Welcoming Fences…


Joining TexWisGirl for Good Fences #76.

This fence makes me smile and invites me in to do a little thrift shopping. It’s been ages since I thrift shopped regularly. Something that was fun while it lasted but good to leave behind for a season or two or three!

Yesterday I worked hard in our yard with all the clean-up after our mighty wind storm on Saturday. I picked up all the tree branches that had fallen and then decided it would just be quicker and easier to mow up all the leaves after I raked them out of planters and away from the fences. It was a bit unexpected to be picking up green leaves. Everything looks nice and tidy again but Fall is coming and soon there will be leaves, golden instead of green and in abundance falling from the huge maple in our neighbor’s yard that hangs over into our yard. Despite the extra work, I do love Fall.

Ruffles and Rust and the Boy Scouts!

Ruffles and Rust/Come Junk with Us puts together some great sales bringing in vendors from all over the state under one roof. This was one of their smaller sales (just the right size for me). I headed over to Bothell for this event on Saturday morning at 9:00.

I ended up buying this burlap wrapped star with the thought to wrap it with lights to put up at Christmas.

I also bought this old milk crate and I have some ideas in my head about how to use it. I guess my purchases were more rust than ruffles!

This boy scout and another scout who were at the sale on duty carried my goods to the car for me. I was parked off site and up the hill and they were more then willing to walk all that way with me carrying my purchases.

Boy Scout Oath or Promise

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

DUTY TO OTHER PEOPLE: Many people need help. A cheery smile and a helping hand make life easier for others. By doing a Good Turn daily and helping when you’re needed, you prove yourself a Scout and do your part to make this a better world.

Boy Scout Motto

Be Prepared!

Boy Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily!

Thank you Boy Scout Troop #356

Ruffles & Rust


A post with few words but lots of photos…mostly of hats for Jill.



When you shop with the younger set this is a typical scene.


Then phone in one hand while you shop with the other. If someone took a photo of me they’d see a camera in one hand while I shop with the other.



We had a fun morning with a nice breakfast after the show in Monroe. We all decided we’d rather visit these stores individually than navigate the crowds in small spaces at the show.

Brrr…we’re getting some cold weather and a threat of snow. I’m out in the cold this morning delivering Frost Doughnuts to Dear’s Office downtown. I think I might need a nap later this morning. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

A Morning With the Girls…


Katie, Lana and I headed out early this morning to the Evergreen State Fair Grounds in Monroe for the Ruffles & Rust “Come Junk With Us” Show. Soon after we got into the hall filled with vendors from near and far in Washington we were approached by a gal with a camera asking if she could take our photo for the blog. Chuckle, chuckle…we said sure and pulled out our cameras and asked her to take another shot for our blogs!

I took some photos of several of the hats on display for Jill but I’ll be doing another post later this week with those photos. A little treasure was purchased by me and Lana found a couple of things to buy, too.


I really needed to see this sign in one of the spaces and be reminded to do just that because the crowds were quite impossible to navigate in the small spaces with all the lovely stuff to see. Besides the regular crowds of people were those people who thought their dogs needed to come to the show with them, with a special little cart to tote them in or just on a leash. I know I’ll step on the toes of some dog lovers out there but that’s just something I don’t understand. Dogs on a ranch, dogs in a yard, dogs on a walk in the park, dogs on a walk on a sidewalk, dogs on the beach, those venues I understand. We hightailed it out of there and went on a search in Monroe for something to eat.


We found the Hitching Post Cafe and had a nice breakfast that Lana treated us to.


Hope your Saturday is going well…

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

Rose Bowl Flea Market ~ Tea Venue?

Although we couldn’t have a proper tea at the flea market, we could certainly buy everything we’d need to host a beautiful High Tea! So I’m going outside the box as LaTeaDah suggested and show you what we saw at the huge wonderful Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’m also going to include a couple shots of pretties for tea that I found at a local shop in Camarillo and a collage of Royal Albert goodies from the Royal Doulton shop in the Camarillo Outlet Mall.

The Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, California. It’s probably best known for the Rose Bowl Football Game on January 1st every year and for UCLA regular season football games. We arrived at 7:00am for one of the early bird entries for $15.00. The 9:00 am entry is $10.00.


We saw so many wonderful vintage hats and clothes.


These Russian “podstakaniki” (tea glass holders) were incredibly expensive.


Tables and ground space was covered with all kinds of oldies but goodies.


There were many vintage themed spaces.

Any kind of tablecloth you’d want. There was one stall where they just had piles of old vintage and lace tablecloths, napkins, tea towels piled in mounds. Tablecloths for $8 each and the napkin pile for $1 each. There were plenty with stains on them but a fair amount of them were stain free.


Rows and Rows and Rows of stuff. See how empty the walk-way is. That’s the advantage of coming in early. It was filled with people at 10:00 am.


There were many pretty tea cups and accessories. Some spaces had complete tea sets and old sets of china to sell also. They ranged from $75.00 to $700.00. The $700.00 set was a complete service for 12 with covered vegetable dishes, etc. (English) Now here are some goodies from my home town of Camarillo.


These first two shots are from a new shop in Camarillo. Most of this stuff is made in China. It’s priced reasonably.


Camarillo also has a popular Outlet Mall Center. One of the shops in the center is the Royal Doulton shop where you can buy Royal Albert items. Here’s a collage of some of the patterns offered there.


Before I sign off here are the 3 items I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

My favorite purchase was this The Wind in the WillowsTea Pot made by Sadler (England). This was fun for me to find because I just read The Wind in the Willows this year. I’m on a quest to read many children’s classics that I somehow missed reading in my youth.

A glass cake plate with a Thistle pattern

And this pretty Royal Albert teacup and saucer, “Blossom Time”

For more Tea Rooms and Tea Venues you can head over to Gracious Hospitality.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!