Escaping the Chaos…

…viewing images of destinations we are headed to during our trip to England in September.

Pictures11Lacock Village, Old Trafford Stadium, The Cotswolds, Lacock Abbey, Wells Cathedral, Porthowan Cornwall, St. Michael’s Mount Cornwall, London.

Of course we will see more along the way to these great destinations.

All is good at this old house in the midst of the chaos. Dear had a minor injury during the work over the weekend so he’s taking the next couple days off to recuperate which means happily for me he’ll be here to supervise the work as the new floors go in on Tuesday. Josh and Laura rescued us and especially Dear bringing food and helping put the new patio door in. I washed all the window inside and out in the family room and washed the mini blinds. Now I really understand people having them professionally cleaned. What a job!

On Saturday I had another escape to a fun tea sponsored by a Girl Scout friend’s troop to raise money. She and her troop did a wonderful job of serving all of us and also making conversation as we sipped our tea. The 3 girls who were on the Tea Committee earned their Social Butterfly badges. How cute is that!

Sarah's Tea

Sarah's Tea1Here’s my DIL Laura with our little friend Sarah. Sarah was on the Tea Committee so she earned her badge. Sarah’s older sister Anna is in the top right photo. This last photo is of the views from the home where the tea was held. Such a beautiful day in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

Sarah's Tea2I zoomed in on the Ferry doing the Edmonds/Kingston voyage.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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11 thoughts on “Escaping the Chaos…

  1. Social Butterfly badge….too cute. Glad your hubby is okay. Some days as we purge and clean our way through this TOO LARGE OF A HOME FOR JUST TWO OF US I think a quiet little cave would be nice. No extreme cleaning as its all dirt anyway. My brother and sister in law just came back from a two week trip to England. She found it much cleaner and the people more friendly than her last visit years ago. She wondered if they really cleaned things up for the Olympics. I imagine it is great fun to plan such a trip with your kids.

  2. England in September – you are going to have such a good time! I’m glad your hubby is alright – no injuries allowed before your trip!

  3. What a great trip to look forward to!! You deserve a nice break from all the work and so glad Dear is O.K. That looks like a creative and fun Tea you attended.

  4. Oh those photos of England are just gorgeous. I wish I could travel with you. It is not the trip itself that keeps me from travelling but the planning that proceeds the vacation…it seems.
    That tea looks so lovely and you even sailed to your destination! Brilliant plan for an escape.

  5. Sweet mosaic of destinations…thanks to Doc Martin, I recognize one of them. So sorry that your dear got hurt…a weekend warrior for sure. Document the process for us please! It may be the only way I’ll see new floors go in.

  6. That’s great you’re visiting England in Sept. And your mention of Lacock Village drew my attention because I was there for a couple of hours in 2007 with the Stonehenge tour. Lacock Village is a popular period film location. In case you’re interested here’s my post on it. Pictures not great, for it was raining and almost evening. Also, will you visit Bath? September is Jane Austen Festival in Bath. 😉

    • Arti, We planned on stopping in Lacock because of our enjoyment of the period pieces that were filmed there like Cranford and Return to Cranford also Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter, too. I did read about the Jane Austen Festival but we will probably bypass Bath this time around…

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