Smiles and Connections

We took a quick trip to Spokane on May 7th and the Fred Meyer Garden center was hopping and the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile was front and center. It’s always fun to see one of these vehicles and it prompts my mind to start singing that jingle…Oh I wish…

On the highway drive to and from Spokane these fields of yellow were a fun thing to see, too. There has been some debate on what kind of crop it is. Some felt too early for Canola also known as Rapeseed.

This past Wednesday after Dear worked on taping and mudding some ceiling drywall in the Shop we decided to head to Chewelah for early dinner (real early) and after our meal we stopped by this relatively new establishment on Main Street in Chewelah called Mountain Market on Main. We were glad we stopped. So far there are three separate shops in this old restored schoolhouse, Gather, Flora, and The Nest.

We had a nice long conversation with the owner of the building and came to find out we had mutual friends and connections from our times living on the west side of the Cascades. It’s a small world after all. There are plans afoot to expand the services offered in this great building. This will be a fun destination for family and friends who come to visit our corner of the world.

A Shopping Day…

On Tuesday we decided since it was going to be a rainy day we would head to Spokane to shop. I’m thankful that we can travel south for an hour to Spokane and enjoy shopping at all the stores we enjoyed when we lived in the Seattle area. While we drove we enjoyed listening to a couple of sermons online. That’s another thing I’m thankful to be able to do on the road.

It rained most of the day but we were treated to some clearing on the way home as we approached Colville

In Spokane we stopped at The Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Total Wine, At Home, and we ended at Costco for shopping and refilling our gas tank.

On our drive home we stopped in Chewelah at our favorite Mexican restaurant on this side of the mountains for “linner”.

This is the auto body shop that will be working on our car. Our car is scheduled for December 16th. They are in high demand at this shop.

I’ll be doing a fair share of shopping local in Colville for the holidays, too.

WalMart has already gotten some good business from us.

We bought our overpriced natural fresh free range turkey from this store. It’s our favorite grocery store in town. When we saw turkeys for 99 cents a pound at Costco we consoled ourselves with the fact that we had helped our local economy out. 🙂

This is the part of our road where I hit the deer.

Almost home.

At the mailbox.

Looking back towards town and enjoying the clouds.

We enjoyed a quiet evening at home after our day of travel for shopping.


I’m starting off 2015 with a very random post! Sort of how our days have been between and after Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Dear and I took a little trip up to Snohomish, Washington to look at some furniture pieces we are contemplating to add to our living room. We are thinking of changing out our Billy bookcases that we’ve had for ages from Ikea and adding a large open bookcase that is more of a piece of furniture. We arrived to the furniture store before it opened so we took a little drive around the block. We passed this house that seemed to be feeding every pigeon in the county in their front yard. So glad they are not my neighbor…

How do you feel about pigeons? When I was little my father decided to build a pigeon coupe in our back yard and he acquired several pigeons. Back then there were only four of us siblings and we each chose a pigeon for our pet. My pigeon was Green Neck because it had a lovely iridescent green neck. Creative name…not so much. Well we frequently fell on hard times back in the 50’s and during an exceptionally hard time my mother and father killed some of the pigeons to make soup. Oh the trauma the four of us siblings felt when we realized our pets were the base of the soup we were suppose to eat for dinner. We rebelled and would not eat that soup! My poor parents, it must have been hard for them to be forced to submit to such drastic measures to feed us. I’m not fond of pigeons anymore. We now call them rats with wings.

Here’s a photo of my dapper pop that my niece took last week. He’ll be 92 in May. He’s been through a lot and been blessed a lot in his 92 years.

For this very random post I’ll add this photo collage, too.

This is a photo of Dear’s only brother and him taken at my mom’s funeral split with a photo of Dear’s parents. Dear’s father passed away in 1985 and his mom in 1997. I was struck with how each of the brother’s resemble one of their parents more than the other.

So hope the New Year is starting out well in your neck of the woods. We are going slow here. I’ll be putting away Christmas decor in the next few days. I’m really looking forward to starting up my exercise classes with the Seniors on Monday again after six weeks off because of my broken toe. Maybe I’ll lose a few pounds in January…

What’s New…

…in my zoo!

Speaking of new…Happy Rosh Hashana to all our Jewish friends. The Jewish New Year begins this evening and ends September 18th. L ‘Shana Tova!

I finally put away my red, white and blue. My fall bins are ready to come down from the attic. I was at Target and saw these fall tin wall pieces and they were priced right for me…

I subbed out my plates for the tin pumpkins and pear for the Fall season. That might just be a tall skinny pumpkin but we’re calling it a pear after our pear bounty here.  At Christmas time I’ll add something new again.

Here’s a closer view of the pumpkin. These pieces were $2.50 each.

On Saturday Dear and I went to Cabela’s in Tulalip and while he was spending his gift card from the kids I found this table top tripod for myself. I’ll be using it for my food photos.

I bought this crown shelf piece to incorporate with my Christmas and Easter decor celebrating Christ as my King.

My hydrangeas are fading but still beautiful to my eye.

The maple leaves are falling and before we know it the lawn will be totally covered! Look at all that clover in my grass…

Later on Saturday the work continued on the siding with Josh helping again. I made a big pot of chili for the workers to enjoy when they were done.

Progress is good to watch…

We are still promised many dry days and Dear is encouraged with the extra time to finish the siding before the rains come!

When our Saturday was almost done we got one of those dreaded calls that my dad had to call 911 because my mom was very disoriented and didn’t know what end was up. Family met my dad and mom at the hospital and the doctors think she had a TIA event. They kept her overnight and are doing more tests today. I’m happy to be flying down to Southern California next Saturday so I can visit with my mom and dad in person.

So…what’s new in your zoo!?

Good Things Come…

…to those who wait.

Ever since we moved back to Washington from California I have been hoping that a HomeGoods store would open in our state. This past Sunday we had 2 stores open in the Puget Sound area, one in Lynnwood and Federal Way. Dear and I were a little wiped out on Sunday so we didn’t leave the house but on Monday I felt alive again and headed north to HomeGoods with a list in my hand.

I bought several things that we will decide about keeping or not. HomeGoods has a good return policy…

These three pieces will be mounted on the garage wall that I face from the kitchen sink. It adds a lot of interest to a big boring surface.

These wall planters will be easier to see once they are mounted.

While I was outside I took some photos of sections of our deck.

As you can see we don’t have real bright sunny skies even though it’s summer. We are hoping for a nice 4th of July this year. Time will tell. We are having our annual 4th of July barbecue so it would be nice to be comfortable on the deck. What are your plans for the 4th?

A Shopping We Will Go…

But before the ladies head out on their annual Day After Thanksgiving Trip to the Goodwill I wanted to post some photos from our Thanksgiving Day Festivities…

The Day started off with a beautiful Sunrise.


We joined the Spiro family and friends for the Thanksgiving meal.


The court jesters created another group game for everyone to enjoy.

We slept off the effects of the turkey and now we’re off and running to see what deals we can find and then we are headed to Madame Fifi’s for tea at 1:00. The fun just never stops. See you soon…

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and demanding a ransom for me to access them. I’m slowly cleaning up many of my posts where PB have added ugly black and grey boxes where my photos used to be. So frustrating!

For Katie and Flower~ Check it out…


Hi Flower! I thought of your blog site when I saw this window in Old Town Camarillo today!

Fun Flower Power!

Katie, these 5 cups cost me $2.00!

What do you think?

Here’s the bottom of the cup…

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

Tea Blog-a-thon ~ Decor-a-Tea

This weeks theme is decorating with tea items, or tea collections etc. I’m getting ready for my posts and wanted to remind you that’s it’s not to late to join in. Head over to Gracious Hospitality for the themes each week. Then you can click on the link below my collage to see other posts for this weeks theme. Here’s my first contribution to Decor-a-Tea.


The tea set and dishes are Royal Albert Moss Rose. The napkins and napkin rings are Target clearance. The glasses and clear glass plates on top of the Moss Rose plates are from Goodwill. The tablecloth is a quilt I bought at T.J.Max. The runner is a piece of dotted swiss fabric with lace that I found at Goodwill, too. The salt and pepper shakers are a gift from a friend who purchased them in Victoria, B.C. I love to find things here and there to add to my different ideas for place settings. When I find bargains it’s easier to justify adding them to my collections. I’ve gotten a lot braver in throwing odd things together and most of the time it works out well. Enjoy…

I’m headed to the airport now to return to Southern California. I will add some more Decor-a-Tea posts from there. Have a wonderful week everyone.

To see more Decorating Tea posts click here.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage. I’m working on updating my blog posts very slowly.

Back to the Burke-Gilman Trail

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage. I’m working on updating my blog posts very slowly.

Today was my first real walk since I broke my toe and have been in Washington. I get to do this same walk again on Saturday, a reunion with my two Washington walking buddies. Jody and I did the walk today and it was nice to be on this trail again. The Spring scenery here in Washington is very different from my California walks. There are signs of Spring but it’s still quite cool and dreary with welcomed sun breaks here and there.


The Burke-Gilman trail in the Seattle area of Washington runs from Shilshole Bay 18 miles partly along Lake Washington and then intersects with the Sammamish River Trail that runs all the way to Marymoor park in the city of Redmond along the river. We start at Log-Boom Park in Kenmore on Lake Washington and head east on the trail.


There were some pretty signs of Spring along the Sammamish river part of the trail in Bothell.

These huge birds looked like buzzards but we couldn’t get focused in close enough to really identify them. They were very large like a buzzard.


I took a shot of the willow tree for you Willow! The last photo is looking north along a creek that crosses underneath the trail. This was the first day this week that I put my pedometer on for the walk and it was over 15,000 steps and after my stops on the way home I’m up to 17,430 steps!! On the way home from the walk I had to stop at a thrift store because I’ve done some cleaning out since I’ve been here and wanted to donate some stuff, but I couldn’t leave without doing a little shopping…hmm, counterproductive?!


I found this sweet little mug for 50 cents with a bird and I think dogwood blossoms and the reversible table runner with blue flowers and green leaves on one side and blue and white stripes on the reverse for $3.20. I added it to my Easter table and am ready for our brunch on Sunday after the 8:30 service we decided on for Easter. I so love anticipating celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ each year…

Have a wonderful day!

ABC Wednesday ~ F is for…

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.

F is for Farmers Market where we shopped this last Saturday.


The Farmers Market in Old Town Camarillo, California


F is for fruit. We have fields of strawberries in our town and strawberry stands where we can buy them all during the week fresh from the fields when they are in season.


F is for flowers the more unusual and flamboyant


and some more fragrant flowers

We bought purple cauliflower, artichokes, brussel sprouts, and limes. (Nothing starting with F) but all very fresh and flavorful. The artichokes were wonderful. My husband likes to have his with mayonnaise and I love mine with Ranch Dressing. Yum! I made a cauliflower soup that was blended with onion and garlic. (strange to eat purple soup). It was very good.


This is a strawberry field near my home. This made me want to sing “Strawberry Fields Forever


This is a strawberry stand in my town that sells fresh berries from the adjoining field. So luscious, sweet and juicy!

For more ABC Wednesday photos go visit Mrs. Nesbitt all the way in the UK!