St. Michael’s Mount

Over the years I thought it so magical that there were places in the world where you could walk to during low tide and then when the tide rolled in you’d be stranded on an island. During our September trip to England and because we were in the southern part of Cornwall we made it a point to visit St. Michael’s Mount to fulfill a bucket list desire. It was a very grey misty day but we put on some waterproof gear and headed out. That Thursday would be our last full day in Cornwall.

2013-09-19 St1

The weather and lighting made it hard for this amateur photographer to get brilliant photos from afar but the experience was fun nevertheless. I’ll share more from the “Mount” on another day. We made the walk back and forth on the causeway and did not get stranded on the Mount. If you miss the safe walking window there are little passenger ferries to bring you back but we heard that they make for a very sea sick inducing ride…

I’ll be stuck on an island of sorts for the next few days but I’ll be back in full swing again next week. We are having our family Thanksgiving Meal this Saturday. All the kids will be here but Andrew. This is the weekend that our son Dan will be able to come across the mountains. He works on Thanksgiving day. He’s bringing a guest with him that we are looking forward to meeting. My sister and brother in law will join us, too. They will be fresh back from a short mission trip to the Dominican Republic so it will be fun to hear all about it. It seems 9 is the number around our table for November celebrations. It’s not easy finding a fresh turkey this early in the month of November but a local meat market pulled through for me. I did not want to deal with defrosting a solid as a rock turkey! Turkey, Yams, Stuffing, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls and nothing green…that’s how we roll. Pumpkin and Berry pies for dessert.

How many do you have around your table when the family gathers? Are you able to make room on your plate for something green on Thanksgiving?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “St. Michael’s Mount

  1. This year we will have 3 for that day unless God brings someone to mind who has no place to go. We are in transition with many who can not travel the distance to gather. We laugh at the CARB load meal of Thanksgiving, however my family always wants a green bean casserole. And if I really feel IN THE MOOD I make a strawberry pretzel salad. Blessings of peace to Katie and Andrew while they are apart….thankful He says His grace is sufficient, because our hearts that miss family are mighty HUGE.
    So fun that you get over and back to St. Michael’s Mount….it does seem fun to watch an island appear.

  2. St. Michael’s Mount is a place I’ve long admired. There is something about the possibility of being stranded on an island – a smaller island than the one I live on!
    We always start our Thanksgiving dinner with a salad, and something green – broccoli with cheese sauce or roasted brussel sprouts. I do love vegetables!
    Have a wonderful dinner with those you love.

  3. What? No salad? Green olives? Celery? Green bean casserole? LOL

    You must be up to your elbows in details. Have a wonderful time and it must be pretty cool to have sous chef or two about!

  4. St. Michael’s Mount looks amazing!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Ellen. Hope your meeting of “the girl friend” goes well…..always a tad intimidating for both parties. We can comfortably seat 8 around our table but usually there are more with extended family. Extra tables are set up in other rooms at those times.

  5. You just enjoy your time on your ‘island’ this weekend. Thanksgiving dinner seems like a thing of the distant past over here. I think there were 14 of us around the table.

  6. Have a wonderful T’giving celebration, Ellen. I really should have had our celebration early this year, since Christmas will be so soon after the T’gvng celebration! laurie

  7. St. Michael’s Mount looks amazing – we have several little islands around our Island that are like that. Walk across at low tide only. Otherwise swim or take a boat 🙂 but ours don’t have castles on them!

    We had 9 around our table just like you – wished for 11 but Andrew and Hyekoo are far away in England. Thank You Lord for facetime. Hope Katie and Andrew can skype or do facetime. It makes a huge difference. Praying for Andrew’s safety too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

  8. most of my young adult children work in retail. (Praise God for jobs) but PEOPLE STOP WANTING TO MOVE BLACK FRIDAY TO THANKSGIVING!!!

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