Rose Bowl Flea Market ~ Tea Venue?

Although we couldn’t have a proper tea at the flea market, we could certainly buy everything we’d need to host a beautiful High Tea! So I’m going outside the box as LaTeaDah suggested and show you what we saw at the huge wonderful Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’m also going to include a couple shots of pretties for tea that I found at a local shop in Camarillo and a collage of Royal Albert goodies from the Royal Doulton shop in the Camarillo Outlet Mall.

The Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, California. It’s probably best known for the Rose Bowl Football Game on January 1st every year and for UCLA regular season football games. We arrived at 7:00am for one of the early bird entries for $15.00. The 9:00 am entry is $10.00.


We saw so many wonderful vintage hats and clothes.


These Russian “podstakaniki” (tea glass holders) were incredibly expensive.


Tables and ground space was covered with all kinds of oldies but goodies.


There were many vintage themed spaces.

Any kind of tablecloth you’d want. There was one stall where they just had piles of old vintage and lace tablecloths, napkins, tea towels piled in mounds. Tablecloths for $8 each and the napkin pile for $1 each. There were plenty with stains on them but a fair amount of them were stain free.


Rows and Rows and Rows of stuff. See how empty the walk-way is. That’s the advantage of coming in early. It was filled with people at 10:00 am.


There were many pretty tea cups and accessories. Some spaces had complete tea sets and old sets of china to sell also. They ranged from $75.00 to $700.00. The $700.00 set was a complete service for 12 with covered vegetable dishes, etc. (English) Now here are some goodies from my home town of Camarillo.


These first two shots are from a new shop in Camarillo. Most of this stuff is made in China. It’s priced reasonably.


Camarillo also has a popular Outlet Mall Center. One of the shops in the center is the Royal Doulton shop where you can buy Royal Albert items. Here’s a collage of some of the patterns offered there.


Before I sign off here are the 3 items I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

My favorite purchase was this The Wind in the WillowsTea Pot made by Sadler (England). This was fun for me to find because I just read The Wind in the Willows this year. I’m on a quest to read many children’s classics that I somehow missed reading in my youth.

A glass cake plate with a Thistle pattern

And this pretty Royal Albert teacup and saucer, “Blossom Time”

For more Tea Rooms and Tea Venues you can head over to Gracious Hospitality.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

27 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Flea Market ~ Tea Venue?

  1. Oh, I love the Blossom Time teacup and saucer–really pretty. Your Wind in the Willows prize is truly unique as well. I so miss going to flea markets for treasure hunting. Maybe this summer will afford some new opportunities as I continue to get back on my feet.

  2. What wonderful treasures you found! That shop in Camarillo looks like teapot heaven! It makes me think that I need some more teapots……..Your Wind in the Willows one is so cute! Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of simple pleasures.

  3. Wow – Ellen!!! What eye candies you had at the flea market!! I gasped when I saw the Lady Carlyle pieces…

    But I really really like your “Blossom Time” teacup and saucer!!! Of course, I liked the teapot too, and the glass (or crystal ?) stand. Good job on your finds! 🙂 Perhaps I can come over sometime to have some tea in that beautiful Blossom Time teacup and saucer?! 😉

    Have a great evening!

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention I absolutely love those Russian glass holders!!! I had played with something like that when I was a child (they were plastics) back in SE Asia, but I have never seen the “real” thing before. Very interesting.

    Oh, by the way, I didn’t mean to make your chairs feel self-conscious if they don’t have any draped over them… 🙂

    Blessings! Have a great night!

  5. Reading your lovely post reminded me that I haven’t been to the local flea market which is held every Sunday in the next town. The building is 60,000 sq. ft. and they have vendors indoor and out. I must go over there very soon.

  6. Wow! What fun! I love your purchases. That teapot is adorable. I recently found a Wind in the Willows cookbook at a thrift store. Thanks for all the great pics!

  7. What fun! I love all of the photos. I feel like I took a stroll with you. Your tea cup is so pretty. Thank you for the wonderful adventure.

  8. We just went antiquing yesterday, but I didn’t find anything great this time. Love, LOVE that teacup!! Wow, that Rose Bowl flea market looks amazing, though I love the whole wall of tea stuff at the one near you too.

  9. OMG – I’ve never seen anything like that here! Just as well, because I think I would have cleaned out my bank account in the first 10 minutes!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, Ellen – always happy to see you pop in!

  10. Phoenix is about 5 hours from Los Angeles. And we have always wanted to see the Rose Bowl Parade. It is my husband’s favorite parade. But still haven’t done it.

  11. Tea time at your house must take on the quality of the pots you purchase! I love the Wind in the Willows pot, cake plate and Royal Albert, Blossom time tea cup!
    The shopping was marvelous, once again!!
    I see so many familiar fancies and frills!!

  12. My heart is skipping a beat at such beautiful things. I never thought to look at a flea market for tea items. We have a large on here in town and my uncle goes every weekend. Looks like I need to head that way too.

    The things you purchased are lovely, but I especially adore the teacup and saucer.

    You are so blessed to have so much “tea” stuff near you. That shop looks heavenly.

  13. All of your finds are awesome! I don’t know which I like better, the thistle plate or the beautiful teacup. You are soo lucky to have access to such wonderful things. Nothing like that near here, I’m afraid.

  14. OH! OH! OH! Thank you for sharing photos of the Rose Bowl Flea Market! It is on my dream list of places to visit. Except airlines only allow two suitcases per person and I don’t think I would be able to fit all of that flea market goodness in to carry it home! What a blessing to be so near! A creative response to Gracious Hospitality and such a delight! Thank you for sharing! ~Kathy
    P.S. The hat is smashing! The smile too!

  15. I am ever so glad that you stepped out of the box for your tea post! Loved it all. I gasp at the variety at the Rose Bowl! I have seen this flea market on tv before and hope to someday travel there myself, with an extremely large u haul of course! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh my, I am sitting here enjoying each picture. What a wonderful flea market! So many pretty things — I see aprons, vintage tablecloths, china (some that matches a set or two of mine — too bad I can’t be there to pick up a few pieces!). What a great way to share from ‘outside the box’. Thanks so much!


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  18. Hi Ellen,
    I’ve never been to the Rose Bowl Flee market but have always wanted to go. Do you think it’s worth the trip? I’ve been told everything is real expensive. At least it would be a fun day trip.
    Your Wind in the Willows tea pot is darling! Lucky find.

  19. Oh sweet memories. I used to go to the Rose Bowl with a friend back in 1970, when both our husbands were away in the service. I’m sure it has changed, but it looks like it is full of the same type of treasures. Except that now some of my own stuff is considred “collectible”.

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