The After Glow…

After the ceremony was over we quickly filled the appetizer table with goodies (forgot to take a photo) and the wedding party went off to take photos at a spot nearby. Many helped to set up the tables for dinner.

We were thankful for the ever increasing shade.

Father and daughter!

Katie and Andrew

Our nieces on Dear’s side of the family, Jenna and Annie. Their sister Kacie was unable to come.

The Bayles cousins!

Dan’s hunting buddies!

The Bayles, Bagdanov cousins!

The wedding photographer is also a friend!

Father and sons…

A photo bomb by dear little Andrew, our newest nephew!

Waiting for the first dance!

Dan and Jamie’s first dance…

Cheers! Until I get permission to post some of the professional shots this will be the last post from the wedding!

This morning our house is quiet as all the wedding guests are now in their own homes tucked into their own beds. My brother and his wife were the last to leave last night and before they left they vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the main floor bathroom and washed and put clean linens back on their guest bed. That is quite a nice treat for me.

I’ll be taking it slow and easy today, how about you?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “The After Glow…

  1. I have so enjoyed looking at all the wedding pictures, looks like a great time was had by all,
    blessings to the Bride and Groom xx
    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  2. Such wonderful photos of a beautiful, memorable day!! You all don’t even look that hot, although you must have been!!

    Oh, my. Your family/guests were so very thoughtful! Hope you enjoyed a relaxing day today!

  3. I think the photos are perfect…just like the entire wedding. Everything just looks magical…and you, my sweet friend, looked beautiful. Love your dress….
    I know everyone is tired…if I lived close, I’d come by, pick you up, take you to eat in a great place, bring you home and while you soaked in bubbles, I’d do your laundry…then, when you took a much needed rest, I’d…..I’d…..well, I’d probably bake you a berry cobbler and have ice cream to go on it…
    All kidding aside, I love that you will have all these great photos of such a wonderful event recorded on your blog for others to see any time they want.

  4. What precious guests! Thoughtful, thoughtful, thoughtful. I can well imagine that it all feels as if it’s come to an abrupt stop. No worries. You and your Dear will be planning something fun soon. In the meantime, collapse….no, no, rest and relax.

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