Monday Mural ~ Fort Langley

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Fort Langley historical mural in Gasoline Alley ~ Fort Langley, British Columbia

Artist listed as Brandon Gabriel ~ Paint on concrete block

Colorful mural displays various native heritage scenes and the arrival of settlers to the area.

Dear and I visited the historic area of Fort Langley, British Columbia on July 19th and enjoyed a walk-about the town and some shopping.

This weekend has been very full with our second born and his wife of one year here. I have not had time to be on the internet as we are enjoying face to face time with all of our kids. We also received very sad news that I will share soon. We are rejoicing and we are grieving all at the same time.

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Barns in B.C.

B.C. as in British Columbia not before Christ.

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Dear and I were in Canada the 18th and 19th of July and I snapped these photos of farms along the roads we traveled.

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Canada new book launch 090

This last photo is not taken from our car but at our first destination in Chilliwack.

Next week I’ll share more photos with this barn in the background.

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A Lovely End to May…

On Tuesday May 31st I headed out early driving north to Canada to meet up with four of the Mennonite Girls and one of our favorite bloggers from Ontario, Canada.

rosella 001

We met at a beautiful park and Kathy put together a lovely spread for us to enjoy.

2016-05-31 rosella1

Scones, fresh fruit, jams and clotted cream plus cookies.

2016-05-31 rosella

rosella 011

Rosella from Rhubarb and Roses blog has been faithful with comments on the MGCC blog and our personal blogs, too.

2016-05-31 rosella2

How apropos to meet at a park with beautiful roses in bloom at Gwynne Vaughan Park in Chilliwack, B.C.

rosella 015

2016-05-31 rosella3

I came home with some yummy gifts from Rosella and another gift from Anneliese’s daughter who is home on furlough from mission in Indonesia. The trivet from Indonesia is perfect on my current tablecloth. Soon we’ll enjoy the Ontario pure maple syrup from Rosella on Dear’s Swedish pancakes. Thank you Rosella! Thank you Julene! Thank you Kathy for organizing this lovely visit. Thank you Lovella for driving from your place to the park.

My 2 hour drive north and 2 hour drive south was uneventful and easy because of free flow of traffic and great weather. The border crossings were quick with no waits at all. I even made it home in time for Dear and my regular Tequila Tuesday at our local Mexican Restaurant.

Friday the 13th!

So happy I’m not superstitious. I still have to share 5 more hats I’ve worn or am wearing but my creative juices aren’t flowing these days but rather they are dribbling. I’ll get back to those hats at a later Friday. So here are five favorites from this past week.


#1. Mother’s Day brunch with my kids that are on this side of the mountains.


#2. A few hours with these girls on Tuesday in Canada. The tall blond on the left that you probably don’t recognize is a writer who is writing a play about the Mennonite Girls Can Cook that will be staged later this year in Indiana and possibly Ohio.

Martha Bolton1#3. Lovella opened up her home for our meeting with the writer and cranked up her oven to treat us to coffee and these delicious rhubarb rolls for our morning coffee time. Delicious!

Martha BoltonThen Lovella and the B.C. girls that were free to come for lunch offered up these delicious salads and other goodies.

#4. Our new book is in the works and we got a preview on what it is going to look like. I’ll share more about this soon.


#5. Today (Thursday) Dear and I worked outside mowing and weed whacking and then we brought down our deck furniture and set it out for the season.


We are thankfully heading into a quiet weekend. We have been processing lots of emotional things this week in our extended family and quiet is good to look forward to. Of course we know that just because we think it will be quiet doesn’t guarantee it. The other thing we know is that God is in control of everything that is allowed into our lives.

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Good Fences…

These photos are from Rosedale in British Columbia from a friend’s home.

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We’re getting ready for a little road trip over the mountains and through the farmlands of Washington state to our Eastern Washington kid’s home to work on some projects. Hoping to see some fun things to take photos of…

Catching the Light

Trying a new meme this morning called “Catching Light” at Nature Footstep.

1 John 1:5 ~ This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light , and in Him there is no darkness at all.

Hope you all had a nice weekend. We had our kids who live the closest to us over for Dear’s Swedish pancakes which are always a treat for them. We watched a soccer game together which ended up not being a treat since our team lost. Oh well…that’s the way it goes in soccer and life…you win some, you lose some. I’ll be working on “staying in the light” this week and choosing gratitude.


For Barn Collective #20 with Amy at Rose Street Reflections I’m posting a close-up of a cow in a barn taken in Lynden, Washington on a road trip to British Columbia.

Thank you Amy. For more country barn scenes click on over.

Dear and I spent many hours in the yard on phase two of our planter/walkway project. The first part of the walkway is done but we dug into a snag finding remains of a huge tree that was cut down years ago on the property. We have to dig some of the roots and trunk out to continue on our project. What a big job that is. I’m ready for a weekend road-trip to find more barns instead of working on the yard!

The walkway is looking good, though. I’ll soon show before and afters of this area.

phase two 024

Hope you enjoy the last week of February!