Forty Years and Counting…

December – When December’s snows fall fast, marry and your love will last.


Today Dear and I are celebrating the day we got married forty years ago. We were married on a Friday evening in Southern California.

img568I love this photo of my dear maternal grandmother and me. She was a gem.

img567My grandmother, my mom and me.

img566Our sweet and oldest niece was at our wedding.

img578My paternal grandparents came to the wedding, too. This was not a given and we were pleased that they came.

img576This is Dear’s paternal grandmother and she was not able to travel to the wedding but she visited us in our first apartment.

img560Out of order but this is a photo from the rehearsal for the wedding.

img570Here we are heading off to our honeymoon.

As my dear old Pop would say we are so thankful to God for all He “did to us” these forty years! “Thank you God for what you did to us” was my pop’s prayer. He has given us peace and joy through the hard times and good times. He continues to lay His hand upon us and lead us beside still waters. We already had a wonderful anniversary celebration in England in July but that doesn’t stop us from continuing our celebration today. We are headed to a little town north of us to enjoy dinner at a restaurant we enjoy on our actual anniversary day! We trust God for the future of our marriage.

Oh Happy Day!

What a wonderful Wednesday this is for our family. We woke up to news from Kiev that finally all the papers and legal documents were in order and my dear Sister-in-law will be traveling home with their new son, our new nephew ( the initial trip to the Ukraine and applying for the legal papers was at the beginning of July). My brother Leonard and niece Hope are anxiously waiting for that plane to land later this week with Mandy and Andrew on it. Home at last and a forever family for little Andrew (5 yrs. old).  Hope met her new little brother during the initial trip in July.  When I get the OK, I’ll post a photo of their family. We are thanking the Lord for his love and care in this grueling process which started way earlier than July…

More good things happening here…

Last night we got together to celebrate Josh and Laura’s 13th wedding anniversary. Josh and Laura are a wonderful couple and such a blessing to our family, Laura’s family and friends.



P1050599We are really enjoying the fact that for the first time since they got married Katie and Andrew are living in the Seattle Area.

10593118_10204574731756544_6281252394359480501_nWe are also grateful to God for watching over our son Dan on an assignment away from his home for a month. He’s back home now safe and sound and we rejoice with that news. So all of our children are in the state of Washington for now. Very good news.

On Sunday Dear and I were at a local elementary school getting it spruced up for the coming year. Dear was spreading bark and I was suppose to help a teacher in her classroom along with a couple other volunteers. When I got to the classroom two young ladies walked up with their name tags on and I was surprised to see the name Ellen on one of them. I do not encounter many other gals named Ellen. The other Ellen commented “No way, I never meet Ellen’s” and then she said, “We have the same t-shirt on, no way!” These were t-shirts from a 5k “Stop Human Trafficking event from 2 years ago. Well at that point we decided we needed to document this strange occurrence in both of our lives!

P1050586Fun times!

Another fun random thing is that our Seattle Sounders Soccer Team is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year just like Dear and I. P1050585Yep! I bought Dear a t-shirt with this logo on it just because…

This is my happy day, happy post with so many things that are making me rejoice.  What’s giving you a reason to rejoice today?

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:4-8 ESV

Len and Kathy ~ August 17, 1974

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my sister Kathy and her hubby Len. This was the third wedding in 1974 in our extended family.


img541My dear little maternal grandmother and my sister Vera helping Kathy with some final touches.


img543Mom and Pop ready for the day.


img545My brother Steve, Dear, and brothers Fred and Tim

img546Leonard and Lana my youngest siblings.

img547My and Dear’s wedding would be at the same church in December of 1974.


img549The after wedding opening gifts party at my parents home.

10177942_10204249145733489_2023028441679966457_nThanking God today for Kathy and Len and their faithfulness to each other and to their family. May God continue to bless you.


Forty Times Four…

In 1974 my extended family had four weddings. Two of my cousins from the same family got married and my sister Kathy and I got married. The first wedding that year was on April 6th. My cousin Jim married my very good friend that I met in college, Jeaneen.


Happy 40th wedding anniversary Jim and Jeanie.


I was in the wedding so there aren’t a whole lot of photos from me. Jim and Jeanie got married at Hollywood Presbyterian Church.


My cousin Jim. Boy were we young forty years ago!


My brother Fred and me.


Dear and me. We were engaged looking forward to our wedding in December.


img504That’s the extent of the photos I have. We’ve enjoyed a very good friendship with Jim and Jeanie all these forty years. In June of this same year my cousin Vera, Jim’s older sister, would get married. In August my sister Kathy and Len got married and then to top off the year Dear and I got married in December. I’ll post photos on each of the anniversaries. It would have been a good idea to plan a fortieth year celebration together…it might not be too late!

our wedding1-001


Winter Sunshine and Celebrations…

We had two beautiful sunshine filled days last week and one of them landed on Katie and Andrew’s Anniversary. Dear was in Orlando for a conference so Katie and I decided on a waterfront restaurant to have her anniversary dinner.

Anthony'sWe ended up at Anthony’s Home Port in Kirkland on Lake Washington.

P1040926We got a very good dose of Vitamin D sitting with the sunshine streaming through.




P1040916Can you feel the heat?

So many people were out and about enjoying the weather that it was impossible to get out of the restaurant parking lot. We had to find a different route home because of the stream of traffic traveling along the Lake road.

On Friday we traveled east across the Cascade Mountain range to spend the weekend with our son in Eastern Washington. I’ll share our interesting travel experience in a day or two.

Andrew and Katie

Today is our Katie and Andrew’s 3rd wedding anniversary. He is in Afghanistan and she is in the Seattle area. Quite far apart but close in heart.

BP03112012_194cKatie was trying to calculate how many days they’ve actually been together in these 3 short years. They’ve spent a lot of days apart because of Andrew’s service in the Marines. That’s the way it is and that’s what they signed up for. It’s good to understand that going in and then it’s good to have the support of God, family and friends to get you through.

Happy Anniversary you two. May God bring Andrew home safe and may he bless you with many years of growing together in love for each other and for God who is the architect of marriage.

HT: Jeremy Leffel Photography

Full of Thoughts…

In my college years which happened to be the late 60’s and early 70’s I bought this album to keep me organized in my thoughtfulness. Appropriately the album is called…

P1040773These sweet illustrations called to me back then. Remember Holly Hobbie?

morning trail5Each month has a page with a pocket and each day of the month is in a list form for you to add birthdays, anniversaries and other events.

P1040775I cherish this old album that is worn with age and use.

It’s time for me to go through that drawer in my desk…you know the one, where you throw everything in for future organization. I have wedding invitations and birth announcements and funeral leaflets to put into the appropriate month of the year pocket. These monthly pockets are wonderful now all these years later because so much has happened and I forget more and more about when these events took place. Each month I can flip the page and not only see who’s birthday and anniversary fall in that month but what year the event took place. Everything all in one book.

How do you keep organized when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries?

Thirty Nine Years Strong…

Semiahmoo 2 015

Dear and I are at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine Washington celebrating our anniversary. That’s White Rock Canada across the Salish Sea/Strait of Georgia/Semiahmoo Bay! We headed out for a morning walk but the wind chill factor threatened to freeze our faces off so we didn’t last long. I did manage to get some photos of the lovely views we have from this resort which sits on a spit between Drayton Harbor and the Strait of Georgia.

Semiahmoo 2 014

Semiahmoo 001

This was the view from our room last night when we arrived just before sunset. We headed to the restaurant to meet friends of ours from Birch Bay for Happy Hour.

Semiahmoo 007

Semiahmoo 010

When we got back to our room the hotel had left a nice little treat for us to help our anniversary celebration.

Semiahmoo 015

Back to this mornings freezing walk…

Semiahmoo 2 006

Semiahmoo 2 010

Semiahmoo 2 007

Semiahmoo 2 009

Semiahmoo 2 012

I thought of Vee when I saw this bush with the red berries.

Semiahmoo 2 017

Semiahmoo 2 019

We’re so close to White Rock, Canada that my cell phone company sent me a text warning me about international roaming fees. I called them immediately and told them I was still in the U.S.A. and they better not charge me for roaming fees. They were happy to oblige…

Semiahmoo 2 022

This building is the restaurant at Semiahmoo where we had our meal last night. Semiahmoo resort was closed for many months and was re-opened in August of this year. There are still several million dollars worth of renovations that they are in process of including renovating the rooms and the restaurants. We took advantage of the lower rates while they are in process.

In this next photo I tried to capture the stiff wind that was threatening to freeze our faces. I think the high today is only suppose to reach 28 degrees!

Semiahmoo 2 026

We have massages booked today at 2:00 in the Resort’s Spa. I’m really looking forward to that. We will be here one more night and then we’ll meander southward home tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Swingin By…

IMGP1000…to let you know I’m working on a post to share what Dear and I were “up” to while our kids were enjoying the Sounders game against Portland last night.


Josh and Laura celebrated their 12th anniversary with dinner, a show and capped it off with the Sounders game. We were pleased that Katie and Andrew are here safe and sound from the cross country road trip from North Carolina and could join Josh and Laura at the game with my ticket and a friend’s ticket. I’m sure Josh and Laura enjoyed the added gift for their anniversary when the Sounders won their game last night.

Today I’ll be laying low and recuperating from all the fun of our kids coming “home” and Dear and my little trip for a wonderful get together. Hope your week is starting well…

Christmas Casual

We’ve been enjoying Christmas Casual in our Kitchen/Dining area. I bought those fun button up napkin rings at Crate and Barrel and I think they go perfectly with the napkins Judy from My Front Porch gifted me with last Christmas. I have 2 of each napkin design.

Our meal out for our anniversary was nice but it’s one of those places that we won’t rush back to. I did try a couple things I’ve never had before and was not disappointed. I had never had Farro grains before and they were prepared nicely with salted beets and lemon. The dishes were small enough that we decided to also have dessert which was a panna cotta with hazelnuts.

I’m happy to report I got our Christmas letter done. Now to address and mail the cards…

We’ve gotten a few Christmas cards already. Since I took this photo there are a few more hanging. One new addition this year that we are enjoying are our remote controlled battery operated candles that I bought at Costco.  It’s fun to light them all with one push of the button and knowing they don’t need to be watched as carefully as traditional candles.

Hope you are already experiencing Christmas blessings…