Signs and Fences Main Street Chewelah!

The next time I’m in Chewelah I’m going to stop at this bakery on Main Street. I would have noticed it sooner but it’s on the opposite side of the highway from the stretch we generally travel.

It’s my understanding that this is run by Mennonites. Double my curiosity and desire to stop in the next time I’m in town.

Driving down to the end of Main street we saw this great old house with a nice picket fence around it.

I’m linking up to Signs, signs by Lesley and Good Fences at Run Around Ranch Report with Tex Wis Girl.

I have recuperated from my weekend trip and am happy to have more low key days and weekends for a while. Spring is amazing here in the Pacific Northwest with so many blooms and so much green!mohai8

Are you enjoying some green and Spring yet in your corner of the world?

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20 thoughts on “Signs and Fences Main Street Chewelah!

  1. Oh, that bakery sign would have caught my attention too! Who wouldn’t be tempted by The Bread Box?!

    Spring has sprung here in Maryland too! Lots of green, lots of colorful blooms…it’s glorious!

  2. There is snow on the ground this morning over here – eek!! We just need a few nice warm days so the flowers can start to bloom – I know it will come eventually. Love the house with the picket fence – so pretty! Hope you get to explore the Bread Box and share your findings – so interesting.

  3. The bakery sounds like a yummy place. Pretty house and a great fence scene! Your flowers and blossoms are beautiful. Lovely photos, enjoy your day!

  4. It’s been years since I’ve been to Chewelah so it was fun seeing some of the sights again. Yes the PNW has awesome springs. That is a lovely white picket fence and I’d stop at the bakery for sure.

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