First Winter Puzzle

Our daughter helped with this puzzle on Christmas Day before everyone arrived for dinner and we put it away. We don’t keep the puzzles out when our dear Grands come over.

When the puzzle is complete I’ll share again.

I’m also working on a Turkey post as they are entertaining us daily here at our Country Bungalow! Coincidence…we had Turkey Chili on Friday, too.

After shoveling, and clearing snow off our roof and snowshoeing I’ve come down with a bit of a Tennis Elbow, ouch. Friday I took the day off from doing anything that involved tension on my right elbow. I’m using some Biofreeze which is helpful.

My kitchen Elf aka Dear filled the dishwasher for me and washed the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher from the early birthday party we had for Dan and Jamie here on Thursday evening. I won’t be shoveling snow in the near future for sure.

Thankful for a quiet weekend here. What’s happening in your corner?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “First Winter Puzzle

  1. Oh I am sorry about the shoveling injury. I must go out and clean up after the plowman and I’ll take it easy thinking of you. I actually do more scooping than shoveling. Your puzzle has a sweet vintage look to the box. Had to grin thinking of you putting it away before the grands visit.

  2. Hello,
    Hubby and i both did some shoveling yesterday and our neighbor helped plow our driveway. Your cake looks yummy. I love the bird puzzle and the shot of the turkey outside your door. Enjoy your day, happy weekend.

  3. Your puzzle looks great, Ellen. We need to get one out now that the holidays are over and we can leave it on a table now. Sorry to hear about your pain. Glad to hear you are going to be taking it easy.

  4. I hope your tennis elbow heals quickly. That was a lot of snow shoveling. Enjoyed seeing your sweet family, adorable photo of them and those birthday cakes looked lovely, festive! Happy early birthday to Dan and Jamie. I would find it a lot of fun to have wild turkeys come to visit. That is a puzzle I would definitely enjoy doing. No snow shoveling for you šŸ˜‰ I am sure Dear is taking good care of you.

  5. That snow shoveling elbow sounds painful – ouch! Hope it heals up quickly so you can get back outside and enjoy that Winter Wonderland you are in right now! Love the wild turkeys. Puzzling this time of year is always fun and something we always did too – not this year but maybe next year I’ll get one going again? Take care and enjoy the bit of pampering coming your way. Hugs …

  6. I find it so amazing for me that my mind hasn’t caught up with my age, I think I can still work long hours each day and not be tired, for sure my body has told me otherwise.~ Praying for a quick recovery!
    I am enjoying all of your snow/family photos! Stay safe and warm.

  7. I loved doing puzzles when I was a child but haven’t worked on one for many years except when I am at my son’s home as they always have a puzzle in progress on their dining room table and I fill in a few pieces. I hope your elbow feels better! Snow shoveling is hard work and can cause injuries easily. I’m always conscious to push and not lift when shoveling and to use my knees and not my back. My husband was told by his cardiologist not to shovel so he uses an electric snowblower and I do the areas he can’t reach.

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