Weekend Roundup “R”

This weeks prompts

Starts with “R.” 

 A Favorite. 


Starts with “R”.

Rural: A rural ride down a country road reveals a red retail outlet.

A Favorite:

Relaxing and reading recently with this view that I find restful.


A red barn and farm on a rural road in northeastern Washington.

Parting shot:

A bush in my backyard that I’m calling red.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Weekend Roundup.

Hello first weekend in November. I’m happy to report my haircut went just fine today. When I went to the register to pay I almost gasped when she said, “that will be $15.00”. In Seattle I pay $60.00. I felt compelled to leave a hefty tip. To be fair, in Seattle I also got a shampoo/conditioning/head massage. The $15.00 was just for the cut and a little curling iron styling. One of the reasons we moved to Colville from the Seattle area was for a lower cost of living. I’m happy to experience this being true.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup “R”

  1. Red is a wonderful and classic color for a barn – that barn and silo are beautiful! your home looks very inviting and restful indeed…I hope my new blog works better than the last blog did1

  2. …Ellen, you sure strung together a bunch of ‘R’s with…a ‘R’ural ‘R’ide down a country ‘R’oad reveals a ‘R’ed ‘R’etail outlet. And ‘R’elaxing and ‘R’eading ‘R’ecently with this view that I find ‘R’estful. And a ‘R’ed barn and farm on a ‘R’ural ‘R’oad in northeastern Washington. The bush in your backyard is a ‘R’ed Barberry, watch out for the thorns! 13 ‘R’s isn’t bad! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy.

  3. Your Red buildings are in pretty settings, Ellen. Your bush looks red to me, in the fall leaves turn yellow, brown, and red. They certainly aren’t the first two.

  4. …in a RECLINER!!

    I used to pay up to a $100 if I got colour. Now I go to one of the franchises like Top Cuts and with tip pay about $22 CDN.
    In Mexico I get my hair cut for $5.

  5. I try to wait for a men’s haircut coupon for 9.99 at my salon if I can. Otherwise it is 12.00 for senior men. All, men’s and women’s were 19.00 where we lived before, north of town (Houston). That included a shampoo before and blow dry and hair spray after. BTW, we are now near our daughter and family west of town near Katy, Texas’ fastest growing suburb. TMI, sorry.

  6. Always nice to get a good haircut for a reasonable price. Love the reds. Red seems to be the color of Fall this year. I like seeing the Eagles too. There are a lot of residents (year-round) but we also get the ‘sunbirds’ for the winter too. They winter over from way up north but you probably knew that.

  7. Beautiful Reds Ellen! You need to post a pic of your new hairdo. It’s alway a bit unnerving to switch hairdressers. I had to too this past year and I find it’s going OK – though more expensive than yours!!!! Your new view is beautiful – can’t wait to see more.

  8. I love rural scenes and your reading space sure is relaxing. I don’t see many red barns here in Oklahoma, but always stop to take a pic when I do see one. The red bush looks like a burning bush to me. They are beautiful, but I’m horribly allergic so keep my distance. Enjoyed your post.

  9. I love red barns, I probably should have posted one. I also, thought that bush was a burning bush! Nice post! I also read you got a haircut for 15.00?! That’s a bargain, I pay triple that for mine! But, I don’t get many in a year, I still enjoy a ponytail! Have a good week, Ellen!

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