Jamie & Sarly’s Wedding

Our Son Dan’s best friend Jamie got married yesterday.


They’ve been friends a long time. This is the two of them on the way to and at Lakeside Bible Camp the summer of 1990.


Here they are 18 years later still the best of friends celebrating this wonderful event. Over the years that these two have been friends our families have grown close, too. There will always be a special place in our hearts for the Dickinson Family.


The wedding was held at Jardin Del Sol in the town of Snohomish, Washington. It was a beautiful outdoor setting. Dear arrived in Washington the night before and it was wonderful to have him here to enjoy this great celebration with us.


Sarly was a stunning bride. Jamie and Sarly composed their own vows. They had a sand ceremony instead of a candle ceremony symbolizing two becoming one. Sarly’s brother read a poem he wrote for the couple.

Sarly and her mother as she walked down the aisle.


The happy “Just Married” Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Dickinson!


On the way to the first dance showered with bubbles.




Dave and Beth have 3 sons, Matt, Aaron, and Jamie. These are some photos of the Dickinson Family.


The wedding party. Our son Dan is in the three middle shots. Oops, I kinda concentrated on the guys. Sorry girls!


Dan during the ceremony


Here’s Dan toasting Jamie and Sarly and entertaining us with stories of how he first became friends with Jamie back in grade school. All of the groomsmen and bridesmaids gave toasts.


After dinner it was time for the cake. Then on to more dancing. The Bride with her father and the groom with his mother.


I think these are such sweet mother and son shots!



Sarly enjoying the tenderness of this moment, too.


This is Dave and Beth’s newest little granddaughter. She is so cute and what a little trooper, she managed to stay awake through all the festivities without a fuss! Beth is so excited to finally have some girls in the family.


Laura, Josh, Jamie and Sarly.

Katie and Laura


Dear and Dan sharing a Cuban Cigar. This is a very rare moment… “The smoking the cigar part”


It’s so nice for Dear and I to be together finally for the next two weeks in Seattle. After that we drive back to our condo in Southern California.


Congratulations Jamie and Sarly. We had a wonderful time at your wedding. We will always hope for the best and God’s richest blessings for the two of you in your life together.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage on their site and have replaced my photos with black and grey boxes of ugliness. I’m slowly deleting those boxes from my blog and trying to update so many posts, very frustrating.