My “Burb” with Fences and Blooms!

I’m linking up to Good Fences #52 with TexWisGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

I had a lovely walk out my door, out of my immediate neighborhood, up the hill, and all around the way in a large square route coming down hill on my way back home. Have you noticed that walking down hill is a lot harder on your knees than walking uphill?

We’ve enjoyed a mostly dry Winter this year although this past Sunday we had the most rainfall in a single day since the 70’s. It was nice to wake up to sunshine on Monday.


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18 thoughts on “My “Burb” with Fences and Blooms!

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful around your neighborhood!! Such stunning pink blossoms! Spring is springing in Seattle!
    Yes, walking downhill is much harder than walking uphill. It’s hard to slow down, too. :/

  2. This is such a beautiful time of the year for walks with the blooming flowers and warmer ( but not too warm ) temps. Sure helps make the walking easier when the sights you see are as pretty as the ones you’ve shown here. And yes, I have noticed it I harder on your knees walking downhill !

  3. i love your header shot. i love all the spring shots in the post today too …what a spring lovers dream. i am tried of winter. i must admit. they are calling for snow tonight here in VA. and i am wondering what will happen? we had 2 days this week with 70s and then suddenly we are back in the low 30s at night and barely gets up to 50s during the day. so wild. take care. ( :

  4. So lovely and springy…wonder how rolling downhill would be on the knees…yes, I have noticed that downhill thing…true for going down stairs, too.

  5. Nice! Love the blooms and fences. We have had a lovely winter and the rain last weekend wasn’t so bad for being bad! I’m glad it caught us up (almost) in just a couple of days! Happy Spring!!

  6. You’re a couple of months ahead of us. Although we have an early spring, we’re still brown and dry. Lovely neck of the woods you have. How nice. πŸ˜‰

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