Tea for Two

Katie invited me to Tea on Wednesday. She and Andrew were in Salt Lake City for Andrew’s sister’s college graduation on the weekend so they weren’t in town for Mother’s Day. We had a nice time at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle very close to where Katie and Andrew live. We split a high tea tiered tray of goodies plus a breakfast scramble. It was a good combination and enough for both of us with a few leftovers. The tea room was not filled to the brim which was nice. When we were done with our tea time we took a nice stroll at a cemetery in close proximity to the tea room. I’ll share the photos from the cemetery soon.

It did not rain from sunrise on Wednesday which was a nice relief. The sun had a hard time shining through. Maybe on Thursday we’ll get some clear and bright sunshine for a few hours.

A Tea Break…

We chose Attic Secrets in Marysville for our tea on the Saturday after Thanksgiving since we planned to shop at the Navy Exchange Complex afterwards.

My sister Lana, Sister-in-law Letty, Me, DIL Laura and daughter Katie.

We each chose our teacups and brought them to our table and selected our tea.

We were so pleased to see a gluten free tea choice for Letty on the menu, too.

After our lovely leisurely tea we headed to the Navy Exchange to do a little tax free shopping. We made a couple more stops to Cost Plus, Hobby Lobby, and a grocery store before heading back to Josh and Laura’s to see what the guys accomplished. Besides their construction project Josh managed to make a great pot of chili and a pan of gluten free cornbread for us all to enjoy. Here are the construction project collages!

A useless door in Josh and Laura’s family room that was a drafty nuisance! Out with the door.

In with new framing, plywood, and insulation.

New tar paper on the exterior and matching siding.

New drywall and mud on the inside waiting for a few more coats and then sanding before a paint job and added baseboard. These workers are done with their job for the day!

We enjoyed the great chili and cornbread and pomegranate margaritas. Some of us headed home while another group stayed and played some rip roaring table games.

Hot Tea Month Blog-a-thon ~ Week 3

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Week Three: January 17th-23rd
Our topic for week three of the blog-a-thon is:

“If I could have my own Tea House this is how I would run things…..”

If I ran my own tea room I would want it to be a wonderful experience for anyone who walked through the door. I would not want my guests to feel hurried or ignored so I would limit my tea room to one seating a day. That seating would be for a group of 6 to 12. I might consider two groups of 4 or 2 groups of 6. It would only be open on Saturday. Hey since we’re being hypothetical I have the freedom to plan unrealistically. My tea room would not make any money but I would be happy at the end of the day. Everything would be fresh and made to order. The food would be something that people would remember. Everyone’s tea would be served hot for every cup they sip. Cups would not be dry for longer then a few seconds. My guests would be treated well and their experience would put a smile on their face.

Three Cups of Tea ~ Bothell, Washington

The girls in my extended family have started a Black Friday tradition of shopping at Goodwill and then going to Tea. We were so happy to find this relatively new Tea Room in Bothell, Washington. Three Cups of Tea has a well rounded combination of great teas, really good food, and a wonderful ambiance. We would all highly recommend it!! Lea Miller, the “Tea-preneur” has the perfect personality to run this Tea Room.

The back of the business card reads;

First cup of tea as a guest

Second cup of tea as a friend

Third cup of tea as family

There is a main eating room with gift items displayed all around in great cabinets and then there are two specialty rooms divided from the main area.

This is the Alice in Wonderland room. So delightful. We took our tea in the more formal room with the fireplace and it was lovely.

The ladies with their tea. That’s my sister Lana in the center photo. She treated us all on this day. She is so generous. Thank you Lana!

We were all happy with our food choices. Everything was excellent. Our tea included fresh scones with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd, Soup and 1/2 Sandwich of our choice, and a dessert. Most of us had to take our dessert home.

It’s a fun spot to shop, too. Lots of great tea accessories and food items.

Three Cups of Tea is worth a visit. You can pop in for breakfast, quick lunch or plan a more formal get-together. We’ll be back!

Thank you Lea for treating us like family. We appreciated you and your great staff!

I’m linking this to Mosaic Monday hosted by Mary and Tea Things Tuesday hosted by Kim. Thanks ladies…

Tea Things Tuesday!

We started a little tradition last year during Thanksgiving Weekend. On Friday after Thanksgiving the girls head to Goodwill to shop the sales in hopes of finding some little treasure for real cheap and then we go out to eat. Last year we decided on tea at a favorite spot of Lana G.’s and mine but since that time our sweet tea shop changed hands and we’re not impressed with the new establishment. We were hoping to continue the tea tradition after Goodwill shopping. Well I’m so happy to say a new Tea Shop has opened in Downtown Bothell and we have reservations for 11:45 on Friday after Thanksgiving and Goodwill. Yippee! We hope all the usual suspects will be able to come!

My girls Katie and Laura. Aunt Letty and Katie. Aunt Lana G! and Katie. Lana G! and Ellen b. My DIL Laura and her mom Pat.

I’ll take lots of photos from the new spot Three Cups of Tea and show you all in December…

Happy Tea Things Tuesday to you all. Please visit Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty for more Tea Things…

Family Tea with Mosaics…

Half the ladies in my family met for tea yesterday in Fullerton, California. We had the Senior member of our family(my 85 year old mom) and the youngest member of our family (my 1 month old Grand Niece) in attendance.

The venue was the Spring Tea Garden in Fullerton, California. We were treated well during our time there.

Avery was born on September 17th…

These are my sisters, my mom and our Grand Niece Avery.

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Tea and Fiesta in Washington

After our very successful trip to Goodwill the ladies arrived at Madame Fifi’s Tea Room at Country Village in Bothell for an Afternoon Tea.

Madame Fifi (Christine) had our lovely room all ready for us. The usual after Thanksgiving Goodwill shoppers were in attendance and this year we inducted Pat (my DIL Laura’s mother) into the group.

We each chose our tea and enoyed a relaxing time.

Our sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, and sweets were divine! After all this loveliness one would think we didn’t need any more food on this day but…

My SIL Letty made us a fabulous Mexican dinner. She made refried beans, Mexican rice, salsa, and carnitas for us all to enjoy. YUM! Ejola it was muy bueno!!

We capped off the night with a movie all cuddled up on the couch!

 I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pace but I’m enjoying every minute of my time in Washington with my family. Have a wonderful weekend…