All Creatures Great and Small…

What a treat to view this kind of critter wonderland out our window sitting on our couch and recliner on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier on this Sunday we enjoyed our Children’s Musical and Play, It All Happened in the Country, for our church service. The presentation was so well done and so much fun with the meaning of Christmas presented so well. My photos aren’t the best but they will help me remember.

We sat in the front row with our two little grands to enjoy the presentation.

It was a good day all around with God’s goodness showering down on us.

Early Morning Visitors

This past week we’ve enjoyed seeing these visitors in the early morning hours. It’s always fun to see fawns. We’ve also had to dodge Turkeys crossing the roads with their poults (baby turkeys).

Because of the heat we’ve been doing our outdoor chores bright and early in the coolest part of the day. We have one more day creeping up to 100 or more degrees and then we’ll cool down to some 80’s and 90’s.

Welcome to August which already has many days filled in on our calendar with local events. What are you looking forward to in August?

Spring Deer

The deer are coming around again to nibble and rest in the shade in our back yard. They are welcome as long as they stay away from my clematis.

This male was interested in the female and was chasing her so they didn’t stop to nibble on my clematis.

Here is some evidence of our Spring showers from this past weekend. While I’m typing the dark clouds have moved in again and we have thunder and lightning.

The Caravan

It’s been a while since we have seen any deer in our back area so we were surprised to see several show up last week. We weren’t excited to see them go after all the new Spring growth.

There were six in our yard and then we looked up on the hill and saw a number of them in a caravan across the mountain.

We counted up to 16 deer hiking through missing some of the earlier ones.

Those on our side of the fence found a way to join up with the rest.

Holy Week all the way up to Easter Monday is filled with activities with family and friends. After Easter when we have some breathing room I’ll share all the activities.

Although I have posts ready to go for this special week my visits will be scarce. Hope all is well in your corners!

Welcome July

These baby Swallows were around for a few days learning to fly. They stayed relatively safe hanging on to our soccer goal.

A buck came to visit.

The deer that come into our yard have their favorite plants. The Variegated Willow is one of them.

We are headed back to double digits instead of being over 100 degrees which is a relief. We’ll be in the 90’s for several days.

We don’t have big plans for the 4th this year besides going to church. My sister and hubby are stopping for an overnight on Monday the 5th after some time in Idaho. It will be nice to see them. The mayor of Colville has made the decision to not allow fireworks in the city this year. Because our Spring was dryer than usual and we’ve been in an extreme heat wave there is a danger that any little spark could start a wildfire.

Our flags will be waving proudly!

Do you have plans?

Deer Invasion

We had a record amount of deer in our backyard this past week.

They had their fill of our bushes and delicacies and then headed to the front of the property.

When they head for the road we all get a little nervous to see if they make it across the 50mph road with no incident!

Safe passage this time. Happy Saturday everyone!

On the Move…

We’ve had several deer coming through the yard lately. They’ve been moving about in groups. This one was rushing to join up with her gang.

We are warming up again in these parts so I’ll have to be watering again.