What Warms Your Heart?

There are some things that we just have to wake up and see and our hearts will be warmed. And then there are the deliberate things we do or put on our schedule that can warm our heart, too.

The second Thursday of every month our church rallies volunteers to cook a meal in the church kitchen at 5:30. It’s the exact same recipe every month with a different group of people cooking it but the same supervisors to guide the volunteers. The “supe” is checking the meat to make sure it’s up to the right temperature.

Large coolers are fitted with a food safe liner to mix the dish in and to transport the dish from Kirkland to Seattle arriving hot and ready to serve. I suppose we could call these coolers “warmers” or portable ovens. First the sauce goes in. 

Then the meat and the vegetables, the rice and some more vegetables. Stir it up with the big wooden food paddle.

You add the carrots last and keep stirring.

While the hot meal is being cooked more volunteers are preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to send off with the homeless after they enjoy their hot meal.

This time we also had warm blankets to load up and distribute to the guys that would be lining up for dinner.

Of course there’s the clean-up, too. So whoever is not stirring the final product gets busy washing up as much as they can before we take off to go downtown so there is less to clean up when we come back. We load everything up in the van that will transport us across Lake Washington to the meal site. Then we wait for Kay Abe. The little perky lady that started the Lord’s Table.

“Hungry patrons stand in a line curving around the fence. Men and women of all ages and races patiently wait as Kay Abe rushes around to make last-minute arrangements. Someone can’t locate a knife to serve the pie, but digging through her bag of supplies, Abe finds something that can work.”

Our church’s ministry is called Isaiah 58 and we partner with the organization downtown called The Lord’s Table. The Lord’s Table started with one dear woman who decided she could feed the homeless. Now after several years different volunteer groups partner with Kay Abe to serve these hot meals Monday thru Thursday nights. Last Thursday night I held Kay’s hand as we stood in a circle holding hands to pray and thank God for the men who came to eat the meal, she told us she is now 86.  You can read a little about Kay and this ministry here, and  here. You can see from the first article that she used to do the brunt of the work.

I didn’t count but we served close to 100 this night. Besides the hot dish we served green salad, fruit salad, buttered bread, hot drinks, and dessert. It was a very cold night and the favorite drink for the night was hot chocolate. All but 4 of the blankets were distributed. This whole process downtown occurs from approximately 8 pm – 9 pm. After we cleaned up even the pigeons were able to glean some food.

Sometimes it’s hard to put something like this on your calendar. This very day I was sitting in my warm house thinking about how cold it would be downtown and wondering how I might get out of it. My throat was a little scratchy, you know. Maybe I should just stay home. I’m glad the Lord fixed my attitude and I went. The whole evening warmed my heart. 1. Making sandwiches with the members of our small group and their children. 2. Watching the hot dish crew mix and cook and stir the main dish. 3. Watching others from our small group wash up the dishes smiling and laughing. 4. Loading up the van. 5. Then being able to load plates and smile and give a cheery greeting to all who came through the line downtown.  6. Meeting Kay again and being blessed by her unselfish service to the Homeless in downtown Seattle. Yep…my heart was warm and bubbling over…

I’m sure you can find a similar ministry where you live and I encourage you to take the leap and join in for an evening or day. You will get a new perspective…

Field of Dreams

On Saturday evening we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2012 Medical Teams International Field of Dreams dinner and auction. The dinner was held at Safeco field in Seattle, the Mariners baseball stadium. The dinner tables were set up on the infield.

The Mission of Medical Teams International is to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world. They shipped over $129 million in medical supplies and humanitarian aid to 66 countries. Their mobile dental program volunteers treated over 17,000 needy patients throughout Washington, Oregon and Minnesota, providing $8 million of free or low-cost dental care.

As we entered the stadium we had the choice to get our credit card swiped for any bid we might win during the evening event. We walked through a long very realistic and dramatic display of the types of situations where Medical Teams International travels to serve. Places like Haiti after the devastating earthquake where their help is ongoing. After the display area there was a silent auction area.

Down on the field was the dinner and live auction. There were some really great vacations, sports events, dining events and art to bid on.  Everything was way over our heads. Some items went for over $10,000 dollars which was really wonderful. There was a Fund a Need time during the auction where you could hold up your bid card to make a straight donation in the amounts of $50,000, $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, $1000, $500, $250 and $100. There were a few people that donated $50,000 and a lot of people who held up their card for the other amounts, finally I was able to hold up my card with confidence!

Last year at this event they raised $1.36 million. I wouldn’t be surprised if they surpassed that amount on Saturday night.

Our son and daughter in law with one of our son’s partner’s at Axia Home Loans who purchased the table for the evening and is involved with this mission. This next photo is of the 3rd partner and his fiance (on the right) and friends.

There were a couple of items I held my card up for at the beginning of bidding even though I knew I couldn’t win.

There were a lot of celebrities at the event. Mack Strong was the emcee for the evening. He was a fullback with the Seattle Seahawks. John Curley was the auctioneer. He is a radio show host. He really kept things moving and kept us laughing with his energy and wit.

To the left of the table #28 in the photo above is Steve Sarkisian the University of Washington Football coach. He threw footballs out to bidders in the crowd for $2000 dollars and up. Other celebrities, pastors, business owners and politicians were at this event and it was fun to see a face you are familiar with that you usually only see on TV. I was also pleased to see sponsers like Alaska Airlines, ExOfficio, Lifewise Health Plan, Boeing, Wells Fargo and many others.

Contributions of thousands of volunteers’ time and millions of dollars in donated medicines, supplies and equipment help Medical Teams International help make 97% of all donations go toward helping those they serve. That is a very impressive percentage! We felt privileged to be a part of this wonderful event and see the generosity of the people who attended.

Thank you Josh and Laura for inviting us to sit at table #15 at this great event!

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Have a great week everyone!

Sky Watch Friday ~

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.


This was taken at the City Hall in the City of Ventura. This is Fray Junipero Serra who founded the Mission San Buenaventura. If you are interested in seeing more photos from the Mission he founded click here. The sky was clear and blue on this Saturday.


This great looking tree was kitty corner from the Statue and I liked how the sky looked through the branches.

This is the tree. I’ll need to do some research to see what kind of tree it is.

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TT #22 ~ Mission San Buenaventura 1782

   On President’s Day I drove up to Ventura to do some thrift store shopping and I took a side trip to the Mission by the Sea. Here are 13 or more Photos from the mission. There are 21 California Missions and this Mission was the 9th Mission founded.

The founding of San Buenaventura Mission was foreshadowed well over two centuries ago on the Spanish isle of Mallorca, when a devout Franciscan priest, who was a brilliant scholar and professor of theology, earnestly prayed that he might be permitted to forsake his comfortable circumstances to take up the Lord’s work among the aborigines in the New World. The hoped-for answer to his prayers came on Palm Sunday, March 30, 1749.

Thirty-three years and one day later the zealous priest, Fray Junipero Serra- who had been subjected to painful sufferings and several brushes with death during his missionary ministry – raised the Cross at “la playa de la canal de Santa Barbara” (the beach of the Santa Barbara Channel) on Easter Morning, March 31, 1782. Assisted by Padre Pedro Benito Cambon, he celebrated a High Mass, preached on the Resurrection, and dedicated a Mission to San Buenaventura (St. Bonaventure). It had been planned as the third in the chain of twenty-one Missions founded by Padre Serra but was destined to be the ninth and last founded during his lifetime, and one of six he personally dedicated.


The Department of the Interior certified this Mission as a Historic Building and gave it permanent reference in the Library of Congress.


The front door to the Mission Chapel and Fray Junipero Serra


An antique confessional and other artifacts in the mission museum


The mission grounds and side door to the chapel


Inside the chapel


More photos from the grounds…



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ht: Information from Mission Brochure

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.

Rescue The Perishing ~ Fanny J. Crosby

 I can remember driving to church on Sunday mornings with the radio tuned to a station that played a service at the Rescue Mission. This was the theme song that I remember so well being sung each week.

Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)

Sometime after [this] hymn became known I was at a ser­vice one even­ing and a young man told the sto­ry of his con­ver­sion. Poor and hun­gry, he had walked the streets for want of some­thing bet­ter to do. He heard the sing­ing at a mis­sion; he went in; and be­fore the serv­ice was con­clud­ed his heart broke in con­tr­ition.

“I was just rea­dy to per­ish,” he said to me, “but that hymn, by the grace of God saved me.”

Rescue The Perishing

Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,
Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave;
Weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen,
Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save.


Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,
Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.

Though they are slighting Him, still He is waiting,
Waiting the penitent child to receive;
Plead with them earnestly, plead with them gently;
He will forgive if they only believe.


Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter,
Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;
Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness,
Chords that were broken will vibrate once more.


Rescue the perishing, duty demands it;
Strength for thy labor the Lord will provide;
Back to the narrow way patiently win them;
Tell the poor wand’rer a Savior has died.


Lakeside Bible Camp ~ Early ’90’s ~ Thankful Thursday

 I’m combining this post with Thankful Thursday. What I’m thankful for today are Summer Bible Camps! What a blessing they were in my life and in the life of my children. My heart became Christ’s at Hume Lake Christian Camp in 1963. My kids have grown in their Christian walk at Lakeside Bible Camp. I’m sure a lot of you out there have been blessed by summer camps, too. So thank you Jesus for all the summer camp workers and visionaries out there!

With Bible Camp season upon us I’m posting this little trip down memory lane for our very own upcoming Directors of  teen camps this summer at Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island! Blessings on you Jamie, Lucy, and Josh! You’ve come a long way….


Bloggers unite in praying for all the youth camps happening this summer. Haven’t we all read testimonies of many hearts that were changed as a result of summer camps. Praying for God’s mercy, protection, and grace!

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Blessed Quietness ~ Ferguson ~ Hymn


Manie Payne Ferguson   (1850 – 1932)

Born: 1850, Car­low, Ire­land.

In 1886, Ma­nie and her hus­band The­o­dore Poll­ock Fer­gu­son found­ed a miss­ion in Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia. This event­u­al­ly ex­pand­ed in­to what was known as the “Pen­i­el” miss­ions along the West Coast of Amer­i­ca, and in Af­ri­ca, Asia, South Amer­i­ca, and else­where. The main fo­cus of the miss­ions, es­pe­ci­al­ly in lat­er years, was min­is­try to sin­gle women.


Joys are flowing like a river,
Since the Comforter has come;
He abides with us forever,
Makes the trusting heart His home.


Blessèd quietness, holy quietness,
What assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea, He speaks peace to me,
How the billows cease to roll!

Bringing life and health and gladness,
All around this heav’nly Guest,
Banished unbelief and sadness,
Changed our weariness to rest.


Like the rain that falls from Heaven,
Like the sunlight from the sky,
So the Holy Ghost is given,
Coming on us from on high.


See, a fruitful field is growing,
Blessèd fruit of righteousness;
And the streams of life are flowing
In the lonely wilderness.


What a wonderful salvation,
Where we always see His face!
What a perfect habitation,
What a quiet resting place!


I have never sung this hymn but the words are so powerful I wanted to share them. I loved the story of the hymnwriter starting missions and especially caring for single women…

Ht: Cyberhymnal

Our 70’s Rock Band Tour!

 In 1972 I met Dear at a concert he was singing in. My best friend just started singing with this group and I accompanied her to the concert. Dear and I  became attracted to each other later that year after I auditioned for the group and joined.  In the summer of 1973 and 1974 Dear and I toured England with this American Christian Rock Group. We were called the “Contemporaries”.  Never to be confused with the Continentals! These articles and photos are a combination of our tours in ’73 and ’74. Dear and I were engaged during the ’74 tour and got married December of that year.

I’m one of the singers on the far right and Dear is right next to me.

“The American evangelical folk-rock group The Contemporaries received a superstar welcome when they played last week in St John’s Church, Waterloo. More than 600 children between the ages of 12 and 18, together with a small number of adults, packed the building for the hour-long concert which featured the latest in religious music. Outside local residents opened doors and windows to hear the music from the church and later a spokesman for the group said ‘The audiences on Merseyside are far warmer than any we ever had in ten years of playing in the states.”

“A band of young people spreading the word of God in their own unique way are the Contemporaries. The young American group have been touring England for the last two weeks at their own expense. The group visited Liverpool before making a tour of local schools.”

I’m in the front row standing on the right with Dear next to me of this picture with Dear.

“Hymns gave way to Jesus rock in morning assembly at St. George’s Church of England School, in Meadow Road, Gravesend yesterday. The concert was given by the Contemporaries, 14 musicians from the United States, who are in the middle of a world tour. They have already completed a number of successful “gigs” in Liverpool. They are all professional musicians, but they are giving their services free. They have also appeared at Gordon Secondary School for Girls and today they will be at Northfleet Count Secondary School for Girls. On Friday they will be at Gordon Secondary School for Boys and on Monday Southfields High School.”  [this article was pretty sensationalized…the band were professionals, not the vocalists. Our World tour consisted of 4 weeks in England]

We have great memories of our tours in England. Dear went on 2 previous tours before I joined the group. We were able to sing in schools for their religious hour. It was exciting for us to be able to give testimonies and talk about Jesus at schools. (couldn’t do that in the U.S.)

It was hilarious that the kids would chase after us and want to get our autographs. After our school concerts during the day we would sing at a town hall or church at night and many of the students from the schools would come again to hear us.

I’m in the middle of all those young girls!

Dear and I left the group in the mid 70’s after we were married.