Weekend Roundup “R”

This weeks prompts

Starts with “R.” 

 A Favorite. 


Starts with “R”.

Rural: A rural ride down a country road reveals a red retail outlet.

A Favorite:

Relaxing and reading recently with this view that I find restful.


A red barn and farm on a rural road in northeastern Washington.

Parting shot:

A bush in my backyard that I’m calling red.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Weekend Roundup.

Hello first weekend in November. I’m happy to report my haircut went just fine today. When I went to the register to pay I almost gasped when she said, “that will be $15.00”. In Seattle I pay $60.00. I felt compelled to leave a hefty tip. To be fair, in Seattle I also got a shampoo/conditioning/head massage. The $15.00 was just for the cut and a little curling iron styling. One of the reasons we moved to Colville from the Seattle area was for a lower cost of living. I’m happy to experience this being true.

Eastern Washington Good Fences…

I love the rustic fences on our son’s property in Eastern Washington.






Good Fences is a weekly meme hosted by TexWisGirl at Run A Round Ranch.

I’m not at the top of my game today. I’ll be around to see what you are all up to later tonight or tomorrow. The sun is shining. I have to water my plants which is a good thing. We are celebrating a dear friend’s retirement over dinner tonight. Looking forward to that. Weekend plans involve getting our main floor bathroom ready for a total renovation. Busy times. What’s up for your weekend?