Hawk Flying and Turkey Strutting

The hawk was too high in the sky for me to get better photos. I zoomed as close as I could.

The male turkeys have been strutting about these Spring days.

Besides hawks and turkeys we have visits from quail and robins and swallows. Hummingbirds are returning, too. Everything has grown quickly and I’ll need to get out to take some photos of the greening of the yard and the peonies about to open. With the heat we’ve been having I’ll need to water instead of counting on the Spring rains to do that for me. We are getting some of the haze from the fires in Alberta. Fires this early does not bode well for our fire season. A peculiar thing that we’ve noticed this year, too, is an abundance of moths flitting about.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

First Winter Puzzle

Our daughter helped with this puzzle on Christmas Day before everyone arrived for dinner and we put it away. We don’t keep the puzzles out when our dear Grands come over.

When the puzzle is complete I’ll share again.

I’m also working on a Turkey post as they are entertaining us daily here at our Country Bungalow! Coincidence…we had Turkey Chili on Friday, too.

After shoveling, and clearing snow off our roof and snowshoeing I’ve come down with a bit of a Tennis Elbow, ouch. Friday I took the day off from doing anything that involved tension on my right elbow. I’m using some Biofreeze which is helpful.

My kitchen Elf aka Dear filled the dishwasher for me and washed the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher from the early birthday party we had for Dan and Jamie here on Thursday evening. I won’t be shoveling snow in the near future for sure.

Thankful for a quiet weekend here. What’s happening in your corner?

Leftovers TDay 2021

Thank you to my sister Lana who sent me some more photos she took on Thanksgiving Day that I’m adding here as leftovers. She and Steve left our place for Idaho and enjoyed some better internet reception and sent me these.

Where’s the Turkey Platter?

Cornstarch or Flour?

“Can I sit with Baba?”

Thank you Lana for capturing these moments. Enjoy CDA Steve and Lana!

On Black Friday Lana and I shopped some small businesses in downtown Colville and supported them well.

Today I’m meeting up with our Colville crew in Chewelah for Small Business Saturday.

The “First” Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the Good ole U.S.A.! Gobble Gobble!

When your family grows and then grows up getting together for Thanksgiving can get complicated. We choose to be flexible and we’ll cook a turkey whenever the time is right for our loved ones to get together. We had our first Thanksgiving gathering with the traditional turkey meal on Saturday the 22nd of November. There were eight of us for our meal.

My sister Lana made these delicious individual pecan pies for our gathering.

Katie and Andrew were not able to celebrate with us on this day but we’ll celebrate with them at our “second” Thanksgiving.

My sister Lana and her husband Steve.

In between our meal and dessert we got into two cars and headed to Everett, Washington to see Katie at her first craft show selling her Chainmaille Jewelery handmade in the Pacific Northwest. She sells from her Simple Complication Etsy shop, too. It was a unique show called OddMall. It was fun to see Katie in action and to find out she was making lots of sales.

We came back home and enjoyed the individual pecan pies that Lana made and then there was a fun game of Sequence.

We will be celebrating our “second” Thanksgiving at the home of some dear friends on Thursday. I will be contributing the Yams. Are you cooking a turkey this Thursday?

Since this Timely Post has Tons of T’s in it like Thanks, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Thursday, Trade Shows, and Tradtional, I’ll be linking up with ABC Wednesday on Tuesday for T is for…Thanksgiving! Thanks to the awesome TEAM for hosting!

St. Michael’s Mount

Over the years I thought it so magical that there were places in the world where you could walk to during low tide and then when the tide rolled in you’d be stranded on an island. During our September trip to England and because we were in the southern part of Cornwall we made it a point to visit St. Michael’s Mount to fulfill a bucket list desire. It was a very grey misty day but we put on some waterproof gear and headed out. That Thursday would be our last full day in Cornwall.

2013-09-19 St1

The weather and lighting made it hard for this amateur photographer to get brilliant photos from afar but the experience was fun nevertheless. I’ll share more from the “Mount” on another day. We made the walk back and forth on the causeway and did not get stranded on the Mount. If you miss the safe walking window there are little passenger ferries to bring you back but we heard that they make for a very sea sick inducing ride…

I’ll be stuck on an island of sorts for the next few days but I’ll be back in full swing again next week. We are having our family Thanksgiving Meal this Saturday. All the kids will be here but Andrew. This is the weekend that our son Dan will be able to come across the mountains. He works on Thanksgiving day. He’s bringing a guest with him that we are looking forward to meeting. My sister and brother in law will join us, too. They will be fresh back from a short mission trip to the Dominican Republic so it will be fun to hear all about it. It seems 9 is the number around our table for November celebrations. It’s not easy finding a fresh turkey this early in the month of November but a local meat market pulled through for me. I did not want to deal with defrosting a solid as a rock turkey! Turkey, Yams, Stuffing, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls and nothing green…that’s how we roll. Pumpkin and Berry pies for dessert.

How many do you have around your table when the family gathers? Are you able to make room on your plate for something green on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Is…

…a time to gather family and friends around the table.


Thanksgiving at our house is a very traditional meal with few changes if any. We stuff the turkey because we enjoy the taste of the stuffing that cooks in the bird. We include mashed potatoes to go with the gravy. One thing that would cause an uprising around here is if I left out the the candied yams smothered with marshmallows that get browned in the oven. Cranberry sauce is good for color. This year I added some steamed green beans stir fried with onions and bacon. Dessert always must include a few pies like pumpkin, pecan and a fruit pie. Truth be told I don’t bake pies, gasp! My dear friend Beth volunteered to bring the pies after I asked her to and they were really good! Thanks Beth.


We celebrated early this year since our kids were all available on this Sunday.


We take time to thank God for loving family and good friends and all His goodness to us. What a blessing to sit around the table with loved ones and enjoy good food together.


The girls…


The guys…


Dan’s friend Jamie since 2nd grade with his sweet family.



Jamie’s parents, Dave and Beth with Dan. Good friends since Dan and Jamie became friends in elementary school.


We tried a fall champagne punch.


The sugared rim was fun.

At the end of the festivities we loaded up on the couch to watch the Major League Soccer semi-final between L.A. Galaxy and Dallas.


Can you count all the pairs of feet?

I’ll post more photos of the table for Tablescape Thursday.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.