New Toys…

We wrapped Addy’s gift with a plastic table cloth. She noticed something different in the family room.

Baba and Gramps bought Addy a pony and Laura captured Addy’s curiosity about what was under the wrapping.

Uncle Josh and Auntie Laura bought Addy a mini trampoline.

Mommy and Daddy bought Addy a four wheeler and a helmet! It is good to learn country skills early.

On Wednesday the 2nd of January I worked on packing up Christmas and re-organizing our storage area. Things look so bare now. I wonder if Addy will notice all the bling put away? We are being warned of some new winter weather coming in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I’ve been patting myself on the back for getting out there and driving on the winter roads here. Hope 2019 is starting out well for you!

Christmas Mosaics 2018

Our Western Washington kids arrived on Christmas morning just before 11:00 a.m. I was watching expectantly at the living room window. They flew into the Spokane airport and rented their bright sleigh for the drive north to our house.

Our Eastern Washington kids arrived after Addy’s nap, about 3:30. We opened stocking gifts and then got ready for our dinner.

Prime Rib off the Traegar this year and it was delicious. It was nice to have the oven free for our side dishes, roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and creamed corn.


On Boxing day we all gathered again for another batch of Dear’s Swedish Pancakes.

After our breakfast we played some games until it was time for Addy to go home for her nap. We gathered in the afternoon at Dan and Jamie’s for fun in the snow and for dinner. I’ve posted already about our fun in the snow.

Thank you, Vee, for suggesting PhotoScape for a collage making program. I went a little overboard but had fun.

I’ll wait and see if Angie has a link-up for Mosaic Monday or maybe I missed the fact that we are taking this Monday off.

Happy last day of 2018 everyone. What a year it was. I’ll put my New Year greeting up tomorrow but for now I’ll consider 2018 and all that God has guided us through.

Here’s the first paragraph and following sentence from a daily reading by Spurgeon for December 31st:

From day to day and from year to year my faith believes in the wisdom and love of God, and I know that I shall not believe in vain. No good word of his has ever failed, and I am sure that none shall ever fall to the ground. I put myself into his hand for guidance….

Christmas 2018

A fair warning. This will be a photo overload post.

Welcome to our Country Christmas Bungalow.

We decked the halls…


The Sunday before Christmas we had an open house and our Daughter-in-law’s family helped us start off our Christmas celebrations.

My next post will be a photo overload of Christmas day when our kids from the West arrived for our 2018 family Christmas!


Boxing Day in the Snow

On Boxing Day we all gathered at Dan and Jamie’s after breakfast for some fun in the snow and dinner. When Addy woke up from her nap we headed down the driveway for some sledding on the steeper section of the 1 mile driveway.

The sled picked up some nice speed going down and the climb back up was manageable.

Couples decided to give it a try, too.

Laura even managed a selfie zooming downhill with the snow flying in her face.


Addy didn’t think it was time to go inside and half way to the garage she noticed Auntie Katie still on the sled and high tailed it to her.

One last ride into the house.



Another great family memory in the books!

The Western kids left Friday morning for their drive to Spokane Airport for their flight home. It was a quiet afternoon here at our Country Bungalow. Dear made a trip to the dump. Two months of trash disposal cost us $10. Today we woke up to a fresh snowfall. It looks like we have about six inches.

I’ll be staying put today enjoying some down time. How about you?

Four Decades Plus!

Christmas 1977

Christmas 2017

Christmas in 1977 was before we had any children and Christmas 2017 was our first Christmas with a granddaughter. Forty years of Christmases. Some merrier than others but all enjoying the benefits of God’s saving grace in our lives.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you who faithfully check in to see what’s up in my corner of the world. I thank God for you and am grateful for the chance to get to know you via your blogs. I’ll be back after Christmas when…

The Christmas stockings are emptied.

The boxes and gift wrap are all recycled.

The Breakfast Swedish Pancakes are devoured.

The Christmas Music plays on my new 6cd changer.

The Christmas Prime Rib Roast is prepared and eaten with all the trimmings.

The Christmas Crackers are popped.

The Christmas photos are taken.

The Christmas dishes are washed and put away until next Christmas.

The Christmas gifts are enjoyed.

And we continue to worship and adore our Savior, the Savior of the world all year long. God with us, Emmanuel. “Blessed art thou, O Lord.”

All This Night Bright Angels Sing

(Song of the Angels – William Bouguereau, 1881)

All This Night Bright Angels Sing

All this night bright angels sing,
Never was such caroling,
Hark! a voice which loudly cries,
Mortals, mortals, wake and rise.
Lo! to gladness turns your sadness:
From the earth is ris’n a Son,
Shines all night tho’ day be done.

Wake, O earth, wake every thing,
Wake and hear the joy I bring:
Wake and joy; for all this night,
Heav’n and every twinkling light,
All amazing, still stand gazing,
Angels, pow’rs and all that be,
Wake, and joy this Son to see.

Hail! O Son, O blessèd Light,
Sent into this world by night;
Let Thy rays and heav’nly pow’rs,
Shine in these dark souls of ours.
For most duly, Thou art truly
God and Man, we do confess:
Hail, O Sun of Righteousness!

Words: William Austin, (?- 1633.)