Home Again…

We had a lot of joy being with this little one for several days in a row. Lots to share from our family time in northeastern Washington. We drove home today and we were happy it only poured down rain when we approached Snoqualmie Pass and descended on this side of the Cascades. The vibrant Fall colors out the windows as we drove entertained me as well as a book on cd by Louise Penny.

Lots of fallen leaves welcomed us home on our driveway and yard. Do you deal with lots of leaves in the fall where you live?

Wednesday Wonder

Isn’t this a welcoming autumn driveway? I wonder who lives at the end of it. This was taken last Thursday when we arrived in Colville. Today is our last full day here and we’ll be heading home to rain, rain and more rain if the forecasters got things right. We had quite a wind event come through here yesterday that caused a few problems in the county but thankfully power stayed on here on the top of our kids’ mountain. I wonder how things are where you live.

Happy Fall Y’all!

On Saturday we went to a Sign Making Party and this is the sign I made. It’s fun for me because you use stencils and all you have to do is pick the wood you want and the colors. Addy May and all her grandmothers, her great grandmother and aunties were there.

These are the four generations on Jamie’s side of the family. I’m sure my mom would have gotten a kick out of our little Addy May. One thing for sure this little one does not lack for love and attention.

We are still busy busy here in northeastern Washington and enjoying some fine weather that is about to change. Hunting expeditions have been successful. Next up is wood gathering for the winter. Hope you are enjoying fall where you are.

Stars and Stripes Barn

This barn was spotted off Douglas Falls Rd. in Colville, Washington on September 3rd.

I’ll be linking up to The Barn Collective hosted by Tom The Backroads Traveller.

While we were in Colville over Labor Day weekend we visited a friend of our daughter in law’s family who lives alone and is getting on in age. I took these next photos at her charming older home. She has a nice grape arbor and we picked several clusters of her seedless grapes to take back to D and J’s.

I’ll also be linking up to Mosaic Monday with Maggie at Normandy Life.

We are over half way through September already. Autumn is upon us and we are seeing the seasonal changes around this old house. Soon we’ll be raking leaves. Do you see changes in your neck of the woods?

Early September

Sunday September 3rd. I want to jump, Gramps!

Monday September 4th (Labor Day). Cheerios are hard to catch and they taste funny.

Tuesday September 5th. I hear the water running. I think it’s splash time (bath time).

It was so much fun watching sweet Addy May enjoying her bath time. It’s a mommy and daddy job and I was happy to be around to take photos. I have a vow not to share any photos of anyone on social media without their clothes on so I won’t be sharing the bath photos except with Addy’s parents and her aunts and uncles. I can share the elephant towel cuddles after her fun time splashing in her little bathtub. That was the last bath time next to the kitchen sink because her splashing skills have far reaching results!

Wednesday morning September 6th. Daddy went back to work and now Baba and Gramps are leaving, too. Look at me crawl.

And the latest greatest from a text. Addy is moving forward a bit too fast for all of us. This was September 13th so she is 7 days shy of 6 months.

We are happy to say we’ll be seeing our kids from Eastern Washington a week from today. They will fly this time instead of driving. It’s a very short 1 hour flight. Addy will be 6 months old by then. After seeing her moving about skills we have purchased a safety gate and the floors will be washed again just before she arrives. We have a borrowed car seat that we spent some time figuring out how to secure in our car. These days you need a degree in baby to keep up. During their 4 day stay we’ll be babysitting on Saturday night when D & J will join friends for a concert in Seattle.

Today we completed our clean-up of the ash that blew through our windows while we were in eastern Washington. We vacuumed floors, sills, blinds, furniture, chotskies, paintings, pillows, cabinets,  and wait for it…all the books on our bookshelves in the living room. Oye. So happy to have had the assistance of Dear for this thorough job. So we have had a Fall cleaning instead of a Spring cleaning. I have this Christmas time photo of the bookshelves from 2016 to show the stuff/books we vacuumed. Oh and btw it’s 102 days until Christmas.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?