U is for Undulate…

…to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement:

The flag undulates in the breeze.
This is our flagpole in our yard with our favorite flags undulating.
Seattle D&L 003
And here’s the U.S. Flag, Old Glory, undulating on top of the Space Needle in Seattle.
St. Michael's Mount 010
And from our favorite country to visit here’s the Union Jack undulating in the breeze!
Broadway Day 7 072
 I’m linking to ABC Wednesday started by Mrs. Nesbitt and carried on by Roger and a great team!
Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

More of St. Michael’s Mount

St. Michael's Mount 088

At low tide, follow the footsteps of pilgrims and giants as you cross the historic causeway to St Michael’s Mount. Starting from the beachfront in the town of Marazion, it takes just minutes to walk across the bay from the mainland to the island.

St. Michael's Mount 091I mentioned before that the morning through early afternoon that we were able to visit St. Michael’s Mount was rainy, drizzly, overcast and finally sunny. Being from Seattle this did not deter our visit.

St. Michael's Mount 010

St. Michael's Mount 016




St. Michael's Mount 009

St. Michael's Mount 012

St. Michael's Mount 024

St. Michael's Mount 027

St. Michael's Mount 028

St. Michael's Mount 040The St. Michael rose window dates back to the 15th Century.St. Michael's Mount 043St. Michael's Mount 049St. Michael's Mount 066St. Michael's Mount 068After our tour of the castle we visited the sub tropical gardens.
St. Michael's Mount 070St. Michael's Mount 072St. Michael's Mount 083St. Michael's Mount 084St. Michael's Mount 075St. Michael's Mount 074-001St. Michael's Mount 076We were intrigued with the pill boxes we saw and investigated inside them taking in all the views from the small windows of defence.

When we were done with the castle and gardens we asked for a recommendation for lunch. We were ready to be inside and out of the misty weather. We followed the recommendation and landed at Ben’s Cornish Kitchen.
St5The food was very good and high end. We were happy to pay the lunch time lower prices!P1040514After we ate and warmed up the weather warmed up, too. We headed out to the little town of Marazion and enjoyed checking out the shops. 2013-09-19 St2On the way home from St. Michael’s Mount we stopped at Marks and Spencer and then we picked up Cornish Pasties for dinner from Portreath Bakery. We relaxed and packed up for our next days trip into London. Our countryside adventures were over. Here’s one last view of now sunny Marazion Beach.

St. Michael's Mount 113Back here in the states life moves on. Katie and I did put in some hours in some stores today looking for a top to complete her Thanksgiving outfit and doing some early Christmas shopping. I tweaked my back yesterday so it was hard getting in and out of the car but once I was up and walking things went well. Happy to say we were able to click some things off our lists. Soon the crowds in the stores will be unbearable for me so I’m happy to get things done now…Have you started?

St. Michael’s Mount

Over the years I thought it so magical that there were places in the world where you could walk to during low tide and then when the tide rolled in you’d be stranded on an island. During our September trip to England and because we were in the southern part of Cornwall we made it a point to visit St. Michael’s Mount to fulfill a bucket list desire. It was a very grey misty day but we put on some waterproof gear and headed out. That Thursday would be our last full day in Cornwall.

2013-09-19 St1

The weather and lighting made it hard for this amateur photographer to get brilliant photos from afar but the experience was fun nevertheless. I’ll share more from the “Mount” on another day. We made the walk back and forth on the causeway and did not get stranded on the Mount. If you miss the safe walking window there are little passenger ferries to bring you back but we heard that they make for a very sea sick inducing ride…

I’ll be stuck on an island of sorts for the next few days but I’ll be back in full swing again next week. We are having our family Thanksgiving Meal this Saturday. All the kids will be here but Andrew. This is the weekend that our son Dan will be able to come across the mountains. He works on Thanksgiving day. He’s bringing a guest with him that we are looking forward to meeting. My sister and brother in law will join us, too. They will be fresh back from a short mission trip to the Dominican Republic so it will be fun to hear all about it. It seems 9 is the number around our table for November celebrations. It’s not easy finding a fresh turkey this early in the month of November but a local meat market pulled through for me. I did not want to deal with defrosting a solid as a rock turkey! Turkey, Yams, Stuffing, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls and nothing green…that’s how we roll. Pumpkin and Berry pies for dessert.

How many do you have around your table when the family gathers? Are you able to make room on your plate for something green on Thanksgiving?