want to jump, Gramps!

Monday September 4th (Labor Day). Cheerios are hard to catch and they taste funny.

Tuesday September 5th. I hear the water running. I think it’s splash time (bath time).

It was so much fun watching sweet Addy May enjoying her bath time. It’s a mommy and daddy job and I was happy to be around to take photos. I have a vow not to share any photos of anyone on social media without their clothes on so I won’t be sharing the bath photos except with Addy’s parents and her aunts and uncles. I can share the elephant towel cuddles after her fun time splashing in her little bathtub. That was the last bath time next to the kitchen sink because her splashing skills have far reaching results!

Wednesday morning September 6th. Daddy went back to work and now Baba and Gramps are leaving, too. Look at me crawl.

And the latest greatest from a text. Addy is moving forward a bit too fast for all of us. This was September 13th so she is 7 days shy of 6 months.

We are happy to say we’ll be seeing our kids from Eastern Washington a week from today. They will fly this time instead of driving. It’s a very short 1 hour flight. Addy will be 6 months old by then. After seeing her moving about skills we have purchased a safety gate and the floors will be washed again just before she arrives. We have a borrowed car seat that we spent some time figuring out how to secure in our car. These days you need a degree in baby to keep up. During their 4 day stay we’ll be babysitting on Saturday night when D & J will join friends for a concert in Seattle.

Today we completed our clean-up of the ash that blew through our windows while we were in eastern Washington. We vacuumed floors, sills, blinds, furniture, chotskies, paintings, pillows, cabinets,  and wait for it…all the books on our bookshelves in the living room. Oye. So happy to have had the assistance of Dear for this thorough job. So we have had a Fall cleaning instead of a Spring cleaning. I have this Christmas time photo of the bookshelves from 2016 to show the stuff/books we vacuumed. Oh and btw it’s 102 days until Christmas.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Highway Nine Barns

A few weeks ago we traveled on highway 9 to get to the Mt. Baker Scenic Highway and back home again. These are some of the barns we saw along the highway. This one above is tucked among lots of nice greenery.

Weathered red a-frame barn.

A brand new barn.

A clean white barn.

An advertising barn.

A weathered barn with two silos.

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At church this morning we prayed for all those suffering from the disasters around the world and the U.S.A., earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis and tornadoes. The good news from the Puget Sound Area is that we are seeing blue skies again and we can see the mountains in the distance again because the smoke has been washed away. I am so grateful to see this improvement and to take a good deep breath. While I type I’m watching Fox News with their full time coverage of Hurricane Irma.

Long Weekend Mosaics

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend we left our home bright and early and headed east over the Cascades on highway 2.

We stopped at Apple Annies in Cashmere for breakfast at the 50’s Diner and then shopped through the huge antique mall. After breakfast we connected to Highway 97 north to Tonasket. We enjoyed views of the Columbia River as we rolled along.

Reaching Tonasket we turned off the highway in search of Jim’s Ranch. We were celebrating Jim and Sherri’s marriage with a country barbecue reception. Jim and Sherri were married in Seattle on August 25th but wanted a casual country reception, too, at Jim’s Ranch in Tonasket. We were happy to make the drive and enjoyed our time with some of their family and neighbors. The neighbors arrived on their 4 wheelers since properties aren’t that close together. Jim and Sherri’s ranch is 270 acres. Oh and by the way Sherri has been my hairdresser for several years now.

After a few hours of enjoying good food and conversation we said our goodbyes and continued east along highway 20 to Colville to spend the rest of the long weekend with our kids. This leg of our journey was about 2 hours. We arrived at their place just as they pulled in from an afternoon of boating on Lake Roosevelt.

We had dinner together and enjoyed some Addy time before we all hit the sack early because we would have an early start on Sunday.

Our daughter in law and her mom had signed up for the Country Roads half marathon which started at 7am on Sunday. Thankfully this was a day where the smoke levels weren’t hazardous and the event could go on. I was in the support vehicle for Jamie, Linda and Addy. Jamie carried Addy in her front pack for half the event.

As I drove ahead to wait for them at different mile posts I enjoyed country scenes and some critters, too.

I’m not sure what those larger furry animals are beyond these goats.

I waited at the entrance to Douglas Falls Grange Park for Jamie, Linda and Addy. At this point I would take Addy off Jamie’s hands and head back to the finish line. While waiting I enjoyed the falls and a talk with the Ranger.

Then these folk and their buggy came along and we enjoyed a bit of conversation, too, before they headed off.

Back at the finish line Addy’s daddy met us and we waited for mommy and Addy’s other grandmother to complete their first half marathon walk. Jamie’s Uncle and Aunt were at the finish line, too, with some flowers for their big accomplishment.

Back at home you can see that Addy survived quite nicely and still had energy to jump up and down while gramps held on tight.

Time will tell if I manage to do any link-ups with this post.

I’m happy to report that today Friday the 8th of September it has just started raining here in the Puget Sound area. We are so happy to see those raindrops and hope they will wash away the smoke and ash. Speaking of ash, we left our windows open while we were away last weekend until Wednesday so we are in the process of doing a thorough vacuuming at this old house. We are vacuuming screens windows, window sills, furniture, and floors. Yikes, that soot settled everywhere. I’m getting my exercise in today. Hope you are having a good Friday.

We are keeping all the folk in the path of Irma on our hearts and minds and especially in our prayers. Stay safe friends.

Home Again, home again…

…jiggity jig!

Hang in there as I have a lot to share from the last several days. Today we drove through approximately 356 miles of smoke filled skies from Colville to our home in Western Washington. It was a hard traveling day with nothing to see on the horizon but smoke. I hope to be back online and at the top of my game soon. We had so much fun with our little grand girlie. Praying for all the fires that are not contained, for the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and now Irma barreling down on us. Here’s a sweet photo of the little one we enjoyed…

Her fresh lungs are being challenged by the very unhealthy air quality because of all the fires and the smoke that has no where to go. Please pray for some relief soon. Thank you!

Air Quality

This will give you an idea of what very hazardous/unhealthy air quality looks like. Colville has been yellow and orange lately because of smoke from fires which isn’t good either but today we hit a new level of smokey and unhealthy. There are similar problems in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California and our neighbors to the North in the Frasier Valley and in other parts of Canada. We are laying low today with no windows open. I really miss that great June view!

Our prayers go up for firefighters and people with homes in the path of all these fires. Thinking about countries and those in the path of Hurricane Irma, too.

Makes me want to say, Maranatha.