Churches and Barns…

On Saturday we took a drive to the city of Snohomish to shop about in the antique and specialty stores before it started pouring down rain.

snohomish 2016 003

We saw some barns on the way…

snohomish 2016 005

And while we walked about we saw a couple of churches. I didn’t get close enough to the churches to give you details.

snohomish 2016 012

snohomish 2016 013

Our daughter came with us on our little drive and shopping excursion and she bought a couple items and we bought one small item. We ate lunch together in the sunshine and came home in a downpour!


I’m linking up with Tom the Backroads Traveler for The Barn Collective and with Beth and Sally for InSPIREd Sunday.

This coming week will be full with travel to San Francisco later in the week. Still taking any suggestions for restaurants and sights to see in San Francisco from any travelers out there. I got some good suggestions already but I’m always ready for more!

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17 thoughts on “Churches and Barns…

  1. Always fun to spot a few barns as we drive along! The Pursuit seems an odd name for a church, and the sign outside is for a sports team – very strange.

  2. It’s good to get out and see things after a time of being housebound. If it weren’t for treacherous, greasy roads, I’d be over the trail myself. I’m tired of being cooped up.

  3. That is a beautiful spire. No one else has mentioned the barn in the first photo…is that something in front of the end of the barn. It looks almost like a bare tree but it is not. Then I thought it looks like it is inlaid into the end of the barn, but I think surely not. If you have the answer, please tell me. I will come back later and check to see if you have replied.

    • Oh…I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. It does look like it’s part of the barn. I didn’t get close enough to know for sure but if I do in the future I’ll take a closer look.

  4. Snohomish and the drive there is picturesque. Thanks for sharing! I have good friends who live there and always enjoy the antique shopping area! Have a great time in San Fran! It’s another favorite place… on most corners…’ll eat well, for sure! I hope it doesn’t rain!

  5. That sounds like a very nice outing! I love antique shopping. Your pictures, as always, are so nice! Snow squall watches here today and starting to catch some cabin fever – ugh!

  6. Oh have a good time in THE City! It’s been way too long since we e been there, I’ll look forward to your pictures. I’m happy you got some sunshine for your drive … Gotta’ grab that winter sun while you can up there on the left coast (I remember it well).

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