Lakeside Bible Camp ~ Early ’90’s ~ Thankful Thursday

 I’m combining this post with Thankful Thursday. What I’m thankful for today are Summer Bible Camps! What a blessing they were in my life and in the life of my children. My heart became Christ’s at Hume Lake Christian Camp in 1963. My kids have grown in their Christian walk at Lakeside Bible Camp. I’m sure a lot of you out there have been blessed by summer camps, too. So thank you Jesus for all the summer camp workers and visionaries out there!

With Bible Camp season upon us I’m posting this little trip down memory lane for our very own upcoming Directors of  teen camps this summer at Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island! Blessings on you Jamie, Lucy, and Josh! You’ve come a long way….


Bloggers unite in praying for all the youth camps happening this summer. Haven’t we all read testimonies of many hearts that were changed as a result of summer camps. Praying for God’s mercy, protection, and grace!

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22 thoughts on “Lakeside Bible Camp ~ Early ’90’s ~ Thankful Thursday

  1. Those pictures are a riot! Love the western theme. It is amazing to hear all the many testimonies that mention camp. Amen and praying.

    Lana, Did you and Leonard ever go to youth camp? I can’t remember…

  2. Thanks so much for your post.
    Our family has been teaching in summer Bible camps for over 9 years. My parents have been doing it continuously since I was 5–I am now 42.
    We have so many great memories.
    People who came when they were young and are now coming back with their kids.
    It is good to know that time spent ministering is not unvalued.
    Thank you for your list–it was encouraging.
    BTW–our conferences are in Texas and North Carolina–we leave next week for the N.C conference.

    Sharon, Blessings on you and your family as you serve the Lord in this great minsitry!

  3. wherever did you find that picture of the six of us? what a hoot! i had no idea it existed–thanks for the great post!

    Jody, You never know what I might have up my sleeve! 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love new visitors and especially Christians which just seem to come to my site!! I love it!! Please come by again. Your site is great!! I loved your profile. That was fun to read too. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a country where we can write out our blessings for the whole world to read about and not be afraid!!?? We are so blessed here!! Sandy

    Sandy, Thanks and I agree we are very blessed indeed!

  5. How neat is that- your kids going to the same summer bible camp you went to….priceless! Thank you for sharing the photos too 🙂

    Hi Shannon, blessings…

  6. Thank you for stopping by today! I remember summer church camp when I was little. It was the first time I was away from home and I didn’t like it. I really think I was too young at the time and coerced into going. I got sick and my parents had to come and get me. I never went back. If I had been a bit older I think I would have enjoyed it more.

    Sharon, OH my, I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. My first time at camp was in junior high.

  7. You make me sorry I missed out on the whole summer Bible camp (or any camp for that matter) thing. I was way too shy and introverted as a kid….
    My son went to Hume Lake in 6th grade, he loved it.
    I’m joining in the praying!

    Sara, Hume Lake is a wonderful location for camp. I didn’t really like the windy roads going up there but sure had fun once I got there. I can see where camp could be a horrible experience for some kids…

  8. What fun pictures! I don’t think I’ve ever seen those! I love seeing all of you “back in the day” 🙂 See you tonight, love you!

    Laura, I’ve got more where those came from 🙂 Thanks for spending last evening with us…

  9. Great list and all wonderful things to be thankful for.

    Thank you for sharing your thankful heart.

    Have a blessed Thursday.


    Lyndy, blessings on you…

  10. Love this post Ellen – I have a lot of great summer camp memories!! and I especially want to join you in prayer for them – my 16 yr old daughter is counselling at one this week!

    Kathie, I’m praying for your daughter right now. Blessings on the camp!

  11. I never got to go to summer Bible camp as a child, which I truly regret. I am so thankful my kids have the opportunity to experience it! Love the photos…thanks for sharing!

    Karen, it’s great that your kids get the experience. blessings.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    YEA SUMMER BIBLE CAMPS!!! I went one summer when I was in Jr. High, and had a great time. But when they really impacted me was when I was in college and spent my summers at camp as a counselor. I met my hubby at Lutheran Island Camp in Minnesota. We even had our wedding on the island! It was beautiful. We would love to send our children to camp when they get older, but there are none close. The nearest one is about 5 hours away. 😦
    Blessings on your week!

    Andie, We have a few young friends who have had their weddings at Lakeside Bible Camp. We had to drive in a bus for about 6 hours to get to Hume Lake when I was a teen! We love the fact that our Washington camp is only a 30 minute drive and 20 minute ferry ride! blessings.

  13. I love it! Thank you for sharing! I often head out to a camp nearby and cook for a weekend or two, this year I was unable to schedule it into my summer and I will miss it a great deal, nevertheless, my kids will still attend in august. Anyhow, your post reminded me how much I need to pray for these camps and the children that attend… it is definatley a life-changing experience. Thanks!

    Bonnie, hats off to you for cooking at camp! blessings…

  14. Great photos! Thank you for sharing your thankfulness for Bible camps. I know the Lord does great things there!

    Praying that the Lord grows my 12-yr-old daughter deeper in Him this next week in her first time at church camp.

    God bless you! 🙂

    Hi Brenda, I’m saying a little prayer for your daughters heart and mind at camp next week. blessings…

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  16. I have friends who went to Hume every summer and loved it. My church group went elsewhere. Great post and reminder for this time of year!

    Stop by the newly redesigned “On the Horizon” when you have a chance!

    Hello, I will stop by and maybe even participate in a wordless Wednesday…blessings.

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