A Sunday Drive…

On Sunday after church Dear and I drove up to Snohomish County and enjoyed the views.

We enjoyed lots of country scenes.

We turned down the roads less traveled and saw new things.

In the town of Snohomish there are many grand old homes that I wouldn’t mind living in with these welcoming porches.

Some old churches have been turned into wedding venues.

Since we attend the 8am service at our church we still have a few morning hours to enjoy out and about after church. We had breakfast in Snohomish at Jake’s Diner and drove down some new roads stopping at the grocery store before heading home so I would have the key ingredient in a new recipe I wanted to try. I’ll be posting that recipe on the Mennonite Can Cook Blog later in March.

Linking up to The Barn Collective with Tom the Backroads Traveller and to Mosaic Monday with Maggie at Normandy Life.


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22 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive…

  1. When we cross the border and drive through the area, I’m always on the lookout for these charming barns and houses. Looks like a very pretty Sunday drive today.

  2. I love barns with roofs like those first three….of course I never met a barn I didn’t love. I have to be honest. But, I have never been inside a barn with that style of roof and I so would love to see inside. Love that church steeple…and that is a beautiful house!

  3. You are making me “homesick” for Snohomish! There’s a wonderful bakery with delicious pies that I fondly recall, though not the name. Wow, those barns are amazing. I don’t remember seeing them but surely I did. My sister and I once took a home tour at Christmastime; there was lots of snow on the ground, and all the homes were beautifully decorated. Like living in a Christmas card.

  4. Just the name of the town Snohomish is so exotic, throw in beautiful homes, quirky barns and breakfast in a diner and you have the perfect way to spend Sunday together.

  5. Oh how I enjoyed viewing these barns that you shared today! I love old barns…think it comes from being raised on a dairy farm. 🙂

  6. Don’t you love all the barns in Snohomish county?! These are great photos, especially those beautiful Gothic barns. My hubbie and I get up to Snohomish every few months; it’s one of our favorite places to go to explore the back roads.

  7. Back again — did nt get a chnace to vist last week–had to say i enjoyed this “ride’ with you along the country road! I’d also love to live in one of those houses with the big front porches!

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