Pink Saturday ~ Vernon Ware

Welcome to my Pink Saturday. I’m at a family Christmas cooking day today and hope to get around to all the lovely Pink tomorrow! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.

Look at what I found at Goodwill this week. This is Vernon Ware Pottery, a California Pottery. The Pattern is from their Native American Collection. I love the pink and the details. All these pieces (10 in total) cost me $.69 cents for each piece. $6.90 total. How could I walk away from that bargain???

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Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Diane at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words hosts this Tuesday Meme called Trash to Treasure.  Click over to see lots of trash/thrift items bought or saved and turned into a treasure.

This week I’m showing my Dresser Mirror that I saved before it was sent away with a Christmas themed arrangement I placed on the added shelf on the bottom of the mirror. My husband added the shelf to it before we hung it on the wall. If you saw my Blue Monday or Tablescape Tuesday you’ll see a lot of the items from my Blue Christmas table re-grouped here. This will serve as my Christmas mantle at the condo.

The gold pieces are ornaments for the tree as is the Santa. The Pewter creamers are filled with Christmas Sprays in blue and crystal and silver. Here’s a collage with closeups of the items on the shelf. Now just so y’all know we at our house know that Santa is pretend and we love him in a pretend way but above that we know Jesus is real and saves us from what we deserve and then gives us our Hope and our future. We love Him in a real way…

If you live in the USA I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To everyone else have a great last week of November.

Blue Monday and Tablescape Tuesday!

This is a busy week for many of us here in the U.S.A. with Thanksgiving on Thursday. I’m going to combine my Blue Monday Post with my Tablescape Tuesday Post because my tablescape is predominately blue. I’m flying up North to Seattle on Tuesday and I’m busy getting all my ducks in a row…

I set this table for two putting together anything blue and gold that I had at our condo in Southern California.

I just picked up the Santa and the Gold large floral ornaments at my favorite little thrift store in town. The Snowflake napkins and Tablecloth are Big K Martha Stewart that were clearanced after Christmas last year. I also purchased the snowflake napkin rings at the Christmas clearance.

The Blue holly dishes are Target Christmas clearance from a couple years ago. The blue beaded sprays are also from Target clearance. The glasses, which I love the shape of, are from my favorite little thrift store. I was sorry they only had two, but most days it’s just the two of us here in the condo anyway.

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Fridays Fave Five

It’s that time again. Time to look back and remember some favorite things from this past week. The collage is not in order but here goes my 5.

1. On Saturday I woke up early to rain and thunder here in Southern California. When the sun was beginning to rise I stepped out of the condo and look what I saw. It was a fabulous sunrise and I’m thankful that I saw it.

2. On Sunday we drove South across L.A. to a Nifty Fifty Birthday party. On the way Dear and I stopped at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Woodland Hills to eat. I love that we have great Jewish Delicatessen’s here in Southern California.

3. It was fun to see old family and family friends. My cousin Tanya turned 50 and we attended a Birthday Dessert in her honor. The Families represented in the photo of the ladies have history together way back to Iran and Russia. It was great to talk and enjoy each other.

4. I popped into Goodwill this week (surprise, surprise) and I spotted this great blue and white creamer that was calling my name. I really like creamers and I like blue and white. This little pretty cost me $2.95.

5. I’m having an Fall Open House on Saturday. I decided to try a new dessert to serve. The recipe says to make it two days ahead so the flavors can moosh (they didn’t say moosh but you get the idea) I like how it turned out and I’ll post the recipe next week. There are lots of detail to type out. It’s a Pumpkin Praline Trifle. So if you live in Southern California you might want to pop on over on Saturday.

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Fridays Fave Five

1. Dear and I were well enough to have our Saturday walk and this time around we opted to head north and have breakfast at Cold Springs Tavern tucked away in the San Marcos Pass above Santa Barbara. After breakfast we took a foggy/misty walk along the shore and to the Andree Clark Bird Preserve in Santa Barbara.

2. I made one of Dear’s favorite Italian dishes this week Puttanesca and I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.

3. I really enjoy finding a bargain and this week I bought a White French Ruffle twin duvet cover at Goodwill for $7.95. It’s from the Target Shabby Chic line. When I was in Target later in the week I saw it on the rack for $69.95! Oh and I don’t have any twin size beds. I bought it to use as a tablecloth. Here’s a photo of it on the table straight out of the package with some added pretties on top…

4. I got to see some great photos of my sweet niece and I’m sharing it today for my Happy Halloween post and my Pink Saturday Post combined! Pure Pink Sweetness happening here!

5. It’s been cooler this week so it’s been easier on Willow and I on our walks. The Mule Deer love it, too.

My computer is acting up and I’m hoping it fixes itself soon. When I access blogs from my WordPress blog things seem to work fine but if I go to the linkies or google reader and try to access blogs I get booted out and my page shuts down.  Where did all my great background color and design disappear to? Wah, wah, wah….

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Pink Saturday

I took this photo of the sweet pink flower on one of my walks this past week.

When I was at the local Goodwill this week I spotted this truck in the parking lot and decided it would be my Pink Saturday Post today. It was just too unique to pass up…

I didn’t get a chance to see Rosemary. I was done shopping and the truck was still parked next to me when I left.

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They Survived!

Two solid weeks without watering and these plants survived. Amazing. They are a little brown around the edges but I was expecting them to be completely withered up under the Southern California Sun!

I did bring a silk unwiltable plant for my front porch just in case all my other plants had died. I bought this at Goodwill in Washington for $5.95.

So how’s your Monday and week shaping up? I forgot that this week is going to be another busy one for me because my daughter is arriving today. I leave at 9:00 this morning to go pick her and her boyfriend up at Long Beach Airport. Tomorrow they are going to Disneyland and some of my family will be meeting up with them there, too. I’ve decided to finally meet up with the Disneyland crew, too. It will be a reapplying sunblock day for me. Have a great week everyone.