Weekend Roundup X

1. A Word with an “X.”


An Antique postcard from 1909.

2. A Favorite.

X marks the barn.

3. Looks like “X.”

Our daughter making a snow angel.

Parting shots:

The J.M. and Birdie Nix House in San Antonio, Texas. (mostly the sign and not the house)

Here’s the house which is located in the King William Historic District of San Antonio.

Thanks to Tom for hosting The Weekend Roundup.

We traveled south to the big city of Spokane today to do some shopping. The roads were clear and the weather was dry which was a win win for easy access on streets and into shops. Have a good weekend everyone.

Drive By Barns…

You know how it goes…when you see something that would be cool to take a photo of you are on a direct mission to your destination. No time for stopping along the way. On our way to and back from our son’s in Eastern Washington I took a lot of shots of barns from the highway. If they are a little blurry it’s because we were going 70 and 80 MPH fast!

Close to Ellensburg…

Does covered hay count as a hay barn? These first few I’m sharing are from Central Washington.

Linking up to Rose Street Reflections by Amy for The Barn Collection #30.

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we traveled to Chilliwack, B.C. to attend a wedding. We enjoyed time with seven of the Mennonite Girls and their husbands but we had a total photo fail. None of us got one photo of the eight of us together. Oye! On Sunday after church we enjoyed a pulled pork meal with our Western Washington kids and we watched the Seattle Sounders game together. We had fun cheering loudly together and we won which is always more enjoyable than losing!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Barns, Daffodils and Tulips!

A little road trip to meet up with my girlfriends from Canada to see the tulips and daffodil fields in Mount Vernon yielded an added photo op with barns in the distance, emphasis on in the distance. I’m linking up to the Barn Collective #25 at Rose Street Reflections. Thank you Amy!

Hope you didn’t have to squint too hard to spot the barns! Next time I’ll show the ones I got closer to without any flowers in the foreground!

Have a wonderful Easter Week everyone!


For Barn Collective #20 with Amy at Rose Street Reflections I’m posting a close-up of a cow in a barn taken in Lynden, Washington on a road trip to British Columbia.

Thank you Amy. For more country barn scenes click on over.

Dear and I spent many hours in the yard on phase two of our planter/walkway project. The first part of the walkway is done but we dug into a snag finding remains of a huge tree that was cut down years ago on the property. We have to dig some of the roots and trunk out to continue on our project. What a big job that is. I’m ready for a weekend road-trip to find more barns instead of working on the yard!

The walkway is looking good, though. I’ll soon show before and afters of this area.

phase two 024

Hope you enjoy the last week of February!

Barn Collective

So I’m going outside the box again with my Barn Collective post. This is a piece that my mother-in-law painted years back that I really enjoy. My mother-in-law passed away in 1997 and we have reminders of her around our home. She grew up Kansas and she was a school teacher in a one-room school house. She lived with us after my father-in-law passed away in 1985.

Head over to Rose Street Reflections for The Barn Collective #15 to see some actual barns.

The Barn Collective

Mount Vernon, Washington (Western Washington)

Somewhere between Addy and Colville, Washington. (Eastern Washington)

Barns from the West and East side of the Cascades in the state of Washington.

Linking to The Barn Collective hosted by Amy from Rose Street Reflections. Thank you Amy!