Wedding Signs

These are all the fabulous signs from our son’s wedding this past June. He worked on putting the boards together and a friend of our new daughter in love did the printing. For some of the signs they bought old framed paintings from thrift stores and re-purposed them with blackboard paint and chalk paint. The wedding venue was in a remote location off a primitive road so the signs at the turnoffs were a great help.

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The After Glow…

After the ceremony was over we quickly filled the appetizer table with goodies (forgot to take a photo) and the wedding party went off to take photos at a spot nearby. Many helped to set up the tables for dinner.

We were thankful for the ever increasing shade.

Father and daughter!

Katie and Andrew

Our nieces on Dear’s side of the family, Jenna and Annie. Their sister Kacie was unable to come.

The Bayles cousins!

Dan’s hunting buddies!

The Bayles, Bagdanov cousins!

The wedding photographer is also a friend!

Father and sons…

A photo bomb by dear little Andrew, our newest nephew!

Waiting for the first dance!

Dan and Jamie’s first dance…

Cheers! Until I get permission to post some of the professional shots this will be the last post from the wedding!

This morning our house is quiet as all the wedding guests are now in their own homes tucked into their own beds. My brother and his wife were the last to leave last night and before they left they vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the main floor bathroom and washed and put clean linens back on their guest bed. That is quite a nice treat for me.

I’ll be taking it slow and easy today, how about you?

The Ceremony…

Our son Dan waiting to catch a glimpse of his bride.

Our son-in-law Andrew and our daughter Katie got to walk down an aisle again together.

Our son Josh was Best Man and Jamie’s best friend Maili was the matron of honor. Maili’s daughters were the flower girls and one of her son’s delivered the rings to Dan and Jamie at the right moment in the ceremony.

Jamie and Dan’s sweet flower girls. Little Leini is battling leukemia and is now in an intense part of her treatments to fight off the disease. Please pray for Leini whenever God puts her on your heart and in your mind. She really was serious about dropping the petals as she walked down the aisle.

Jamie’s mom raised Jamie singly and it was fitting for her to walk her only daughter down the aisle.

My brother Steve officiated the wedding and he brought a beautiful message for Dan and Jamie and all of us. One of the main themes was kindness.

Our beautiful new daughter-in-law was radiant!

Man and Wife and we’re glad that they have made a covenant with God to live out their vows forever.

Before the Wedding Ceremony…

Dear and ellen b. before we melted away in the heat.

My brother Tim who was a huge help before, during and after the wedding!

Everyone finding a spot in the shade to watch the ceremony.

Our sons, Dan and Josh.

Our son-in-law Andrew, Dan, Josh and Adam. One of Dan’s groomsmen was unable to attend because his wife was about to give birth at anytime and the father being six hours away was not an option!

Our views on the drive to the wedding. (photo credit to Annie and Jenna)

My next post will be on the ceremony and then one for the reception and dancing.

We are finally getting a wee cool down here in the Pacific Northwest, in the 80’s today instead of the 90’s. What’s happening in your world?

Lift, Pinch, Swipe, Nick…

…is what this post is all about. The following photo collages from Dan and Jamie’s wedding day were nicked from my sister, nieces, or whoever shared them on Facebook!

Thank you Melissa!

Thank you Lana!

Thank you Michelle!

Our family on the top and our nieces on Dear’s side in the bottom shot, too.

My brothers and sisters.

I will be sharing more individual shots from the wedding that I managed to take on another day. We are still celebrating here at this old house with family. It’s still really hot! Yesterday a few of us went canoeing on Lake Washington. Fifteen of us enjoyed Tequila Tuesday at Dear and my Mexican haunt. We came home to watch the U.S.A. women win their World Cup Game against Germany and then despite the heat lit a fire so the kids could make s’mores! The fun continues…

Trickling In…

It was the calm before the storm as our wedding guests trickled in from New York, Texas, California, and Western Washington.

We drove to Eastern Washington on Wednesday before the wedding picking up my brother Tim at the Spokane Airport. We enjoyed a few quiet meals supporting the local businesses in Chewelah before more of our guests arrived. Flowery Trail Coffee Shop was a nice spot for one of our breakfasts.

We had the most delicious hamburgers at Sporty’s in Chewelah.

Main Street Chewelah was lined with beautiful full flower baskets all along the way.

This was our rustic cabin during our time surrounding the wedding. It worked out well since we had our own kitchen to prepare some of the food for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

On Thursday more of our family and guests arrived so we met at the local Mexican Restaurant to enjoy dinner together. These are 2 of our nieces on Dear’s side of the family along with our Josh and Laura. What a joy it was to see these two. Jenna lives in New York and Annie lives in Southern California. Their sister Kacie was not able to come.

My heart was full to have this bunch together! There were a total of 15 of us for dinner at El Ranchito in Chewelah. The staff kept us laughing all night, meow meow!

After dinner we stopped at Dan’s home so our guests could check out the lay of his land!

A little calm relaxation before we all started working hard on Friday!

I managed to take a few photos at the rehearsal dinner where the majority of the guests from out of town arrived and enjoyed a casual meal. It was fun to see each family pop in as they arrived from Spokane or from a 6 hour drive from the Seattle area.

Three of my brothers.

Our kids and my sister Vera’s son and daughter-in-law.

Our sister-in-law Mandy with our new nephew Andrew and grand nephew Jack!

Dear getting to know Dan and Jamie’s pastor and his wife. My cousin Jim and his wife Jeanie are in the background.

Jenna and Mandy at the buffet table.

Our beautiful nieces.

My brother gathered up the wedding party and ran through some things they should know for the main event and then they gathered in a circle for my brother to pray for the wedding and for Dan and Jamie. The best way to end our evening! On the way home we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset!

We were so glad we rented the Senior Hub in Colville for the rehearsal dinner. It’s new and air conditioned and had the perfect amount of space for our group.  As usual my family and friends helped with all the prep work and setting up and tearing down the tables and chairs. The temps kept rising and rising as we counted down to the wedding. We were headed for temps over 100!

I’m beginning to feel a little more like myself at this old house. We are down to 6 guests at our home. My brother Tim and niece Melissa flew home last night. My brother Leonard’s family is still here and they are staying at my sister Lana’s house that is walking distance from us. My brother Steve has been making breakfast for the crew each morning. Yesterday it was Blueberry Pancakes with the fresh blueberries from our bushes. Today is making omelettes. Last night my brother and sister-in-law barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs at my sister’s house for the crew. It’s nice to have guests that serve you when you are spent and exhausted!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


Helpful Views…

Views like these are helping us to find some quiet relaxing moments amidst all the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the wedding. Since they are predicting very high temps, over 100 degrees, we are trying to keep our cool. It’s been fun for my extended family to be able to see the area that Dan lives in and to enjoy the acres that he owns. On Thursday some more guests arrive and then on Friday most of our friends and family who can travel here will arrive. We are hosting a very casual dinner on Friday evening. It’s time to put my new memory card in my camera!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and good thoughts on my previous post.

She Said Yes to the Dress!


Just a quick update on my whirlwind trip to Spokane on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers. The wedding dress shopping couldn’t have been less stressful. We arrived to the wedding dress shop before it opened at 10:00 AM for the appointment and the dress was picked and purchased by 11:20! We all agreed with the bride on her choice of gown. No ordering delays either. She picks up the dress next week and then will make appointments for alterations. Granny even had time to buy her dress for the wedding! After the appointment we went out for lunch to celebrate. The bottom right photo are the mom’s with the bride. So thankful for a very good weekend!