Here, There and Everywhere…

I’m headed on a new adventure today with my girls. Here are some photos from the road this past week when we visited our son Dan and some other random shots from here, there, and everywhere!

The bridge over the Columbia on I-90 heading East at Vantage.

Friday turned out to be a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest.

The weather gave us lots of hope for future tulip days in April. But in March we always have daffodils popping up to make us smile.

Katie had 16 inches of her hair cut off to send to Locks of Love and she is now a vibrant red head! I’ll give you a sneak peek.

I’ll share the whole look later. As for me my hair is still the same with some grey covered up for now.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again because of our whirlwind trip to the Los Angeles area.

Hair Today…

…more fun tomorrow.

Can I just say that we love our hair dresser! She is always ready to help us in any way she can. Today we had a practice run for Katie’s hairdo for the wedding. Our hairdresser is going to come to the venue on the day of the wedding to do Katie’s hair and any of the bridesmaids hair that want her services. She’ll also make sure my hair is behaving.  She’s even going to bring a razor to fix up the Marines hair if their barbers butchered them.

While we were having our hair looked after today a vehicle for the Bride and Groom’s getaway came up. Come to find out the owner of the Seattle Limousine Company here in Seattle is a friend of our hairdresser. She called him and told him the car was for an active military groom so we got the friend/military discount for the Rolls or Bentley! A wonderful blessing.