Wedding Signs

These are all the fabulous signs from our son’s wedding this past June. He worked on putting the boards together and a friend of our new daughter in love did the printing. For some of the signs they bought old framed paintings from thrift stores and re-purposed them with blackboard paint and chalk paint. The wedding venue was in a remote location off a primitive road so the signs at the turnoffs were a great help.

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Showers of Blessings

Dear and I were up very early on Saturday morning to drive about 3 hours to Nate and Abbie’s wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes in Corbett, Oregon. The setting is east of Portland close to the Columbia River. Umbrellas were a needed accessory for the day. The bride and groom were not bothered by the rain or if they were their faces never showed any concern.

Nate's wedding 007A Beautiful tree canopy led the way to the wedding venue.

Nate's wedding 008

Guests were reminded that the wedding venue was outdoors and that because it was in the Pacific Northwest rain was very possible and to be prepared.

Nate's wedding 009The private road to the wedding venue.

Nate's wedding 072

Nate's wedding 011This is the mother of the groom, Heidi, with her daughter Nicole. Heidi and I were best buddies in my college years and into our early married years. When Nicole and her brother Nathan were very little they lived across the street from us. This next photo is of Heidi, Nicole, and Nate back in 1984 in Huntington Beach, California where we all lived.


Nate's wedding 013The walkway to the wedding ceremony site. The wedding was at eleven a.m. with a brunch reception following the ceremony.

Nate's wedding 012

Nate's wedding 016The setting was so beautiful and peaceful.

Nate's wedding 014

Nate's wedding 017The showers would come and go throughout the duration of the wedding and reception.

Nate's wedding 025My cousins arrived via a shuttle bus from the hotel where most of the wedding party and guests were staying. These are two of the couples that we are sharing 40th wedding anniversary celebrations with this year!

Nate's wedding 026

Nate's wedding 028Time for the groom, Nathan, to escort his mom and dad to their seats.

Nate's wedding 030Nate’s sister Nicole is due with her and Jason’s 2nd little boy in a month.

Nate's wedding 033Here comes the ring bearer in the wagon with his dad, Jason. Little E. is Jason and Nicole’s firstborn. He was looking dapper in his little suit. Wonder how he’ll react to his baby brother coming soon?

Nate's wedding 031

Nate's wedding 036Here comes the beautiful bride, Abigail.

Nate's wedding 034The groom.

Nate's wedding 037

Nate's wedding 040The bride’s grandfather and father performed the ceremony.

Nate's wedding 038Parents of the groom trying to stay dry eyed.

Nate's wedding 041

Nate's wedding 042Man and Wife

Nate's wedding 062At the reception we were seated with my cousins and their spouses.

2014-06-29 Nate's weddingDear was sporting one of his father Rex’s Bolo ties.  Fun memories. Maybe he’ll start a new trend.

Nate's wedding 055The wedding cake was actually wedding doughnuts that were provided by a well known shop in the Portland area.

Nate's wedding 067As we were leaving I caught the groom rowing his bride away.

Nate's wedding 070One thing was true for this day, rain or shine Nate and Abbie would be married and start their new life together. They were showered with blessings and we pray that God will shower their marriage with love and stability and longevity!