Looking Back Seventy Two Years…

Some thoughts and collages looking back on my Seventy Second Birthday.

Lived in proximity to the Pacific Ocean for 72 years anywhere from a couple miles away to now over 400 miles away. I’m a West Coast Girl.

A city girl for 67 years.

A born again believer in Jesus Christ for 60 years.

Sadie Sadie married lady for 48 years.

A most thankful mom for 44 years.

A grateful grandmother for 6 years.

A country gal for 4-1/2 years.

Thanking the LORD for His steadfast love to me and my family. The best eternal gift I have received is my redemption with so many added blessings through the years some in the form of trials. Many sweet earthly gifts, too. Pressing on and looking to my future hope.

“Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever, Amen.” Jude 1:24

We had a lot of rain on Monday and today we might get some sunshine breaking through. That will be nice for our day in Spokane for shopping and eating at a new spot to us.

A Lenten Hodgepodge

It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge and the Season of Lent. Head over to Joyce’s blog to join in the fun.

1. What do you find is the most boring part of your life at the moment? 

Right now there is nothing exciting on the calendar until our granddaughter’s birthday in early Spring. Our meals at home are probably the most boring thing at the moment. Tuesday was Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day so we joined in with a pancake meal, maybe that will take the boring out of our main meal for a day at least.

2. February 22nd is George Washington’s birthday. You’ll find his face on the US $1 bill. What’s the last thing you bought for roughly $1.00? (.94 €/ .83 £)

Greeting cards at the Dollar Store. Certain section of the cards are 2 for a dollar and another section they are a dollar each not like the rest of the dollar store that is now $1.25.

3. Is it ever okay to tell a ‘little white lie’? Explain. 

I don’t think it’s wise to tell lies little or big but there are times when I would tell a lie.

If I was protecting someone like Rahab did in the Bible or like many people did during the Nazi regime. I would lie if asked to reveal where people were hiding to worship God together and study the Bible together as some people have to do in China and some even had to do in Canada in recent years.

In general I find the truth a lot easier to deal with and justify then having to explain why I lied.

4. What’s the last thing you ‘chopped’?

I chopped chicken for a stuffed shell recipe I made for an event at church last Saturday. I also chopped some ice patches on the driveway with a shovel so the sections would melt easier.

Cherry pie, chocolate covered cherries, a bowl of cherries, cherry vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, a cherry lifesaver…your favorite cherry flavored something? 

Chocolate covered cherries or a bowl of cherries in season.

Speaking of lying, when I was in elementary school I stole money from the kitchen cupboard and stopped at the liquor store on the way to school to buy a box of cherry flavored cough drops (Smith Brothers) and then proceeded to tell the teacher I needed to have them in class for my throat. A sinner saved by Grace am I. 🙂 She didn’t buy my story. To walk to our elementary school we crossed Whittier Boulevard, a busy thoroughfare, and continued a couple more blocks to Fremont Elementary. I checked google maps and Sam’s liquor store is still at 3rd and Whittier Boulevard in Montebello.

This is a picture of me in the 4th or 5th grade, my thieving years…

5. Describe yourself with three words using your first, middle, and last initials. 

I do not have a middle name on my birth certificate. It is my parents’ Russian custom to give their children their father’s name as the middle name. That way when you are introduced to someone it will be clear who’s child you are. This is helpful in communities where the first names are common. Example: I have a sister named Vera and two first cousins named Vera and more Veras in the churches we attended. It was clarifying to say Vera, Moisi’s daughter, when introducing her.

My description using my E and my B:    Eternity Bound

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras meal.

Buttermilk Pancakes, Beef Kielbasa, a poached egg, sour cream and real maple syrup. Yes, we do put sour cream on our pancakes instead of butter.

We don’t observe Lent but we do prepare our hearts and minds for Easter and all that Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection means for sinners like us who repent, believe and are saved. We ponder this all year long not just during this time of year.

Forty Eight and Counting

A quick post since we have been away and today we are on the road. Today is our 48th wedding anniversary and we are thankful to God for all we’ve been through over the years. God is good. We are thankful.

When I recover from all the fun we’ve had the last 4 days I’ll fill you in whether you want to know or not, chuckle.

So Far From Want Hodgepodge


It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge on the Eve of Thanksgiving here in the USA. Thank you to Jo From This Side of the Pond for the timely questions.

1. Have you ever been on a cruise? If so where did you go and how did you like it? If not, do you have any desire to take a cruise someday? 

The answer to all of these is no. If a cruise could tempt me it would be a small boat river cruise.

2. Tell us about your Thanksgiving plans…are you hosting? cooking? eating out? turkey or some other main? is it stuffing or dressing in your house? homemade cranberries or cranberries in a can? are pies on the dessert menu? what kind? what are your ‘must have’ sides? Tell us one thing you’re especially grateful for this year.

Our Colville Kids are hosting and I’ll be bringing the Yams with Marshmallow topping goodness. Stuffing is enjoyed as part of our turkey tradition. It doesn’t pay with our crowd to make homemade cranberry sauce so I’ll buy a can of it just in case someone asks for it. Yes, pies for dessert, pumpkin and pecan. Must have the Yams with the marshmallows.

This year we are especially grateful for Greg’s continued recovery from his stroke on November the 5th.

3. If someone approaches you and asks for money do you give it to them? Do you drop money ‘in a tin cup’ that belongs to a person on the street? Do you have a specific charity you support during the holiday season and/or year round?

I am not prone to dig in my purse and give money to someone on the street. I have dropped money into a violin case, or a guitar case or a similar container for street entertainers. We have in the past donated to the Union Gospel Mission Thanksgiving dinner drive. Our specific donations during the year for those in need go through our home church’s benevolent fund.

4. Have you started decorating for Christmas? Is your tree up? Shopping done? Wrapped? 

While our kids are here this coming weekend I am solicitating their help in getting the fall decor put away and the Christmas bins down and helping me decorate. They will carry the fake tree in from the garage, too.

This is a stocking only year for our family because of a trip we are all taking together in January. Shopping for those stocking gifts are half done and they not wrapped.

5. Create your own acrostic using the word THANKS. 

Because of our health scare in November my acrostic is about Dear and Me. We will celebrate 48 years married on December 6th. We always have a lot to be thankful for. This year the theme is different.

T is for time away together traveling near and far.
H is for our hours of learning more about God with the help of the Holy Spirit.
A is for another year to celebrate being one in Christ.
N is for new things to learn about each other.
K is for knowing our hope is in eternity with God.
S is for our Savior and Lord who secures it by his perfect sacrifice.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.  

Our pastor shared the following letter and especially the quote that I put in bold letters. The letter is from Edward Winslow’s 1621 Thanksgiving letter from Plymouth in New England.

Loving, and old Friend; although I received no letter from you by this ship, yet forasmuch as I know you expect the performance of my promise, which was, to write unto you truly and faithfully of all things.  I have therefore at this time sent unto you accordingly.  Referring you for further satisfaction to our more large relations.  You shall understand, that in this little time, that a few of us have been here, we have built seven dwelling-houses, and four for the use of the plantation, and have made preparation for divers others.  We set the last spring some twenty acres of Indian corn, and sowed some six acres of barley and peas, and according to the manner of the Indians, we manured our ground with herrings or rather shads, which we have in great abundance, and take with great ease at our doors.  Our corn did prove well, and God be praised, we had a good increase of Indian corn, and our barley indifferent good, but our peas not worth the gathering, for we feared they were too late sown, they came up very well, and blossomed, but the sun parched them in the blossom; our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a more special manner rejoice together, after we had gathered the fruit of our labors; they four in one day killed as much fowl, as with a little help beside, served the company almost a week, at which time amongst other recreations, we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest their greatest King Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and feasted, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation and bestowed on our governor, and upon the captain, and others.  And although it be not always so plentiful, as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want, that we often wish you partakers of our plenty.

If you’d like to read the whole letter click here.

We forget here in our land of plenty that we are far from want. Thanksgiving is a good time to remember all we have and how far from want we are. Everyday is a good day to thank God for his goodness to us. Hoping we all are ready to share our plenty.

Happy Thanksgiving Hodgepodgers! 

So Fast it’s a Blur Hodgepodge

I’m going to try to participate in Wednesday Hodgepodge this week where Joyce From This Side of the Pond has weekly questions for us to ponder. That first question was a zinger for me and my elaboration went on and on…

1. When did you most recently need to ‘think fast’? Elaborate.

On Saturday November 5th. At 1:30 in the afternoon Dear (Greg) and I were eating tacos and he spoke up and said, “My left hand doesn’t want to work”. I said, “Are you having a stroke?” I called our son and when we determined he could not walk, a couple minutes later, I called 911 and asked for help. The Fire Chief and paramedics arrived quickly and assessed him and they saw classic stroke signs. While Greg was being cared for by the professionals I made a series of fast texts to our ‘groups’ First letting all our kids know what was happening, then copy and paste to my siblings, copy and paste to Greg’s brother, copy and paste to our close friends copy and paste to our church family prayer chain. Our oldest Josh and dear Laura had just landed in Cancun when they got the news about their dad having a stroke. From the moment of the stroke until we laid our heads on our pillows that night we were thinking fast. Some of these fast thought moments, our son was on duty so he had to call his boss, get to our home, leave his work vehicle there and drive me to the hospital behind the ambulance. Our daughter in law had to call her mom to watch the kids and meet us at the hospital. Our daughter and her husband started to pack to drive to our side of the mountains but the passes were closed so they scrambled to get flights. After Greg’s condition was assessed by a neurosurgeon over a computer screen she made arrangements for him to be admitted to Sacred Heart Stroke center in Spokane. No helicopters could fly at this time because of weather so an ambulance was lined up to transport him. Dan and Jamie quickly booked a hotel room in Spokane for me. When Greg was wheeled out of the hospital Dan, Jamie and I had to think fast yet again. Dan drove me home to grab a suitcase of who knows what and to pick up his work vehicle to drop off at his station and get his own vehicle and drive home. Jamie went to their house to get ready and pack a backpack for Dan and Jamie whipped up some food for Dan and me to have on our trip to Spokane. After locking up our place and throwing the suitcase in our car I drove to Dan and Jamie’s to pick Dan up for him to drive us to Spokane. I received the sweetest long hugs from our dear Grands who sensed something out of the ordinary was happening.

I have previous posts about Greg’s stroke and care during the week of November 7th-14th.

2. The Hodgepodge lands on National Fast Food Day. What was the last fast food you ate?

Probably a pizza sometime in October…

What’s your favorite fast food?

Taco Bell Bean Burrito with extra green sauce, tomatoes and lettuce.

How often do you grab fast food? 

Not often at all.

3. Life in the fast lane, get nowhere fast, on the fast track, not so fast…pick one and tell us how it applies to your life in recent days. 

I’d like to say on the fast track for recovery for Greg. It might be more like, not so fast.

4. Are you a fast walker? NO fast talker? NO fast worker? YESISH, (depends on the task) fall asleep fast? NO! stay fast asleep without too much trouble? NO!

5. What is one ‘hard and fast rule’ in your house? 

At our country bungalow we have a NO DAIRY OR FATS down the drain because we are on a Septic System.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

We posted the following on Facebook yesterday.

Greg thanks you all for your prayers and encouragement and care. He’s doing well. Starting therapy to hopefully regain use of his left hand. So grateful for all the love extended to us.

“The LORD gives and the LORD takes away, blessed be the name of the LORD”

Quote of the day from Greg “the greatest blessing through this trial to date is that I am not married to Job’s wife”

Greg never lost his wit through his whole ordeal. God gave me such a peace and calmness from the beginning. I wasn’t even shaking when I dialed 9-1-1. I praise God for that. God’s peace truly is not of this world.

Thanks again and again to all my bloggy friends who prayed and encouraged me, too.

Bear With Me…

Bear with me as we navigate the changes in our lifestyle because of Greg’s recent stroke. My Feedly was overwhelmingly full and I had to mark all of those missed posts in the last week as read although I did not read them. Slowly but surely things will become a comfortable new normal for us at Our Country Bungalow. When that happens you will probably hear from me more and more.

We both (Greg and I) so appreciate the concern, love, and outpourings of prayer and encouragement we have received.

The following will be my journal notes of our experiences as I remember them from the 5th of November through the 13th so it will be long and I don’t expect y’all to read it.

Remember, remember the 5th of November will ring true for our family and not because of Guy Fawkes and the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Saturday November 5th I took a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get some extra ingredients for the tacos we planned to have for lunch. As we sat down to enjoy those tacos at approx. 1:30 pm Greg said his left hand wouldn’t work. He couldn’t make it work and it was numb. I said, “are you having a stroke?”. Very soon after calling our son I called 911 and asked for emergency assistance. First vehicle to pull up to our door was a Steven’s County Fire Department vehicle and right on it’s tail was the paramedic vehicle. Greg was assessed and it was verified that he most likely had suffered a stroke. As they wheeled him out to the ambulance our son arrived on the scene.

I’m journaling here to remember all the things to be thankful for…

Our children rallied and made phone calls, sending texts, driving to Spokane and back, arranging hotel rooms, airport runs, food deliveries. Our oldest Josh and Laura had just landed in Cancun when they got a text from their siblings about their dad having a stroke.

The afternoon of Greg’s stroke our son Dan arrived at our door before the ambulance left and drove me to the hospital. When Greg was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane by ambulance we each went to our homes to gather what we needed for an undetermined stay in a hotel by the hospital. Dan drove me to Spokane shortly after the ambulance left for the journey.

We arrived to the ICU and were able to see the beginning of care Greg would receive. Jamie had packed a cooler for our journey with tortilla wraps and chicken wings and lots of bottles of water and other snacks. The hotel we stayed in was across the street from the hospital which meant we could walk back and forth without having to navigate the parking garages at the huge complex. Only two visitors at a time are allowed into the hospital and into the rooms with very strict 9am until 6pm visiting hours for ICU extended to 6:45 for regular rooms.

This was very encouraging to read about Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Every stroke is a medical emergency, even if symptoms go away quickly. If you know the warning signs and call 911 right away, you can help save lives and prevent or limit brain damage.

The nationally-recognized stroke team at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center provides rapid, high-level diagnosis and care at any hour. As a Primary Stroke Center, we’re certified by national leaders for meeting advanced standards of stroke care. The center is part of the Providence Neuroscience Center, a comprehensive, integrated neuroscience program that treats conditions of the brain and spine.

Our neurosurgeons and other specialists apply the latest expertise, technology and teamwork. Stroke can cause troubling symptoms, but with brain-savvy specialists on your side, you’re in good and capable hands.

We were definitely at the right place for Greg’s care. Thank you, Lord!

On Sunday morning Dan drove to Spokane International airport to pick up his sister Katie and Andrew who had taken an early morning flight from Everett, Washington to Spokane. Both mountain passes were closed the day before so they couldn’t drive over.

Sunday Jamie and our grands drove to Spokane to see us all and so that Dan would have a way to get home since he had driven my car with me to Spokane. Dan also needed to be home so he could change out their regular tires for snow tires since a good dump of snow was predicted in the early hours of Monday.

Late on Sunday, Greg was finally transferred out of ICU to the Vascular floor of the hospital to await his scheduled Tuesday afternoon surgery. Katie and I saw his new room and said our goodnights and were happy at the prospect of being able to visit on Monday with more creature comforts in the room…like chairs to sit in.

Andrew picked up Katie and me from the hospital and drove us right to Park Inn, a casual eatery behind the hotel, for a more relaxing bite to eat. That was nice.

Andrew needed to get back home for work responsibilities so Monday morning he tried to schedule an UBER to take him to the airport. He was able to get a flight which would be delayed because of the snow that fell overnight and the need to de-ice the planes. Spokane had about 3 inches of snow on the ground on Monday morning. The Uber driver cancelled so me and Katie got our big girl pants on and drove Andrew to the airport. Everyone was driving slow and easy so getting to the airport and back to the hotel was just fine. We parked the car at the hotel and walked like penguins to the hospital in time for visiting hours to begin.

Monday was one very long day in the hospital with very little happening in Greg’s room. He was able to take a shower which was very nice for him. He had less wires hooked up to him and that made moving easier and made him more comfortable. Katie and I had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. We advised Dan not to try to make the drive back to Spokane from Colville because the roads would not be in the best shape with the snow and ice. Besides, it was not a day that anything significant was going on. When visiting hours were over we had dinner of leftovers in our hotel room.

On Tuesday, the day of Greg’s surgery Dan wanted to see his dad before the surgery began so he and Jamie left Colville for the 90 minute + drive with their newly installed snow tires. They were detoured off of the main highway because of a fatal accident requiring two helicopter transports. Those helicopters would land on the highway. The detour delayed them and they were hoping to make it in time. They did with time to spare. Katie traded out her visiting privilege to her brother. We had many hurry up and wait moments during Greg’s stay in the hospital. Later than we thought his chariot for surgery arrived and Dan and I were able to follow him to the pre-op room outside of the surgery. Katie and Jamie would join us in the surgery waiting area as we were given permission for all 4 of us to wait there instead of just two of us. It was good to meet the surgeon, who explained what he would be doing and the risks etc., etc. The anesthesiologist also gave us a good rundown. The pre-op nurse was full of praise for the team that would be working on Greg.  They wheeled him out and Dan and I were shown to the right waiting room only to see that Katie and Jamie were not there. So the gal helping us took Dan to the other waiting room to escort Katie and Jamie to the correct one. We had snacks that Jamie had prepared for us while we waited.

I received phone calls from the nurses attending the surgery to let me know when Greg fell asleep with the help of anesthesia and another call when the surgery was over and he was being stitched up. There was still recovery time that would happen before he would be transferred to ICU for the night. The surgeon came to the waiting room with a vile to show us what he had scraped out of Greg’s carotid artery. Yuck! Our kids knew their dad would want to see that so they took a photo. The surgeon was gracious and shared that everything went well and he didn’t expect any complications. At this point it was getting close to the 6pm cut off for visitors in ICU so Dan and Jamie left to drive home. As Katie and I left the waiting room I got a call from the recovery nurse saying she was going to wheel Greg to the ICU and she would wait in the hall outside of ICU so we could see him before we left the hospital. That was very kind and we were happy to see him and give the nurse his glasses for when he woke up. He was loopy when I gave him a kiss goodnight.

Katie and I walked back to the hotel in freezing temps (we had freezing temps the whole time Greg was there) got into my car and headed back to Park Inn for a more relaxing meal before we tucked in for the night.

On Wednesday morning Dan, Jamie and the kids made the trip early to Spokane. We walked to the hospital together. Wednesday was a long and tense day as Greg expected to be released from the hospital and with good reason as the vascular surgeon gave the okay bright and early on Wednesday morning for him to be released. Come to find out the hospital wanted other boxes to be ticked for his release. We finally made it clear that we would not be fine with them keeping him for another night for all the hurry up and wait frustrations. The final doctor who came in and who mentioned a Thursday release was met with very firm stonewall on our part and she decided to make the release happen and it happened immediately. We scrambled. The nurse disconnected his leads. Katie called her brother. I helped Greg get dressed. Gathered up all the belongings and Katie stayed with Greg waiting for the wheel chair to wheel him out. I walked to the hotel and retrieved the car and headed back to the front doors of the hospital where they were just wheeling him out. Sheesh…perfect timing. We got him in the back seat on the driver’s side so the seat belt would not cut into his incision and went back to the hotel parking lot to gather up all our belongings, check out and hit the road home. We followed Dan and Jamie and the kids to the pharmacy where we would pick up Greg’s meds and continued on the road home.

When we arrived home our neighbor had cleared a path to our front door so Greg would not have to slip and slide through the snow.

We got Greg settled and he was so happy to be in his own space. Dan and Jamie and the kids headed home. Greg, Katie and I put our comfy clothes on and wondered how all this was going to play out. I know we had something to eat but I can’t remember what. When it was time to crawl into bed we slept some but both were up at 2am. Now what y’all need to know about Greg is that his normal wake up time is anywhere between 2am and 4am. This first night at home he woke up at 2am and because I was still on call in my head I was up at 2am, too. Oye! Thursday would be a very long day. Food, hydration, meds and rest were the goals for the day.

We needed to get our vehicle in for an oil change since we missed that appointment while we were in Spokane. The dealer was understanding and said to drop the vehicle off any time and they would work it into their schedule. A friend texted on Thursday and I asked if they could pick me up at the dealer and bring me home. When I got to the dealer and signed the car in I realized I had left my phone at home. (A little discombobulated I am). How was I going to text my friend to tell her I was at the dealer? Katie to the rescue. She realized soon after I left that my phone was still at home. She texted my friend to let her know I did not have my phone and also told her to pick me up at Safeway instead of the dealer so I could pick up a few items that would be easy for Greg to eat. They arrived just as I was done with my shopping and taxied me home. Thank you, Lord, for friends who are willing to go out of their way to help. Home again after a few crying breakdowns on the road.

Jamie to the rescue again arrived at 12:30 with a Instant Pot full of delicious hamburger soup and freshly baked cornbread. Addy and JJ got to see their Gramps at home all dressed and looking well. We all ate together and then Jamie and the grands headed home for naps but not before dropping me back to the dealers with my car ready to go.

Our grands have co-op homeschool on Fridays so Jamie stopped by after dropping them off to spend a few minutes with us. She took Greg’s eyeglasses with her when she left.

While in the hospital Greg’s wonky left hand knocked his eye glasses off, damaging them. We had to tape them so he could still see without being poked in the eye. At home we found an older pair for him to wear. Our DIL took the broken pair to a local optometrist who repaired them lickity split and would not charge her. Our DIL also came up with a phone sleeve that slips onto Greg’s hand so he can comfortably use his phone to talk and take messages without dropping the phone. She is such a sweet blessing to our family.

On Friday, too, since our daughter was still here I felt comfortable leaving the house to catch up on a few responsibilities I have. I needed to drop off some items at church and do a little organizing. When I headed to my car to leave the church building, Jamie had arrived there with the repaired glasses. So many pieces that work together. I am very thankful for these moments. On the way home I stopped at Walmart to get Greg some new slippers (that won’t slip) and another pair of flannel bottoms.

Saturday Jamie brought the grands over to say their goodbyes to Katie who would be flying home on Sunday. She also brought ingredients for a hot chocolate bar for us all to enjoy. Our temperatures here are still below freezing for much of the day. Jamie’s mom who is our grands’ granny sent along a floor puzzle to keep those little hands busy.

We had an easier and uneventful rest of the day on Saturday with a goal to stay awake past 5pm to see if we could sleep longer into the following morning.

On Sunday morning Katie got packed up and ready for Jamie to take her to the airport to fly home where she would get a warm welcome from her hubby Andrew and Willow their cat. We are so grateful for the days she could spend with us and for Jamie driving her to the airport. Dan took Sunday off to stay with our grands so Jamie could drive Katie.

Today Sunday after Katie and Jamie left we decided to have a little ride in the car to diminish some of the cabin fever Greg was experiencing. We drove to Chewelah to enjoy lunch at El Ranchito and on the way home we stopped at Wal-Mart to make a few purchases. It was good for both of us to test the waters in this way.

And just like that it has been a full week plus a day since Greg’s stroke. Whew!

We believe in the Providence of God. We know that Greg’s stroke will result in our growth in grace and trust in Him. From the Westminster Confession of Faith:

God the great Creator of all things, doth uphold, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures, actions, and things, from the greatest even to the least, by His most wise and holy providence, according to His infallible, fore-knowledge, and the free immutable counsel of His own will, to the praise of the glory of His wisdom, power, justice, and mercy.

Hope you all have a good week.


We had a busy hectic day on Wednesday getting Dear home from the hospital. He is very happy to be home. We have lots of new things to learn and it is tiring for him and for me. If my blog is quiet you will know why.

We are so very grateful and thankful for all the concern, prayers and encouragement we have received. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We came home to snow on the ground at our Country Bungalow and to a freshly plowed path to our front door. Our neighbor did that for us. So thoughtful and sweet!

Thank you to our family Veteran, Andrew. We love you and are grateful for your service to our country. We especially thank you for loving our daughter.

Until my next post take care of each other, love one another.

Praizing the Lord…

…as our dear Pop would say. That’s not a typo. Dear had a successful surgery.

It was a very long day. We have to wait until 9am to be able to visit in the hospital…not a minute earlier. Katie and I got to Dear’s room at a little after 9am. He didn’t have any food or drink from midnight on so he was getting a bit dry in the mouth. We were expecting the surgical bed for his transfer to surgery at noon but it didn’t arrive until 1:15. So much in this setting is hurry up and wait. This timing worked out well because although Dan and Jamie left their home in Colville with plenty of time to make it to the hospital to see Dear before he was carted away to surgery there was a fatal crash on Hiway 395 with two Life Flight Helicopters landing on the highway to transport critical patients to the hospital we were at. Dan and Jamie had to detour off the highway which added several minutes to their journey. They made it before the transfer and we were all relieved.

In the Pre-Op room with all the preliminary things to do and a time where we got to meet the surgeon, the Anesthesiologist and the whole surgical team. The Surgeon and Anesthesiologist both took time to explain everything that would go on in surgery and we were confident with the care Dear would receive.

All set and ready to go. We prayed together before we headed to the surgical ward. Dear let the surgeon know that we and many others had prayed for him, too. He gave us a big smile.

Here’s my waiting room team. Jamie is such a gem who thinks of everything and brought some great snacks for us all. While waiting I was called 3 separate times. Once to tell me that Dear was asleep and they were ready to go with the surgery. Then they called to let us know that the surgery was successful and the surgeon was finishing with the final stitching. This was at 5:15 and it would be at least a half hour in recovery. The Surgeon then came to the Waiting Room and let us know in person that the surgery went well and showed us what he had removed from the Carotid Artery. At this point Dear would be transferred from Recovery to ICU and the visiting window was closing fast at 6pm. The recovery nurse gave us a call and asked us where we were and that we could meet her in the hall on her way to ICU so we could get a glimpse of Dear and give him his eye glasses. It was good to see him Post op before we had to leave the hospital. We will be back in the hospital on Wednesday at 9am sharp to see him in a non-loopy state.

We are so very grateful to all of you who have prayed and encouraged us during this first phase of Dear’s treatment and recovery. Prayer has been powerful. Your encouraging words are like balm to our hearts and minds. Thank you so much!

Time will tell if he gets to be released on Wednesday.

Not too Scary Hodgpodge

Time for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Where Joyce asks the questions for us to answer. Join in the fun HERE.

1. In two or three sentences describe yourself to someone who has never met you. 

I’m the daughter of Russian Immigrants and was raised in the Los Angeles area with my seven siblings. God chose to save me from my sins through Jesus Christ, His Son, who is my Lord and Savior when I repented in 1963. Happily married to Dear for 48 years where in the course of those years we have enjoyed our three children, their spouses and our two grandchildren, the cherries on the top.

2. Will you celebrate Halloween this year, and if so tell us how?

We will actually be going to a Reformation Conference Halloween weekend in Sandpoint, Idaho. On Halloween Monday also known as Reformation Day we will enjoy our grandchildren coming over and trick or treating at our door. They will be the only trick or treaters since living in the country on dark country roads we don’t have the usual city trick or treaters.

Let’s play this or that-chocolate candy or fruity candy?


Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie?

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween party or scary movie?

Neither 🙂

Hay ride or corn maze?

We have a great corn maze here in Colville and the majority of our family enjoyed it together this past Saturday.

Carve a pumpkin or paint a pumpkin?

Carve a pumpkin.

3. What’s something that scared you when you were young? Are you still afraid? 

The movie King Kong. If I watched it today I’d probably laugh at the animation.

4. Your favorite soothing drink? 

Hendrick’s with cucumber and Fever tree elderflower tonic.

5. Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

Yes because we are planning a family trip in January which caused discussion about Christmas and reminding ourselves that we would not do ‘present overload’ and save our money for the trip.

Does this make you feel happy or stressed? 


6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Not only is Ember the new puppy growing fast but our dear Grands are, too!

Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue!

It’s the last Wednesday in May and time for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Thank you to Jo From This Side of the Pond for the questions and being the hostess with the mostess.

1. It’s National Wine Day (May 25)…do you like wine? Red or white? Dry or sweet? Do you have a favorite?

Yes, mostly red and mostly dry. We aren’t regular drinkers of wine but when we had it more often we enjoyed merlot from Chateau Ste Michelle Winery in Washington State. We moved to red blends more recently.

Have you ever been to California wine country? Or any other wine region?

We’ve been to California wine country North of Napa/Sonoma, Central Coast California and in the Santa Ynez area northwest of Santa Barbara. We also used to live close to Woodinville where Ste Michelle and other wineries are located. Chateau Ste Michelle was one of the favorite places to take our out of town visitors. The grounds are gorgeous and the free tours are fun.



Our niece and her hubby in 2016 at Chateau Ste Michelle.


What’s a dish you make that calls for wine? 

Sangria. LOL Seriously though a yummy mushroom sauce that calls for white wine and cream. Oh and this memory popped up when I searched sauces on my blog.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 016This was my proper pie with all the trimmings.  The description from the menu: Chicken, Ham and asparagus short-crust pastry pie (with top and bottom), white wine sauce, new potatoes and peas. It was delicious. We had a fun conversation with our waitress on “proper pie”. She was appalled when she ordered pie at another establishment and it came to her with no upper or lower crust but just a round piece of pastry propped up along one side of the filling. It was cute when she exclaimed “how can they call that pie?!”

This was in Chipping Campden (Cotswolds, England) at the Eight Bells.

2. What’s something you’ve whined about lately? 

Oh boy. I’m trying to eliminate whining in my life. I’ll go with our internet connection and connectivity. It’s a Country hazard!

3. Last time you were ‘wined and dined’? Tell us about it. 

I’ll go with Mother’s day when we were visiting our kids on the West side of the mountains.

4. Three cheers for_____________________.

…the Red, White and Blue!

5. This will be the last Hodgepodge in the month of May. Somehow next Wednesday the calendar rolls into June. Before we go though, sum up your May in twelve words or less. 

A little bit of travel, sunshine, good eats, rain, and loved ones.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Hope you all have a good Memorial Day Weekend and that you can pause and remember those who died for our freedom and protection.