The Pour

The concrete got scheduled for 1pm on Tuesday and we were very fortunate to have two helpers show up.

Dear guided the cement mixer in and then everyone got to work.

My cousin Jim was on a road trip that brought him to our house just in time for the pour.

Our son stopped by for an hour to help and his expertise with cement trucks and concrete pours was invaluable.

I got to watch. The work went well and was done in good time. Thankful for the sunshine and our helpers.

Welcome October! We were happy to see sunshine in the forecast again after our cold blast.

Documenting the progress of the shop again with this post.

Saturday Smiles

We had a full day on Friday. Thanking God for a safe trip to Spokane and back again. Later this weekend I’ll share some collages and photos from our trip to Spokane and the belated Valentine meal we had at our country bungalow on Friday evening. We had more snow, too, and while I was looking at the new snow landscape in our backyard I spotted this snow creature created by nature.

Hope you enjoyed the special effects and that you smiled.

Have a great Saturday!


Safe Travels

We had safe travels over Snoqualmie Pass and beyond yesterday. So thankful for that. We are now in the land of big sky and no traffic! We already enjoyed lots of good cuddles with Addy and some new vocalizing that’s a hoot.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Our Charity Video

Lovella from Mennonite Girls Can Cook with the help of her son put together this video explaining what Mennonite Girls Can Cook do and where 100% of our author royalties go. This video was created as a promo to a play that was written bearing our name and being performed as a musical this year in 3 different Blue Gate venues in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The musical is fun and entertaining but didn’t represent what our mission has been and it is nice to shed some light on the real Mennonite Girls Can Cook with this video. Our talented Lovella has again done a fine job of representing all of us girls. I’m thankful to God for being included as their American cousin and being part of this giving group of Canadian “girls”.

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter

On July 28th in 1866 Helen Beatrix Potter was born. She lived to be 77 years old.

Here is my collection of Beatrix Potter figurines to date in the following collages…






I bought most of the figurines in England in 1973 and 1974.

This little rabbit made her famous with The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

“I don’t know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter….”

“And that – a letter to a small boy called Noel- was the beginning of the Beatrix Potter Books.”

I started my Beatrix Potter Collection in the summer of 1973 while touring England. I bought the Biography The Tale of Beatrix Potter by Margaret Lane in Oxford July of 1974.

2016-07-27 Beatrix potter5

Dear and I bought two full sets of Beatrix Potter Story Collection at Foyle’s in London and had them shipped home to us. One set for us and one set for our first niece born in 1973, Jenna. I suppose technically she wasn’t my niece until Dear and I were married in December of 1974. You can see our set is well used and loved.

Beatrix potter 037

2016-07-27 Beatrix potter7

The fun story behind The Tale of Little Pig Robinson revolves around our firstborn son, Josh. We would let him pick a bedtime story for us to read to him each night and he caught on real quick that The Tale of Little Pig Robinson is one of the longest tales in the Beatrix Potter collection. He’d request it each night to extend the time before bedtime! Each of our three children are brilliant in their own way…

2016-07-27 Beatrix potter6

In the summer of 2014, Dear and I made a 40th anniversary trip to England and on this trip we spent an afternoon in Gloucester and of course had to visit this sweet shop close to Gloucester Cathedral.

gloucester cathedral 029-001We knew about this shop in Gloucester and were determined to visit it while we were in Gloucester 41 years after I started my collection. gloucester cathedral 042

gloucester cathedral 030 There are lots of shops relating to Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit in England.

gloucester cathedral 028

2014-07-11 gloucester cathedralThis shop had a lot of fun displays filled with memorabilia.

2016-07-27 Beatrix potter8

I’ve enjoyed all these books about Beatrix Potter. The latest book I received was from Josh and Laura, Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life. The book on Beatrix Potter’s Derwentwater was a great resource for a walking trip we took with good friends in 2006 staying at a farm on the Derwentwater for a few days during our time in Great Britain. So sad that while we were in the Lake District we didn’t visit Hilltop! Maybe on a future trip we’ll take the time to visit.

Soon we’ll be able to read some of Beatrix Potter’s stories to our little Addy.

I copied and pasted this post from earlier in honor of all things Beatrix Potter that I so enjoy. This was my latest Beatrix Potter find a month or so ago.

A Nice Getaway…

It’s always interesting to plan a getaway close to my birthday since you never know what weather you will encounter. We were blessed this past weekend with some rain when it didn’t really matter and a beautiful dry sunny day when it did matter.

I picked up Dear at his office building in downtown Seattle and drove a few short blocks to the waterfront to board the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Leaving Seattle behind us we journeyed west across the Puget Sound.

Our first stop after we exited the ferry was The Harbour Public House for an early dinner.

Nice views from inside.

We had a good meal and we were glad we made a stop at Bon Bon for some treats to enjoy in our room when we settled into the Inn at Pleasant Beach. More posts from our time on the island to come.

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