A Sunday Drive…

On Sunday after church Dear and I drove up to Snohomish County and enjoyed the views.

We enjoyed lots of country scenes.

We turned down the roads less traveled and saw new things.

In the town of Snohomish there are many grand old homes that I wouldn’t mind living in with these welcoming porches.

Some old churches have been turned into wedding venues.

Since we attend the 8am service at our church we still have a few morning hours to enjoy out and about after church. We had breakfast in Snohomish at Jake’s Diner and drove down some new roads stopping at the grocery store before heading home so I would have the key ingredient in a new recipe I wanted to try. I’ll be posting that recipe on the Mennonite Can Cook Blog later in March.

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Signs, signs…

Here are some more signs we saw on a recent trip to Snohomish.

snohomish 2016 008

snohomish 2016 010

snohomish 2016 015

snohomish 2016 014

We spent a few hours on the main drag of historic Snohomish shopping in the antique stores and having a meal.

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Today is the beginning of lent (Ash Wednesday). We didn’t grow up observing lent. In recent years I’ve set aside time to do some readings and try different things to prepare my heart and mind thinking of the sacrifice made for me and for the grand celebration of Easter, the resurrection of my Savior. I read this quote today that made me think a bit deeper on this season of lent. I posted the quote below this collage of my Lenten Rose.

The spirit of penitence in which we enter Lent is not sheer negativity, breast-beating, self-loathing or penitence for its own sake; rather, it is a belated recognition that as friends of Christ, called and loved, and bought with a price by the Most High, we could and should start to grow up into a better way of living and a closer walk with our Saviour. – Malcolm Guite

Do you observe Lent?

Churches and Barns…

On Saturday we took a drive to the city of Snohomish to shop about in the antique and specialty stores before it started pouring down rain.

snohomish 2016 003

We saw some barns on the way…

snohomish 2016 005

And while we walked about we saw a couple of churches. I didn’t get close enough to the churches to give you details.

snohomish 2016 012

snohomish 2016 013

Our daughter came with us on our little drive and shopping excursion and she bought a couple items and we bought one small item. We ate lunch together in the sunshine and came home in a downpour!


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This coming week will be full with travel to San Francisco later in the week. Still taking any suggestions for restaurants and sights to see in San Francisco from any travelers out there. I got some good suggestions already but I’m always ready for more!

InSPIREd Sunday ~ Snohomish

One drive around a couple blocks yielded all these churches in the city of Snohomish last Sunday.

This church has been converted to a wedding chapel. When we went all the way around I took a photo from the front view, too.

I wasn’t sure if this is still a church or if it’s been converted to a different use. It was too rainy and dreary on this day to get out of the car and check. All my photos on this drive around a few blocks came from an open window in our car.

This is Zion Lutheran Church.

This photo above is the front of the wedding chapel.

This is the Snohomish Evangelical Free Church.

We took this little drive because we got to a furniture store a little early and it wasn’t open yet. I saw several “spires” from the furniture store and decided a little drive would yield some good views for InSPIREd Sunday. Thank you Beth and Sally!

I’m looking forward to seeing the churches y’all have posted in this new year. Happy New Year everyone.


I’m starting off 2015 with a very random post! Sort of how our days have been between and after Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Dear and I took a little trip up to Snohomish, Washington to look at some furniture pieces we are contemplating to add to our living room. We are thinking of changing out our Billy bookcases that we’ve had for ages from Ikea and adding a large open bookcase that is more of a piece of furniture. We arrived to the furniture store before it opened so we took a little drive around the block. We passed this house that seemed to be feeding every pigeon in the county in their front yard. So glad they are not my neighbor…

How do you feel about pigeons? When I was little my father decided to build a pigeon coupe in our back yard and he acquired several pigeons. Back then there were only four of us siblings and we each chose a pigeon for our pet. My pigeon was Green Neck because it had a lovely iridescent green neck. Creative name…not so much. Well we frequently fell on hard times back in the 50’s and during an exceptionally hard time my mother and father killed some of the pigeons to make soup. Oh the trauma the four of us siblings felt when we realized our pets were the base of the soup we were suppose to eat for dinner. We rebelled and would not eat that soup! My poor parents, it must have been hard for them to be forced to submit to such drastic measures to feed us. I’m not fond of pigeons anymore. We now call them rats with wings.

Here’s a photo of my dapper pop that my niece took last week. He’ll be 92 in May. He’s been through a lot and been blessed a lot in his 92 years.

For this very random post I’ll add this photo collage, too.

This is a photo of Dear’s only brother and him taken at my mom’s funeral split with a photo of Dear’s parents. Dear’s father passed away in 1985 and his mom in 1997. I was struck with how each of the brother’s resemble one of their parents more than the other.

So hope the New Year is starting out well in your neck of the woods. We are going slow here. I’ll be putting away Christmas decor in the next few days. I’m really looking forward to starting up my exercise classes with the Seniors on Monday again after six weeks off because of my broken toe. Maybe I’ll lose a few pounds in January…

Have You Seen These?


It’s a Cupcake Vase that comes in a few different colors.


It was fun to fill it with these white and yellow flowers. It’s spill resistant and non-breakable. You squeeze the top to open it up. It feels like those silicone cooking cups.


I bought this at Rust and Ruffles on 1st Street in Snohomish, Washington. The packaging says to “Enjoy decorating your 100% fat free Floral Cupcake.

Hope your week is going well. Wednesday is Katie’s final wedding dress fitting so we’ll need to find a spot to store the dress until the wedding day in this old house. Hmmmm…

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

A Great Escape…

… just 17 miles from home. I’d recommend a leisurely morning or day in Snohomish, Washington.


Strolling along 1st street you can see the Snohomish river. There are a good variety of shops to stroll through and eateries to choose from. Antique shops are in abundance but there are some fun country stores and clothing shops, too.


We started our morning at the Cabbage Patch Restaurant and had a very nice breakfast.


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After breakfast we strolled through some shops and along 1st street.





We didn’t make it out of town without a major purchase. We found a hutch for our kitchen that was delivered on Sunday. I’ll show it later in the week. Hope Spring is showing up wherever you are and I suppose if you are in the other half of the hemisphere you’ll be welcoming Autumn! Enjoy.

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Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.