Good Fences ~California

I was in Southern California for seven days coming home this past Monday night. My original plans were to be there on the weekend for a baby shower and to visit my pop but those plans changed when I got word that my BIL was in the hospital so I flew down earlier in the week. My drive to the hospital took me past Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study building on La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. Since traffic is a given on this busy road I was able to snap a couple photos while stopped, waiting for the signals to change.

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Different Fences…

Driving to the famous Farmer’s Market area of Los Angeles a few years ago we came across this house with an over the top application of Michelangelo’s David statues. Yes, plural, statues! This is in a million dollar plus neighborhood.

Over 14 David reproduction statues. I wonder what the story behind this landscaping is? Yard art gone crazy! What do you think the neighbors say? “Oh you won’t have a problem finding our street, turn at the David’s x 14+!”

So many sad and serious things happening in the Pacific Northwest right now I had to post something to distract myself in between praying earnestly!

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Signs and Fences…

We are in wedding mode counting down the days to our son’s wedding in June. This sign is hanging in our son’s home. Linking up with Lesley for Signs, signs!

While Dear and I were on Bainbridge Island we saw these fences. Of course I thought of Good Fences and Tex Wis Girl!

We are looking forward to a special event coming up on Saturday. We had to chuckle when Dear’s fortune cookie said “Traveling to the north will bring you unexpected happiness.”

What are your plans for the first weekend in May?

Signs and Fences Main Street Chewelah!

The next time I’m in Chewelah I’m going to stop at this bakery on Main Street. I would have noticed it sooner but it’s on the opposite side of the highway from the stretch we generally travel.

It’s my understanding that this is run by Mennonites. Double my curiosity and desire to stop in the next time I’m in town.

Driving down to the end of Main street we saw this great old house with a nice picket fence around it.

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I have recuperated from my weekend trip and am happy to have more low key days and weekends for a while. Spring is amazing here in the Pacific Northwest with so many blooms and so much green!mohai8

Are you enjoying some green and Spring yet in your corner of the world?

My “Burb” with Fences and Blooms!

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I had a lovely walk out my door, out of my immediate neighborhood, up the hill, and all around the way in a large square route coming down hill on my way back home. Have you noticed that walking down hill is a lot harder on your knees than walking uphill?

We’ve enjoyed a mostly dry Winter this year although this past Sunday we had the most rainfall in a single day since the 70’s. It was nice to wake up to sunshine on Monday.


Beach Fences…

I was in Southern California last week. My sister lives a few blocks from Huntington Beach. On our way back to her house from our walk on the promenade I captured these shots of some waves through the fence while we waited for the light to change so we could cross PCH. (Pacific Coast Highway)

I’m not a fan of sitting on the beach but I do enjoy walking along the shore.

Winter is my favorite time to enjoy California Beaches.

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It’s great to travel but I think I picked up a bug on the airplane and I’m a little under the weather. I hope it stays at the “little” stage and doesn’t go into anything full blown. How are you feeling?

Neighbor’s Fences

I’ve been watching the leaves fall on our side of the fence this week. The huge Maple tree that drops those leaves is on the other side of the fence but this tree feels it’s just fine to drop all it’s leaves on our side of the fence. Judging by the leaves that remain on the tree we will still have two major leaf raking exercises. This time of year I need to remember the blessings of shade that this tree affords us in the summer. I also need all the exercise I can get so I’ll count the raking of the leaves a blessing, too.

Do you have to rake leaves this time of year?

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Good Fences ~ Oysterville

My fences this week are from a trip Dear and I took a couple years ago to Long Beach, Washington. These fences are in Oysterville, Washington.

IMGP8214The texture that the moss or lichen added to this fence was very interesting but the damage to the wood is probably significant, too.



IMGP8205This is the oldest house in Oysterville. We enjoyed walking through this little town and also reading up on the history.

You can click over to TexWisGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch to see other fences from around the world.

Can you believe we are coming up on Labor Day Weekend here in the States? Got any plans?

Eastern Washington Good Fences…

I love the rustic fences on our son’s property in Eastern Washington.






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I’m not at the top of my game today. I’ll be around to see what you are all up to later tonight or tomorrow. The sun is shining. I have to water my plants which is a good thing. We are celebrating a dear friend’s retirement over dinner tonight. Looking forward to that. Weekend plans involve getting our main floor bathroom ready for a total renovation. Busy times. What’s up for your weekend?

Good Fences

Sometimes you just need a good meme to set your mind at ease.

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Some of these photos will look familiar to some of you but these views only come once a year and they are worth repeating. These were taken on April 7th at the Roozengaarde Display Garden in Mount Vernon, Washington state.  (not to be confused with the Mt. Vernon estate of President Washington!)

2014-04-07 Tulips12

2014-04-07 Tulips10Tulips 098

Tulips 096

If you’d like to see more tulips and tulip fields scroll down for my other posts about our trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April.