Pink Saturday ~ Vernon Ware

Welcome to my Pink Saturday. I’m at a family Christmas cooking day today and hope to get around to all the lovely Pink tomorrow! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


Look at what I found at Goodwill this week. This is Vernon Ware Pottery, a California Pottery. The Pattern is from their Native American Collection. I love the pink and the details. All these pieces (10 in total) cost me $.69 cents for each piece. $6.90 total. How could I walk away from that bargain???

For more Pink visit our lovely hostess Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007 to 2015 hostage and has replaced them all with ugly black and grey boxes asking for a ransom to have them re-published. Such a frustrating bother as I go through each post to delete the ugly boxes.

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24 thoughts on “Pink Saturday ~ Vernon Ware

  1. Ok Ellen – I am downright jealous of all your wonderful Goodwill finds. Although, I did pretty well myself yesterday at our VV. I got the cutest Christmas apron and some Christmas dishtowels. And some bottles to bottle up my cordial.

    Have a fun baking day – I’m wrapping presents today.

  2. YOU are so correct–there would have been NO walking away from that amazing buy! I am green with envy and I am soooo ashamed to admit that!!!! Now, you just enjoy the dickens out of that find!! Happy Pink Sat–hope you had a grand time with your family baking today! Dana

  3. Seasons Greetings…what a wonderful find on those dishes…and I absolutely enjoyed the family cooking posting. How nice to have a large family that can get together. Enjoy your holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and yours. EllenL

  4. Oh my gosh! I love, love, love these dishes. Just absolutely gorgeous.

    I apologize for being late getting to your post. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. Enjoy your holiday season.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Just came across your post while surfing for California Pottery info. These are beautiful and in my experience quite scarce. They are actually Vernon Kilns Native California Coral Pink pattern on their Melinda shape. Melinda was designed by Royal Arden Hickman and was available from 1942 – 1950. Not being critical, just thought you might like a little more info about them. Thanks for posting them. Bill aka the old guy

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