Merry Mid+Month of May

This past week we had beautiful days like this one. This is a photo from our kids’ drive. We had darker, rainy days. This Spring in general compared to last Spring has been colder and wetter. After a very dry Spring and Summer last year the ground is soaking up all the rain which bodes well for the summer and possibly less fire danger. Time will tell.

We spent a few days this past week tuning in to a livestream from the Truth Matters Conference staged at The Ark in Kentucky. It was so worthwhile to listen in. If you want to hear some good truth you can find the different sessions on YouTube soon. Just look up Truth Matters 2022 put on by Grace to You. I’ll sign off with this quote.

“The Kingdom of Light needs no help from the kingdom of darkness”

Hope your days are filled with God’s light!

Big Wheels

Big Wheels are celebrating their 50th anniversary and we decided it would be fun to order one for each of our grands. It was a labor of love to put them together. Dear did most of the labor. I helped with the stickers.

Fun times for years to come.

Addy and JJ on July 29th Twenty Twenty One.

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!