Welcoming Fences…


Joining TexWisGirl for Good Fences #76.

This fence makes me smile and invites me in to do a little thrift shopping. It’s been ages since I thrift shopped regularly. Something that was fun while it lasted but good to leave behind for a season or two or three!

Yesterday I worked hard in our yard with all the clean-up after our mighty wind storm on Saturday. I picked up all the tree branches that had fallen and then decided it would just be quicker and easier to mow up all the leaves after I raked them out of planters and away from the fences. It was a bit unexpected to be picking up green leaves. Everything looks nice and tidy again but Fall is coming and soon there will be leaves, golden instead of green and in abundance falling from the huge maple in our neighbor’s yard that hangs over into our yard. Despite the extra work, I do love Fall.

Whimsy’s Flea Market

On Sunday morning I met up with Cori G. from Brambleberry Cottage for some Kean Coffee and a stroll around Whimsy’s Flea Market in Old Town Tustin.

The Whimsy shop was fun to stroll through out of the sun…

It was sunny, muggy, and very hot but we persevered and managed to see most every vendor’s wares. I even bought 6 pink goblets. Hmmm…I have to pack them in my suitcase. I hope they survive.

Cori was a good sport and posed for my camera at the little chapel in the Flea Market lot. It was very good to catch up a bit with my bloggy friend.

Another fun looking shop in the the Old Town area of Tustin.

 When I got back to my niece’s townhome I ended up going out to lunch with her and her fiance. They will announce their wedding date at our family gathering tonight. After lunch I was picked up by my sisters to head to a baby shower for a lifelong friend of ours. I’ll post about that tomorrow. Tomorrow I fly home and it looks like they upgraded me to first class again. Oh what a treat that is.