A Lovely End to May…

On Tuesday May 31st I headed out early driving north to Canada to meet up with four of the Mennonite Girls and one of our favorite bloggers from Ontario, Canada.

rosella 001

We met at a beautiful park and Kathy put together a lovely spread for us to enjoy.

2016-05-31 rosella1

Scones, fresh fruit, jams and clotted cream plus cookies.

2016-05-31 rosella

rosella 011

Rosella from Rhubarb and Roses blog has been faithful with comments on the MGCC blog and our personal blogs, too.

2016-05-31 rosella2

How apropos to meet at a park with beautiful roses in bloom at Gwynne Vaughan Park in Chilliwack, B.C.

rosella 015

2016-05-31 rosella3

I came home with some yummy gifts from Rosella and another gift from Anneliese’s daughter who is home on furlough from mission in Indonesia. The trivet from Indonesia is perfect on my current tablecloth. Soon we’ll enjoy the Ontario pure maple syrup from Rosella on Dear’s Swedish pancakes. Thank you Rosella! Thank you Julene! Thank you Kathy for organizing this lovely visit. Thank you Lovella for driving from your place to the park.

My 2 hour drive north and 2 hour drive south was uneventful and easy because of free flow of traffic and great weather. The border crossings were quick with no waits at all. I even made it home in time for Dear and my regular Tequila Tuesday at our local Mexican Restaurant.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “A Lovely End to May…

  1. Hi Ellen! What a lovely day in the park and the meal looks fabulous! As I read down the post of course “Julene’s” name popped out at me. I’ve met very few Julene’s in my life…and one was a younger cousin named for me, a Canadian, too. 🙂 It must be a great treat to meet up with a long time blogger friend and with the other Mennonite girls! Happy day to you!!

    • I’m Julene’s mom and your name has popped out to me on Ellen’s blog before. When we named our daughter in 1978 we did not know of another one by this spelling and since then, you are only the second one. For us it was a shorter version of our original choice, Julianne. =)

  2. Oh, I know that was a sweet time of fellowship…with some deliciousness for good measure!!

    Rosella is so precious. I have enjoyed getting to know her this past year in the blogging community. I am sure that she is just as dear face to face.

  3. Okay, I need to clarify about the trivet. When I originally asked Julene if it was made in the town she lives in, she said that is where she bought it and, envisioning a woman in that village selling them, I passed on my thoughts. I talked to her now and, although she bought it there at their local “mall” and it is made in Indonesia, she does not think it’s handmade. All this to say, I spoke too quickly of how I saw it. They come in many different colors and look like they are made of leftover scrapps. Very pretty.

  4. And a nice re-cap of our lovely time together with Rosella! So glad you could make the trip up ‘north’ again to join us, Ellen. Yes, it was a perfect day.

  5. What a lovely time you must have had. I was with you all ‘in spirit’ over here in the Fraser Valley, and would love to have met Rosella. It was so nice to see the photos! Do you have a new hairstyle? It looks very pretty!

  6. How nice to see so many familiar faces in one place! It looked like a fun day, Ellen. I like you new hair color and cut–very pretty!

  7. We were so blessed to have you drive up to join us once again! I’m looking at your chocolate. Ours is long gone. It was quite delicious!

  8. Oh Ellen – you have given such a great recap of our fun morning. Why oh why didn’t I take some pictures – thankfully you did and they are beautiful!!! I guess I was too flabbergasted to get my act together. So glad you made it back safely and thanks again for coming all that way. It was wonderful to meet you face to face. Felt just like I’ve known you forever. Hugs…..

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