Here, There and Everywhere…

I’m headed on a new adventure today with my girls. Here are some photos from the road this past week when we visited our son Dan and some other random shots from here, there, and everywhere!

The bridge over the Columbia on I-90 heading East at Vantage.

Friday turned out to be a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest.

The weather gave us lots of hope for future tulip days in April. But in March we always have daffodils popping up to make us smile.

Katie had 16 inches of her hair cut off to send to Locks of Love and she is now a vibrant red head! I’ll give you a sneak peek.

I’ll share the whole look later. As for me my hair is still the same with some grey covered up for now.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again because of our whirlwind trip to the Los Angeles area.

You Asked For It!

My Metamorphosis…

From gray roots to covered up with subtle highlights and not so subtle new identity. Meet the new Ellen b. Elle Kadriya!


It’s amazing what covering up your gray can do! I might have mislead some of you into thinking I was going in for a real change with my hair. I am a hair wimp. I can’t handle anything too fancy so it will be the classic bob for me until I die. I might be real bold and go a little lighter in highlights for the wedding next year…time will tell.

Today is a day off for me. That might sound funny since I’m pretty much retired. Even when you don’t have a job outside the home there are weekly schedules you are committed to. So when I say day off I mean I have no commitments on the calendar today. It feels refreshing just thinking about it. What are you doing today?

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.