Barn Collective

Some barns look better from far away…

This view is from the drive that leads up to our son’s home. We arrived in Eastern Washington on the first day of Spring and our first grandchild arrived on that day, too.  In the above photo the area beyond the trees is all water now and that is not how it is normally. Here’s a zoom in shot from Saturday with the sun lighting up those trees to make them golden.

A month ago we were at our son and daughter-in-law’s and the next photo was taken of this same view covered in snow.

This area of Washington has had a lot of flooding due to their snow fall amounts and the melt along with rain and the ground not being able to absorb the water. There’s water in places we’ve never seen water before. On our way home from Eastern Washington on Saturday I took this next photo.

There’s a reflection on this day because of flooding. This field is not usually filled with water.

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Flag Day Barns

Before I show you my barns for this week I just wanted to wish everyone in the U.S. of A. a very happy Flag Day! We are flying our flags in a nice breeze here in the Seattle area today!

The photos of the barns this week were taken in April when we were at our son’s home in Eastern Washington. This was a nice fresh barn type structure for horses in Chewelah, Washington. The next photo was down the road a bit and not so fresh!

I’m linking up with The Barn Collective started by Amy and hosted now by Tom The Backroads Traveller.

Barns ~ Eastern Washington

We saw a good number of barns on our trip to visit our son in Eastern Washington in April and in May. This is one of them.

Tom at The Backroads Traveller is generously hosting Barn Collective which was started by Amy at Rose Street Reflections.

This meme runs from  6PM Central time on Sunday through Wednesday each week. You can post photos of barns, silos, sheds, or any interesting farm like structure.

We have worked hard at this old house this first weekend of June. Our deck is washed down and the patio furniture was cleaned after living in the garage loft all fall and winter. Dear has continued working on the siding on the back side of the house and is getting close to finishing. I was able to pot some plants for the deck, too.

We have had our windows open all weekend with our hot for the Pacific Northwest weather. I managed to watch some Women’s World Cup Soccer, too. How was your weekend?


Barns, Daffodils and Tulips!

A little road trip to meet up with my girlfriends from Canada to see the tulips and daffodil fields in Mount Vernon yielded an added photo op with barns in the distance, emphasis on in the distance. I’m linking up to the Barn Collective #25 at Rose Street Reflections. Thank you Amy!

Hope you didn’t have to squint too hard to spot the barns! Next time I’ll show the ones I got closer to without any flowers in the foreground!

Have a wonderful Easter Week everyone!


For Barn Collective #20 with Amy at Rose Street Reflections I’m posting a close-up of a cow in a barn taken in Lynden, Washington on a road trip to British Columbia.

Thank you Amy. For more country barn scenes click on over.

Dear and I spent many hours in the yard on phase two of our planter/walkway project. The first part of the walkway is done but we dug into a snag finding remains of a huge tree that was cut down years ago on the property. We have to dig some of the roots and trunk out to continue on our project. What a big job that is. I’m ready for a weekend road-trip to find more barns instead of working on the yard!

The walkway is looking good, though. I’ll soon show before and afters of this area.

phase two 024

Hope you enjoy the last week of February!

Barn Collective ~ Pole Barn Wedding

I’m going outside the box this week with the Barn I’m posting for Barn Collective. Our nephew got married under a pole barn in Nuevo, California and it was a wonderful rustic setting that they made cozy using lots of hay, burlap, lights and candles. There are two pole barns side by side and one was used for the ceremony and the other was used for the reception and dancing.

One of my nieces before the wedding begins.

My nephew (the groom) built all the benches with help from my brothers and his friends.

Two of our kids with their cousins.

The groom, our nephew Levi with my brother Steve (Levi’s father) in the background. Steve is a pastor and he performed the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom.

The flower girls and ring bearer. The flower girls dropped bird feathers along the burlap runner.

My parents with all but 5 of their grandchildren along with 2 great grandchildren.

To see more Barns visit Amy at Rose Street Reflections for Barn Collective #14