Fun Finale and Farewells

On Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, before Katie and Andrew hit the road for the west side of the mountains, we all had Dear’s Swedish pancakes for breakfast.

Jaymison was still waking up…

He’s my little guy…I love him so…

Laura got a photo of all the guys with their beards, for the record. Andrew plans to have his gone by Christmas.

Goodbyes to Andrew with the spooky eyes and Katie.

Addy loves her aunties and uncles!

Time for the super heroes!

Outside to expend some energy before lunch and our goodbyes to Josh and Laura.

Our daughter-in-laws. We are so thankful for the two of them and what great spouses they are to our sons. Our sons are two blessed men to have them as their helpmates.

Now that November is over we have been busy pulling out Christmas bins and getting our country bungalow looking a lot like Christmas. How about you? Have you started or finished your Christmas decorations?

I’m adding this post to Rose Chintz Cottage: No Place Like Home weekly event until December 21st.

Next week I’ll share some of our Christmas decorating.

So Much to be Thankful For…

On Thanksgiving day we were thankful before and after we enjoyed a traditional meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

On Friday Josh and Laura flew in.  We had lunch at our home when Josh and Laura arrived as we said our goodbyes to Katie and Andrew who drove to Idaho for an overnight at Andrew’s dad’s home. After lunch Steve and Lana continued on to Idaho for the rest of their holiday. Friday evening we enjoyed leftovers at Dan and Jamie’s.

Me and my little buddy.

Jaymison Joshua with his beloved uncle Joshua!

This is JJ’s expression when we say dessert!

On Saturday the girls did some shopping on Main Street in Colville to support our local small businesses. We all found something to buy. Katie and Andrew returned from Idaho on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night we had a special meal and birthday cake to celebrate Laura who adds so much love and care to our family. Her birthday is later this week but since we were all together we took advantage of being able to celebrate in person. Auntie Lolo is loved so much!

This little guy enjoyed the singing of Happy Birthday.

The rest of the evening was fun and games!

Saturday was a full day. On Sunday we would be saying our goodbyes to our “Coast Kids”.

Thinking About…

…where to hang my new sign.

15179065_10211384824404604_2422017100556303695_nBut before I move on to decorating for Christmas we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving again today with turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and some pie.

15094290_10211352865765658_904969171776975063_nThis time we’ll have the meal and our loved ones under our roof. This old house will be full to the brim. There will be 16 of us. I hope to remember to take some photos, too.

15134678_10211344843205099_3740942303318054460_nDo any of you still have one of these vintage nut bowls? This was Dear’s mothers.

We had a full day with our kids yesterday. Dear made Swedish pancakes for brunch and we celebrated Laura’s birthday early. The guys went to see a movie while the girls watched the new Anne of Green Gables on PBS. When the guys got home we enjoyed chili and some episodes of The Crown. My dishwasher is getting a good workout.

15241842_10211385034569858_278018624717762034_nWe also have a four legged visitor, Rayna, right now and she gets very excited to see anyone coming to the door. Her tail is wagging as she see’s Dear coming in from gathering some rosemary for the turkey. We’ve enjoyed some walks during breaks in the rainfall. Animals are not the norm at this old house but Rayna behaves herself and is a mostly silent visitor. The swish of her tail hitting furniture and the click of her paws are the only noises she makes.

Happy Saturday to you all.