Apples of My Eye

Spent several hours with these two last Wednesday. We picked these apples right off one of their trees for a snack. They keep me moving. Love them so much.

Yesterday I was able to mow and get the riding lawn mower all cleaned up and settled in the shop. Junk Drunk was calm and fun with lots of interesting things to see. I bought a small item for a stocking stuffer for one of our kids and a sign for a friend that called out to me because of a conversation we just had this week. There was a stand where fresh little donuts were being made up to order so I had to support that business, too. It was fun to bump into a few ladies from church at the sale, too.

Happy weekend to all of you. It is raining here. Our land will enjoy that.

Don’t Forget Hodgepodge

It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge where Jo asks the questions for us to answer. Thank you Jo.

1. Something you’ve done recently that required you giving 110% ?

Supervising these two. They spent a couple hours at our house and they went on a marble hunt outside and then released them inside. The marbles went rolling everywhere and under everything. JJ was intent on filling his pockets with them. Addy moved too fast for me to get a clear photo of her while she chased the marbles.

2. What task-sport-chore-hobby-activity have you participated in or completed, that if judged, would land you a perfect 10?  

The Russian Sacred Singers of Los Angeles are a group of California young people of Russian background. They sing in English and Russian under the inspiring leadership of director Leonard Wozniuk. The unique bi-lingual choir responded to our challenge to record their selections for radio use. Today, their joyful singing is heard world-wide over several short-wave radio stations and over local broadcasts in North and South America.

Hymns of Praise was recorded in stereo in the Lorin Whitney Studios with the creative accompaniment of organist Bill Fasig and pianist John Innes of the Billy Graham Association. Tom Keene on guitar and Paul Stilwell on bass add their distinctive sound to several selections. ~ Andrew Semenchuk, Producer.

One of my sisters, a few cousins, and my best friend were part of this Russian Youth Choir and in the world of Russian Sacred Hymns during the 70’s this was a 10. The recording was used to spread the gospel behind the Iron Curtain. Through the recording of this album and the exposure to the other professional musicians in the studio I eventually met Dear. One of the musicians, a director of a Christian singing group recruited my best friend to sing in his group. I tagged along with her to the concerts. Dear was in this group. I ended up auditioning for the group and was selected. This Christian music group would sing at different churches in the Southern California area on Sunday evenings and toured England in the summers. Dear and I started dating while in this group and later got married. One 10 led to another 10!

3. What are ten of your favorite things right now? 

  1. Our children and their spouses.
  2. Our two grandchildren
  3. Our Church
  4. Sermons by John MacArthur while I mow. I have a 2 sermon lawn.
  5. Podcasts by Costi Hinn, The Sword and The Trowel, Justin Peters.
  6. Fall like mornings. It’s coming y’all. I love Fall!
  7. The Bible
  8. Writings by Charles Spurgeon
  9. Coffee in the morning
  10. My hard working husband (he’s painting our bedroom right now), he makes my coffee in the morning, tomorrow is his birthday.

4. Nine times out of ten I _________________________.

Nine times out of ten I choose joy!

5. Where were you when the world stopped turning, twenty years ago this week? 

I will never forget this day. Where I was, what I did, who I talked to. My TV was still in my living room in Kenmore, Washington in 2001. I sat on the edge of an ottoman in shock. I started dialing, first my husband, then my married son and his wife, (they were married 2 weeks before 9/11).  I woke up Dan and Katie who were still at home. That day seemed like it would never end. Called my SIL to find out if she’d heard anything from our niece who was working in Manhattan. Our niece was in route to Manhattan on that day, no one at work had seen her yet. She wasn’t a casualty that day. She made it. She had to turn around and try to get home again. It took her over 6 hours to get home. Small price to pay compared to so many…

This flag that I unfurled out the window of our daughter’s room in 2001 is the flag that was presented to my mother-in-law, Verna, at Dear’s father Rex’s funeral in 1985. He served in the U.S. Army during WWII. This window is on the street side of this home. Things have changed on this side of the house but the memories are the same. This flag is folded and in a special flag case now.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Thank you to all who serve and protect including our Military, Border Patrol, Police, Firemen, and Coast Guard!

Goodbye August

Straight from the garden. Their mommy plants and tends an amazing garden.

We were able to see these two on Sunday afternoon. So good to have them run to us with open arms and lots of hugs. As we leave they run along the fence line following our car and we yell our goodbyes to each other. They are safe on the inside of the fence and our car goes along the drive on the other side of the fence. Fun traditions.

Adios to August!

Mid August

On August days when the skies cleared of smoke Addy and JJ enjoyed activities outside. They are really mastering their bicycle skills.

Our daughter-in-law and four of our nieces enjoyed several days in Maui celebrating Melissa’s 40th birthday in style. She’s a beach girl through and through so this was an appropriate destination for the celebration. An amazing ‘cousin’ time.

Addy’s week of VBS culminated with a short program Friday night for parents and Addy thinks that VBS was great!

Our daughter Katie and Andrew were in New York over this past weekend for the wedding of one of Andrew’s Marine buddies. Andrew was in the wedding. This wedding was supposed to happen a while back but then the you know what postponed it. They had a wonderful time celebrating outside of Albany, New York.

My last follow-up cataract appointment is on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to ordering some glasses on that day. The other thing we are looking forward to on Tuesday is a major cooling down and some rain in the forecast, too. Hoping for clear skies on Wednesday with some new fires getting contained.

What does your week look like?

All in the Family Hodgepodge

Jo From This Side of the Pond posted some questions for Wednesday Hodgepodge this week even though she has a busy houseful. She picked the appropriate theme. Thank you Jo!
1. What’s something you would say ‘runs in your family’?
Our firm foundation in Christ runs in our family.
2. A book, song, tv show, or movie you love that is centered around family. 
Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle all 5 hours and 23 minutes of it.
3. Family matters, family ties, family tree, family man, family fortune, black sheep of the family, family values, one big happy family…choose a ‘family phrase’ that applies to your life currently and explain. 
One big happy family. With half of us on the west side of the Cascades and half of us on the east side visits usually have us all together and we do have happy times. Our next big happy family time will be in the fall when we all gather for a family wedding in North Carolina. The 10 of us will be staying in a home we rented on Lake Hickory for 4 nights.
4. Last thing you fixed for a big family dinner? If you’re not the cook, last thing you were served at a big family dinner? 
The last thing we served for 6 of us here in Colville was flat iron steak, baked potatoes, roasted cauliflower, corn muffins and a blueberry buckle for dessert.
Some of our family do not appreciate fish so when Josh was here a couple weeks ago we took advantage and served the 7 of us a yummy Cioppino as an appetizer full of mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, in a flavorful broth (we bought that at Costco and just warmed it up). Then we had Tilapia, jasmine rice, salad, maybe broccoli, and good crusty bread. We had something for dessert but I can’t remember what. Whatever it was I won’t make it again since it was so unmemorable. Oye.
5. What are three words you would use to describe your family. 
We work well together as a team to get things done and we are supportive of each other and we like to make things fun.
After all the good times we have together we also enjoy being back home alone in our own space.
6. Insert your own random thought here.
Addy has two new experiences she’s enjoying this month. This week every evening from 6-8:30 she is attending Vacation Bible School at our church. The halls and gym are thundering with boys and girls from 3 years old to 6th grade enjoying a good time learning about the God that created them. Next year JJ will be able to join in.
The whole church is decorated in the Island theme. Very colorful!
Addy’s also learning soccer skills on a team a couple days a week. That’s bringing back some good memories of all the soccer we enjoyed when our kids were little.
Our dear mom and pop left us with an encouragement before they died to love each other and stay together, I’ll leave that with you, too.

Hello August

The whole verse from Psalm 84:11 + verse 12 reads;

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you! 

The month in-between summer and fall is upon us. Here’s hoping for fires to be put out, for some rain, for clear skies again.

Josh flew out to visit the middle of last week and both our sons enjoyed 18 holes of golf together.

We enjoyed some meals all together and Addy and JJ enjoyed every minute they had with Uncle Joshie.

Our garlic dried nicely hanging in the shop and it was time to clean them up on Saturday and share some of the bulbs with friends and family.

Hope your August is starting well.

Big Wheels

Big Wheels are celebrating their 50th anniversary and we decided it would be fun to order one for each of our grands. It was a labor of love to put them together. Dear did most of the labor. I helped with the stickers.

Fun times for years to come.

Addy and JJ on July 29th Twenty Twenty One.

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!

Courage and Strength

Swimming lessons started this week and Addy has graduated up from the pollywogs which involves a parent to the next level. She’s getting braver everyday and is letting go of the wall. JJ is in daddy’s arms the whole time so that makes things easier.

Here the grands are doing their best impersonations of what strength and being brave looks like to encourage their Uncle Joshie with a tough task. Love all these expressions and the two different boots on JJ’s feet.

Do you need encouragement?  

Joshua 1:9 (ESV)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Water Fun

We bought this inflatable pool from Wal-Mart during our one hundred degree + temps and last week when the Colville kids came for dinner we had the Grands try it out.

The air was hot the well water was cold.

It took awhile for sister to make the commitment to step all the way in. They came out to warm up wrapped in a towel and then they would head back in for more cold fun.

The next day at the river they had more water fun.

We kept the pool up and inflated with water in it just in case the deer could use a drink and today we spied one drinking for a long while. I’ll share some deer photos on another day.

Addy and JJ started swimming lessons on Monday at the city pool.