A Relaxed Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we tried something new with the turkey leaving it in a 200 degree oven after a 350 degree start. This gave us the freedom to venture out on Thanksgiving before our dinner time of 5pmish. The Rotary trail still had a lot of snow on it.

We marveled at the tracks we knew were made by our DIL Jamie as she pushed our grands for a 5k Turkey run that morning in their Bob stroller.

This is Bob the stroller.

Our 2021 Thanksgiving Table setting. My sister Lana folded the napkins to resemble a turkey.

A very blurry selfie to document who was at our table this year. We missed our Coast kids and our DIL Laura’s skills at taking selfies and photos in general…sigh. You were missed, Josh, Laura, Andrew and Katie. Looking forward to seeing you in person at Christmas!

We trust you all had a good Thanksgiving day.

This morning I’ve already packed away all our Thanksgiving decor and we are pulling down the Christmas bins! A Thanksgiving elf was in the kitchen this morning (early) and emptied the dishwasher of our Thanksgiving plates, etc., and that elf washed the remaining greasy platters and roasting pan and put everything away. Woohoo!

Hope you all have a good Black Friday.

Early Thanksgiving…

…but it’s never too early or too late for Thanksgiving.

My first Thanksgiving tablescape at our Country Bungalow. I’ve settled on that name for our new abode. Basking in the time we’ve had these past four days with all of our kids and our little grand. Thankful to God for his provision and protection over each one while driving, hunting, working and playing! Since we were all together and won’t be together on traditional U.S. Thanksgiving day we decided to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal early. I’ll share people photos soon!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Thinking About…

…where to hang my new sign.

15179065_10211384824404604_2422017100556303695_nBut before I move on to decorating for Christmas we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving again today with turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and some pie.

15094290_10211352865765658_904969171776975063_nThis time we’ll have the meal and our loved ones under our roof. This old house will be full to the brim. There will be 16 of us. I hope to remember to take some photos, too.

15134678_10211344843205099_3740942303318054460_nDo any of you still have one of these vintage nut bowls? This was Dear’s mothers.

We had a full day with our kids yesterday. Dear made Swedish pancakes for brunch and we celebrated Laura’s birthday early. The guys went to see a movie while the girls watched the new Anne of Green Gables on PBS. When the guys got home we enjoyed chili and some episodes of The Crown. My dishwasher is getting a good workout.

15241842_10211385034569858_278018624717762034_nWe also have a four legged visitor, Rayna, right now and she gets very excited to see anyone coming to the door. Her tail is wagging as she see’s Dear coming in from gathering some rosemary for the turkey. We’ve enjoyed some walks during breaks in the rainfall. Animals are not the norm at this old house but Rayna behaves herself and is a mostly silent visitor. The swish of her tail hitting furniture and the click of her paws are the only noises she makes.

Happy Saturday to you all.

The “First” Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the Good ole U.S.A.! Gobble Gobble!

When your family grows and then grows up getting together for Thanksgiving can get complicated. We choose to be flexible and we’ll cook a turkey whenever the time is right for our loved ones to get together. We had our first Thanksgiving gathering with the traditional turkey meal on Saturday the 22nd of November. There were eight of us for our meal.

My sister Lana made these delicious individual pecan pies for our gathering.

Katie and Andrew were not able to celebrate with us on this day but we’ll celebrate with them at our “second” Thanksgiving.

My sister Lana and her husband Steve.

In between our meal and dessert we got into two cars and headed to Everett, Washington to see Katie at her first craft show selling her Chainmaille Jewelery handmade in the Pacific Northwest. She sells from her Simple Complication Etsy shop, too. It was a unique show called OddMall. It was fun to see Katie in action and to find out she was making lots of sales.

We came back home and enjoyed the individual pecan pies that Lana made and then there was a fun game of Sequence.

We will be celebrating our “second” Thanksgiving at the home of some dear friends on Thursday. I will be contributing the Yams. Are you cooking a turkey this Thursday?

Since this Timely Post has Tons of T’s in it like Thanks, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Thursday, Trade Shows, and Tradtional, I’ll be linking up with ABC Wednesday on Tuesday for T is for…Thanksgiving! Thanks to the awesome TEAM for hosting!