Hot Tea Month ~ Favorite Teas

This is week two of Hot Tea Month blog-a-thon. Click on over to the hot tea month site to join in the fun. A big thank you to Scrabblequeen for hosting the event!

Week Two: January 10th-16th

Tell us about your favorite teas. Do you prefer black, green, white, red, or “herbal”? Do you like added flavors such as fruit, flowers, vanilla, chocolate, or spices, or are you a “purist”?

For a quick cup of tea I generally enjoy tea steeped with a tea bag. If I am going to steep loose tea I enjoy a good Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea or a Russian black tea called Czars tea.

I always have to make sure I have good ole Lipton tea bags around for my family especially my brother Leonard. Some of my sisters have moved on to herbal teas. When I was younger I put lots of sugar and milk in my tea. These days I drink most of my hot beverages black with no sweeteners.

I found this really good tea in these cool muslin bags at a local grocery store at a close-out price. A Russian blend of China, Ceylon, and India teas with natural scents of bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin and flowers. What a description :0)


This is my daughter in a flat we rented in Scotland enjoying our welcome tea tray that was left for us.

I very rarely go for more fruity teas but I do experiment once in a while. This tea cup and tea was a gift from my son and his wife and I’ve enjoyed the variety of teas from this box.

If I want something hot at night I generally will go for the herbals. My first choice is usually Chamomile.

When we go out for tea in a larger group we will usually get a pot of Earl Grey, a pot of some fruity tea like Peach, and choose something different like lavender or anything we haven’t tried before that is different from our usual. It’s fun to experiment with the group.

I’ve developed a nagging cough that hopefully will depart in the next day or two in the meantime as I write this post I’m enjoying a hot cuppa Lady Grey to soothe my throat. It’s interesting that if I’m ever sick I always think of hot tea not hot coffee. Of course if things get really bad there’s that other British remedy…

Have a good week enjoying your tea, whatever flavor or variety you choose!

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Hot Tea Month ~ Favorite Teas

  1. I’m going to get my education…I’ve just started getting into hot teas. My brother, the doctor has his opinions about different teas for different health benefits. He got me started with Throat Coat for the sore throat….it has taken a bit of getting used to…but it does help me. I’m beginning to enjoy a hint of mint in my teas. My favorite is a blend of Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Peppermint and a black bag….it’s a wonderfully refreshing blend that I always have in the fridge during the summer…but I’m just started heating some of it up…I imagine that is not a proper way to enjoy tea…so much to learn…and I’m having fun. Wonderful post.

  2. Isn’t it nice the variety of teas that are readily available even from the averagest grocery stores? Hope you are feeling better soon and that your husband doesn’t get re-infected with ick!

  3. I prefer tea when I’m not feeling well over coffee too. When I was growing up and we were sick it was always tea with honey and lemon or tea with red wine (when I was older). Now I enjoy teas in the afternoon and evening. I love earl grey too. And we’ve really come to enjoy a good mint tea. I bought my hubby a tea press for Christmas and some good quality organic mint tea and we couldn’t believe how much nicer it tastes. A new one I tried from the store that sells loose teas is Lemon Meringue and it was awesome!

  4. English Breakfast is my fav…I don’t care for fruity teas either. I also like a Chamomile/Lavender for a calming tea. Many afternoons at work, I have a cup of Green Tea. Like you, when not feeling up to par, I drop my morning Mocha, and have hot tea. I tell anyone with a headache, to take their pain med with hot tea…I have found the hot caffeine helps.
    An odd note…I have never liked Iced tea!!

    I enjoyed your your “tea” post 😀

  5. I’m loving the Japan Bancha I purchased at TeaLiteful. It’s what a British character might term a ‘strengthening tea’.

    I hope your cough disappears!

  6. Lovely tea post! I tend to prefer “straight” black teas, too, but have come to enjoy a few with light fruit accents as well. I need you to send me your address so I can send you the rest of that Russian tea I have…It reminds me of Earl Grey, which I don’t like!

  7. Enjoyed reading about your teas. I enjoy experimenting as well but have found that I enjoy a creamy earl grey the best. I prefer loose teas but do have lots of individual bags as well. I particularly enjoy finding places that serve high tea and have had several at my home as well

  8. My favorite tea is Cinnamon the kind that Starbucks used to sell…
    I always have Bengal Spice in my house…
    I’m truly a coffee lover and have just begun a new hobby, roasting our own beans!!!

  9. I love your tea mosaic. I have been trying different kinds, I started with the Sleepy Time and Green Tea with mint. I love the Black tea with peach. I am going to have to try some different one like you mentioned.

  10. Hi Ellen, Your tea sampling is drawing me into the kitchen to decide which tea is for this afternoon! I too have a nice tea from TeaLiteful. It is Earl Grey and so yummy! My tea cupboard is well stocked….just right to serve any mood!

  11. I enjoy both coffee and tea Ellen. I have coffee in the morning and herb tea in the evening. Celestial Seasonings or Bengal Spice or Chai tea are my favorites, followed by a decaffeinated Earl Grey or green tea, and after that I’ll try anything at least once. One of my most exciting life adventures was having formal tea on the Queen Mary 2 when we went on an anniversary cruise! It was so delightful!

  12. I’m a coffee drinker at heart…but enjoy a good cup of tea on occasion. My all-around favorite is Twinings Earl Grey…and I like a Chai tea once in awhile…and quite like Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice.

    Nice post.

  13. funny thing. at my teaparty, I drank Diet Dr Pepper. yeah, I know. but I really only care for Lipton with sugar and milk.
    I did try a raspberry with sugar that was very good…think I’ll go give it another try.

  14. How I love TEA! I’m a tea-drinker. Only very occasionally indulging in coffee–and it has to be strong like espresso then. But tea has always been my favorite beverage. And your selections here are delicious. I love anything tea time–so relishing this post! :o) Happy Day, Ellen ((HUGS))

  15. As a Mormon, I don’t drink tea (meaning the actual leaves of the tea plant). No coffee either. I do enjoy herbal teas on occasion, but my absolute favorite is this:

    Slice a lemon into a small jar and fill with honey. Let sit in fridge for several days, then add a spoonful or two to a cup of hot water.

    I get all warm and fuzzy and relaxed just thinking about it . . .

  16. A few favorites:
    In winter, black with lemon and honey!
    After a meal, spearmint with a little sugar!
    When sick, ginger tea (yogi brand)!
    Favorite add in for Lipton Tea: homemade preserved fruits!

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