Lift, Pinch, Swipe, Nick…

…is what this post is all about. The following photo collages from Dan and Jamie’s wedding day were nicked from my sister, nieces, or whoever shared them on Facebook!

Thank you Melissa!

Thank you Lana!

Thank you Michelle!

Our family on the top and our nieces on Dear’s side in the bottom shot, too.

My brothers and sisters.

I will be sharing more individual shots from the wedding that I managed to take on another day. We are still celebrating here at this old house with family. It’s still really hot! Yesterday a few of us went canoeing on Lake Washington. Fifteen of us enjoyed Tequila Tuesday at Dear and my Mexican haunt. We came home to watch the U.S.A. women win their World Cup Game against Germany and then despite the heat lit a fire so the kids could make s’mores! The fun continues…

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13 thoughts on “Lift, Pinch, Swipe, Nick…

  1. What a wonderful event! You looked awesome Ellen and I’m so glad that others took the initiative to take pictures that you can use. I was so thankful for my friend who tools tons of pictures at our daughter’s wedding and shared them with us.

  2. How fun to get a peek at the festivities through other peoples’ lenses! Very nice setting and fun fun fun details. And congrats to your son and newest daughter-in-law!

  3. What great pictures! And what is the most important is the happiness reflected in all the faces, which is too good not to be shared, whatever the source of the pictures. Personally, I’m kind of partial to the photo of the groom in his Stetson — my dad loved wearing his hat and boots as often as possible, so he would’ve been very pleased.

  4. Whoever did those signs deserves a hip-hip! Wonderful! You know, I can not tell how hot it was from those photos. Everyone looks cool, calm, and collected. Party on!!

  5. What great photos of a beautiful wedding! Looking forward to seeing more…as you ‘unwrap them’. Love all the country details…the signs…the bales of hay…the boots and hats. 🙂

  6. Looks like a charming wedding!! And your dress is gorgeous…you look stunning!
    I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about the wedding once you have time to rest and regroup. 🙂

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